Goodbye, Baby Hatch


It was short lived but it will always be one of the sweetest and happiest moment that we will cherish for the rest of our lives – the time we knew we had you.

It may not be the right time for you, it’s okay, we understand.  We know that you are in a better and happier place now.  Someday, we will meet you and be able to hug you too, Baby Hatch.  For now, go with Jesus and help him look after us.

Sending you our love.  Goodbye for now, our little angel.


Month Full of Flights – May 2014

I’m so sorry to have neglected this site for 2 months (again!)  It’s already 2nd half of the year and I would say we had a fruitful first half. Well, I think and hope nothing will beat the month of May.  It was the craziest month I had so far. 

We started the month with Ate Donna going home to Bicol for a week for her well deserved vacation. (After 2 years of staying with us without day offs – well deserved na diba?)  She asked for our permission wuth 6 monhs lead time. So prepared na prepared na talaga kame. Hehe

Lolo came to the rescue and stayed with us for the whole week while Dino and I took turns taking leave to stay at home. It was really fulfilling staying home wirh Liam.  That made me think and plan for my future as a WAHM. (fingers crossed)

As for Liam, I enrolled him in swimming lessons, but he didn’t like it (he only attended the first session).  Good thing the school allowed us to transfer him to arts and crafts class. Whew! Di naman nasayang ang bayad ko ni Dino. Pero since it was a crazy month, I wasn’t able to document any of his work.  Bad mommy moments ko to I know.   I also bought him the May crafts box from exploresandbox (I will have a separate post for this) that he enjoyed very much

photo 1_3
Liam enjoying his Ube ice cream with crepe cone. 🙂

As soon as Donna came back, it’s time for Dino to leave naman for the US.  He have a sales meeting he have to attend to there.  (info: apart from his designation as Regional Manager for VisMin, he is also the one handling Columbia Sportswear for Southeast Asian countries that are also under our company – Ahem! Ahem! #proudwifey)  

This time around it was my side of the family that came to Cebu.  Originally, it was supposed to be my mom and 4 nieces (on summer vacation) who will come.  My brother and sis in law thought of tagging along for a weekend with all the kids and my sis in law’s sister and her family. (read: 20 pax)  Most stressful week I had so far (hope that will be the last too).  Oh well, I was happy that I was able to spend time with them but the stress made me rethink of doing it again. Brrrr! (shaking head) Though I know in my heart na when that time comes, I will be excited all over again. 🙂 

Liam, on the other hand, had loads of fun having his cousins around.  Even though he got sick, he have good memories to keep. As my SIL, Leah, have said, ang ubo at sipon gagaling overtime, pero ung memories nya forever. 🙂

Climbing the net in West 35 with his cousins. :)
Climbing the net in West 35 with his cousins. 🙂

A few days after Dino arrived, it was my turn to take a vacay.  I joined my cousins going to Hong Kong. This trip was bitter sweet as I’m really excited to go but also hate to leave my little boy. I cried a little the night before I left – super guilty ang feeling. It already occurred to me not showing up at the airport.  Pero sayang naman ang tickets ko and Dino already told me that he can handle it.  I also felt na it was time for Dino and Liam to have a bonding time.  So off I went.

Among the 4 of us, it was just me who is a first timer in Hong Kong.  I’ve been there before but it was for work, so it’s not counter. It was really a fun and tiring trip.  It was a ritual among us cousins to be awake til break of dawn talking about everything and anything under the moon. Revelations time. It was really fun catching up with them. 🙂

My favorite shot! :)
My favorite shot while in HK! 🙂

May was indeed a fun, crazy, stressful and emotional month!  Parang roller coaster ride lang. 🙂

Vday Gift from Liam

This post had been sitting on my drafts since Feb. 14, 2013.

The night before Vday, Liam had act up that created an argument between me and Dino.  That night, all my insecurities about being a good mom and all the guilt came out.  I really can’t sleep with all those bad thoughts, so after a few toss and turns, I went out of the room so I can clear my head.

Before I move on to that night’s story, let me share with you another concern we are handling.  Liam has a problem about waking up alone.  You see, ever since he was born, I was so praning that even if he’s asleep, I really don’t want him left alone.   So maybe, that’s also the reason why he’s not use to it.  Earlier this year, they had an incident where Donna left him for a while to pee (during his nap).  He woke up and cried so bad that he had been restless in bed since then.  He would always make sure that somebody is on his side by hugging or touching any part of his body to the one beside him.  I talked to him every night after that.  Told him that he doesn’t have to cry and be afraid should he wake up alone, that I will only be outside should he wake up and not find me. (same goes when he takes his afternoon naps with Donna).  Every night for a week I did that.  Slowly, he was able to sleep better.

Back to my restless night, while unnecessarily feeling sorry for myself, I suddenly heard someone opening the door from our room. I thought it was just Dino checking on me, then I realized that it was Liam all doze-y and with eyes squinting at the light, no crying, just looking for me outside as I told him. I quickly carried him (before he fell down on our steps) and he simply asked: “what are you doing?”

With that simple gesture, I realized that am doing something right after all.

Me taking a nap while 2 months old Liam sleeps on my chest.
Me taking a nap while 2 months old Liam sleeps on my chest.


Oh No! Not Again!

One of the things I love and miss doing is travelling.  Last December, Dino and I are planning to fly abroad to spend some quality time together – just the 2 of us. But I think this will be put on a long hold.

Last 2012, we already booked our tickets for a 4 days 3 nights out of country trip. We requested my mom to fly to Cebu to oversee things and of course take care of Liam.  Unfortunately, my mom got sick and was confined not once, but twice while she was here with us in Cebu.  Glad that she’s very well now. Dino and I have to kiss our tickets goodbye though.

Last week month (this post has been sitting on my drafts for a month now), we had a week long meeting in our manila office. (info: Dino and I are working for the same company and in the same department. He is my immediate boss, talk about luck in work) we initially thought of bringing Liam along, but he’ll be skipping a week of school so we decided otherwise.  This time we requested my in-laws  to fly in and take care of the apo.

First Night in Manila, I wasn’t able to sleep well.  I thought to myself, namamahay lang ako.  I feel so agitated so I went to the living room, worked a little and slept there instead. 3 hrs tops (putol putol pa!).  Following morning, my MIL called and informed us that Liam has a slight fever and this is where the “story” begins.

Oh no! Not again No. 1:  Someone got sick with our plans of going out of country and this time it was Liam.  Okay, maybe it is really not due to our plans and it was just coincidence but I felt like the universe is telling us something.

Our first out of country trip together
Our first out of country trip together

Oh no! Not again No. 2:  Liam had seizure again.  He already had seizure last year when he caught that Herpangina virus (see my post here).  This really sucks since this was already the 2nd time it happened to him in a year’s time and worst, this time both Dino and I are in Manila.

Guilty mama story – Scientifically, I know that it was the fever that caused his seizure, but the superstitious side in me believes that it might also be due to their visit to the ER that afternoon.   You see, Liam have been complaining that his pee won’t come out.  So I got worried that he might have UTI. So his pedia advised us to bring him to ER so they can check his urine.  We did not know that ER will extract blood too.  Liam was super horrified that time (as per Lola’s kwento) that maybe, just maybe, this fear caused his fever to shoot up that night.  😦  So if we decided otherwise, he might not have seizure?

Mommy and Liam's bonding time
Mommy and Liam’s bonding time

Oh no! Not again No. 3:  Someone got hospitalized again.  Due to the seizure, his pedia advised us to have him admitted so he can be put under observation.  Seizure kasi is bad for the brain, especially if there is recurrence.  I think she also advised hospitalization to put us (Dino and me) at ease.  But AT EASE is the last thing that we can be.  Since we’re both in Manila, our in-laws have to be the one to go with him. Dino and I agreed that I fly back to Cebu and he stay behind and check if he can fly in day after.  He booked me in next flight we can get.  Ako na si Darna!

It was all worth it.  Lola was telling me how Liam was super weak and not in the mood but his demeanor changed once he heard my voice and saw me.  He was so lively na and daldal.  Here in the pic below, we are watching TV and he was back to his old self na except for the fact that he has IV on one hand.

Thanks to my MIL for being able to take pic. :)
Thanks to my MIL for being able to take pic. 🙂

I’m really thankful that my in-laws are here then, if not, I really don’t know what I’ll do.  Pero, as much as am thankful, I also empathize with them, imagine how hard it is for them to see their beloved first and only apo in that situation?  Even my mom cried when I texted her about Liam’s situation (and that’s just over the phone and Liam is already her 15th apo, how much more my in-law no?! haaay, this always makes me teary eyed) That’s why I really told Lolo and Lola that I hope they won’t get phobia and will still come and be willing to take care of Liam. hehe.  This was their first time kasi to come and take over.  Usually, at least one of us is here kasi when they visit.  I think di naman, since Lolo is scheduled to come next week.. whew!

Oh no! Not again No. 4:  We have to delay our plans of going out of country – na di kasama si Liam.  Yes, we are still planning to go abroad, pero this time, Liam is going with us! Crossing my fingers!! 🙂

Taken at the airport going to Manila...
Taken at the airport going to Manila…

I just want to share a thought/story on the guilt story I shared above. I’ve been discussing the film “Frozen” with my office mate.  We both agreed that what happened to Elsa was her parent’s fault.  We felt that they shouldn’t have kept Elsa’s power, they shouldn’t have her conceal it.  A lot of should haves and shouldn’t haves.  But after all these Oh no’s! I was able to relate to the Elsa and Anna’s parents.  We might think they should have done it otherwise, but all their decision that time was what they thought and knew best for their children – not just Elsa but for Anna too.  They did not ask her to conceal it for any bad reason, but for her own good too.   That realization is what’s keeping me going now.  Knowing that whatever Dino and I may have decided and will decide in the future, it will always be what we think is best for our family.

Setting Limits Part 2

Well, this is a lighter version of my previous post. Just want to share some synopsis on our daily disciplining lives.  My son is growing up so fast and so witty sometimes it leaves me speechless.  Ako ang napag iiwanan. My styles are always outdated when it comes to Liam.

At night, we always ask him to pee first before we put his nappies on.. one night..
M: Liam, wiwi time!
Liam not following..
M: Liam, don’t wait for me to count to 3 ha.. I will pah pah you.
Liam still not moving..
M: One..
L: Two! Three!
Sabay takbo saken and spank (lightly) me on my thighs and said..
L: Pah pah!
This is the first time I used this style and still am the one who got spank. KOW!

While playing marble one night, Liam was acting to put the marble in his mouth…
M (with a loud voice):  LIAM! Stop that!
Liam shocked with my loud voice, drop the marbles, stood up and went to me on the verge of crying..
M: What did I tell you? (calmly)
L: Don’t put marble in my mouth.. (crying)
M: because??
L:  it’s dirty (still crying)
M: ok let’s play na ulit…
After a while, daddy came out of the shower..
D: Liam, why did you cry?
L: I put marble in my mouth and it’s dirty…
Natatandaan naman pala nya, sana lang palagi. You may wonder how come am more worried that the marble is dirty than he getting choked, we are using big marbles kasi, so it’s not a choking hazard naman.. 🙂

Lately talaga, Liam is really trying his limits.  Even with bad words (see my previous post about it).   He has all the reasons in the world every time we forbid him to do something.  Though, am not saying he is not a good boy. Liam is a good boy I know that, am not saying this because am his mother, but I really can feel it. He has a soft heart and he is not madamot.  He is just being a normal kid who’s going through a phase wherein our guidance as parents is very important.  Pressure!!!

Speaking of “reasons”, one of our dilemmas now is how to interest Liam into writing.  I think a lot of mom’s is going through this pain too. During Liam’s evaluations, T’May mentioned that Liam’s weak spot is writing.  With this, we are so focused on practicing writing with him. We have a goal to achieve.  Pero…

While practice writing with Donna…
L:  I am sad na..
D:  Why are you sad?
L:  I am sad.. waaaah!! I don’t want to write na…
When I got home, it’s my turn to practice with him
L:  I am sad na…
M:  No, that will not work with me, write ka na..
L:  I want to change colors
M: ok, change..
After a few more reasoning, interruptions and side kwentos and with only a few lines written..
L:  Waahhh (faking a cry with blinking eyes so tears will fall) am tired na. I don’t want to write na..
M to Daddy:  Waaaah!! This will be challenging..

Other reasons/interruptions:
– I want to hug mommy
– Where is color Jamenta (Magenta)?
– What color is this?
– I will fix this.
– I will fix that.
– I am a mouse, I will stay outside na lang.
– if all else fails, CRY!

WAAAH!! kaloka lang diba?! Oh well, I dropped it na din.  I realized that he is only 3 yrs old and I want him to have fun.  Dino also told me to let him be na at baka daw matrauma pa sa writing ang anak nya.  As lola puts it naman, let him have fun and he will learn that in school naman.  I believed them and I listened to them.  Well, aside from the fact that writing is his parent’s least favorite too.. hehehe.. How could I force him to do it, when my writing homework was all done by my loving sister (Thanks Judz! 🙂 )

Asked him what he drew, he said: "That's daddy cicada, this is mommy cicada" :)
Asked him what he drew, he said: “That’s daddy cicada, this is mommy cicada” 🙂

So instead of me having a hard time teaching him writing which he obviously hates, why not reinforce our efforts into teaching something else he will enjoy.  Ang importante is that he is continuously learning new things every day.  So we are learning to count 1 to 10 in Fook Yuen now and we are trying to do the sight words.  Di din sapilitan, pag gusto lang nya. Most of the time, arts!! this is his favorite and syempre free play! 🙂

Hmmm… on second thought, maybe it’s really because am his mother, that’s why I say he will be a good man? If not, e di mali ang pagpapalaki namen diba?!!? And sino ba namang magulang gustong maging masama anak nya, right?!!?

Rant: “Putang!”

It’s been more than 2 weeks now since Liam started using this word and this really is giving me a lot to think about.  Before I proceed I just want to be clear that am not trying to be righteous here.  I myself use this word especially when am really infuriated.  Dino and I grew up in households that uses these words (bad words) freely, use it when we’re angry and irritated (but not at each other or people we love). We also use them jokingly.

Anyway, this all started when Dino got startled and he shouted “Putang..” and stopped in the middle when he realized that it was Liam who was there.  Liam quickly got it and said “Putang!”.  Shocked, Dino told him not to say it again and that it’s a bad word.  Since then, Liam  uses tries to use that word when he sees an opportunity.

Opportunity #1:
One night, he was acting up and does not want to follow, he said “Putang!”, so the topic was changed for him not to say it again..

Opportunity #2:
Lolo was playing with him and pinched him softly at the back..
Liam:  Putang! Sakit!

Opportunity #3:
Every time we’ll get mad, he will said: “Daddy said, putang!”, even if daddy did not say it..

There were already a lot of instances, and he at least say this once a day and daddy telling him not to say it anymore simply doesn’t work. I think, us telling him not to say it anymore elevates his curiosity about the term.  So I tried to brainwash him and change the word..

Liam:  Daddy said, Putang!
Mommy: No, daddy said, put a little more

This made him laugh and repeated the phrase, so I thought the deal is done.  Oh boy, am I wrong, he still uses it. So one time I threatened him with a spank in the mouth (this really scares him)..

Mommy:  Liam, stop saying that word or I will pah pah your mouth na
Liam:  Daddy says Putang… (this is his go to phrase every time we tell him not to say it anymore, as if telling us how come daddy can say it?!? tsk! tsk!)
Mommy:  I will also pah pah daddy if he says it again, do you understand?
Liam:  yes

I thought this worked since we did not hear him say it for 2 days. Then one time at the playground, kids are playing with the cement, they will put the cement on a plastic and throw it up in the air, making the cement burst in the air..
Liam:  Mommy, what are they doing
Mommy:  they are playing with the cement, but don’t do that anak, the cement will get into your eyes and it will be ouch ouch
Liam still watch them intently and suddenly shouted:  “PUTANG!”

I almost hit his mouth right there, but I don’t want to do it in public since I don’t want to embarrass him in public.  So I just give him a grin and told him that it’s not good to say that word.  (Well, wala din naman nakarinig, since other kids are busy playing and the teens are chatting)

Now, he gives interest to all our expressions na like “Grabe!” and “Shocks!”.  He will ask us if that’s a bad word or not.,, hayayayayay! me gulay!! Ano ba ito!?!? How do we explain “bad words” to a 3 year old toddler?  This also strengthen my resolve to be watchful of what I say (well, I hope this is the same with Dino.. grrr..)  Ang bilis na ng pick up nya.  Sabi nga ni lola, “Parang recorder yang anak mo e”.

Hay naku anak, when you grow older, I will not forbid you to use this words…  As long as you know what these words mean and you know the effect of using these words to others.  You need to know when to use it and to whom should you use it and make sure that if you use it, it’s ok na masabihan ka din nun. Golden rule anak, okey?

fuji 13 001

Before I end this post, I’ve been asking my colleagues (matatalino kasi talaga sila, hehe) about studies regarding this (doing the forbidden) nature and here’s a good read about Reactance and Paradoxical Inversion (or what we usually call reverse psychology).  This young, single office mates of mine are also the ones who pointed out to me just now that maybe am not consistent that’s why reverse psychology don’t work with Liam too. Or as the other one pointed out, sadyang bright ang anak ko!??! I like the latter better. 🙂

Setting Limits

I really don’t know how to start this post.  But I want this out of my chest.  I’ve been on a guilt streak these past few days.  I feel I don’t do as much as i should for Liam (learning wise) and for the past few days, Liam cries everyday since we feel that we need to start disciplining him. The latter really breaks my heart.

Dino and I don’t have a very strict parenting style and is permissive at times.  I always see Liam as a baby and I always think that he don’t know that he is hurting us (physically) when he is being super likot or it is not good to eat too much sweets.  I think he is in a stage now where he is testing his powers or should I say testing OUR limits.  There are times where I really want to shake him until he finally listens to us.  But syempre di ko kayang gawin sakanya un no!?

What works right now (for him to listen and follow) is when we start raising our voices or when I will ask him if he wants me to spank him. These styles make him realize that we are serious and angry already.  He don’t like us getting angry at him.   These worries me. I don’t know if tama na mag worry ako.  I don’t want to shout at him everyday and always threat him with spanking that until one day, he’ll not be scared of it anymore.  Ma-immune na sya sa style na yan.

Another guilt issue I have past few days was in teaching Liam.  Liam is a very bright and observant kid.  He learned ABC and 123 even before he turned 1.  He memorized all the colors and shapes (pati pentagon at hexagon) at 18 mos. old.  And he knows some of the antonyms na like big and small, up and down, etc.  All these learning naman never directly came from me, usually sa mga toys and video clips I download for him.

Lately, I feel that he is not learning new things na and most of the time we just play around the house. Even if I want to sit down with him to teach him new stuff like reading sight words and writing, he doesn’t like it. Instead he wants to play and fool around lang. Well, these past few days, he likes jumping and falling around the house like Wipe Out!! Another wrong move from mommy, we are watching Wipeout one night which caught his attention and he asked for 2 consecutive days about it. Being the permissive mommy that I am, I downloaded a few episodes and saved it in his tablet!! Oh no!! yes, oh no! talaga!   (will be deleting it today, as instructed by daddy)

Anyway, I already made resolutions about this learning issue. I just hope that I will be very religious about it.  Will share it na lang if I have started it na and if I can follow it through.   Well, I knew the answer all along, di lang talaga ako nag-iisip minsan.  I just think too much at times, that I tend to overlook Liam’s way of learning.  I forgot that he don’t really participate at first, he observes and once he knows na, then, he participates and leads. 🙂

Haaaay, now I truly believe that motherhood/parenthood is a whole lot of work and napaka-hirap talaga. Unlike sa work, if you don’t like your job na, then resign and find a new one.  If may mali sa mga staff, pagalitan mo or palitan mo.   If plans did not work out, ok lang. Business will still go on.  Saludo talaga ako sa mga Full time mom, and sa mga super hands-on na mommies.

One tip I read from other blogs is to take a deep breath when you know that you are at the edge of breaking (shouting and spanking), count and pray. This really works!! Mommies may have big hearts but we also are only human.  Nawawala din sa sarili paminsan.. hehe

Am really praying hard that God will give me enough wisdom to guide Liam and to bless us with boundless patience.

See how we are? Am already pointing my fingers telling him what not to do, and he gives me a big smile.. oh my my..
See how we are? Am already pointing my fingers telling him what not to do, and he gives me a big smile.. oh my my..

On a lighter note, here’s how our conversation goes at times..
Liam was acting up and not eating his breakfast properly, we tried to persuade him with mellow voices to no avail..
Mommy (with an angry voice):  Liam, eat your bread or mommy will pah pah (spank) you
Liam looked at me with a sweet smile (that melted my heart), sat beside me and lean his head on my arms
M (trying not to smile and laugh and hug him): No, you have to eat
L then took a bite on his bread and said:  Mommy, are you happy na?
M: Yes (with a smile)
L start acting up again…
L: Mommy, are you happy?
M (with a serious voice): no, mommy is not happy
L:  waaaaah (cried out loud with big tears and a sad face reached for me and hugged)

Ohhh my my my. How can I start to discipline you when you are being so sweet and so adorable and so sensitive like you are.  Hay, anak if you are reading this, maybe you are laughing at this, but I want you to know, this laughing matter is worrying me so much that I want to cry at times. Pero always remember that mommy and daddy are striving to be the best parents for you.  We may not be right at all times or the best compared to other parents out there, but we pray that in your eyes we are the best.  We love you, anak! 🙂

moalboal family 047


Last July 25, before going to office, I noticed that Liam is a bit feverish. Instructed Donna not to give him bath and to do sponge bath lang muna.  Texted our pedia to consult if need medicine, she advised sponge bath as well and no paracetamol muna.  I also instructed them not to go to school anymore, but Liam cried as he wants to go to school, so off to school the went.

After an hour, I got a call from the pre-school head mistress telling me that she sent Liam home already, as he was very matamlay and not participating anymore.

After lunch, I instructed Donna to shut the windows since it was raining and raindrops are going through the window. after a few minutes, I got a call from Ate Lilia, my heart almost stopped as Liam had a seizure.  Oh Freak!! I really did not know what to do. As if it’s not enough that am super worried and crying, it was traffic going home. I really wanted to jump out of the car and run home.

When we got home, Liam was still crying but he was better, as Ate Lilia knew what to do.  She put ice pack on Liam’s head so that his fever will go down.  Some of our neighbors were also in there to help, massaging Liam’s arms, holding towel on his forehead while the other one is washing the other cloth.  (Yeah, our yaya almost went crazy when she saw Liam’s lip turned blue, eyes rolling and salivating mouth, she shouted at the top of her lungs, making all our neighbors come – which am also thankful for).

He stopped crying after he realized it was mommy carrying him...
He stopped crying after he realized it was mommy carrying him… Daddy not knowing what else to do, took a pic instead to keep his sanity… Mommy is still crying non-stop..
after a few more minutes with the TV on..
after a few more minutes with the TV on..

After his fever was contained, Dino and I decided to see his pedia.  This time stars are on our side, as doctora have an afternoon clinic that day. Her usual clinic hours is only upto 2pm.  That day, she decided to have late afternoon check up.  She prescribed paracetamol already and taught us the right way of giving sponge bath! Kow! mali pala ang punas punas lang and it should be every 30 mins as long as your patient’s fever is high.  Haist, I feel so tanga that time.. kakaiyak lang..

When we got home, we gave him a sponge bath and paracetamol.   I think he felt a lot better after this, kasi he was playing around and very active again even with a fever. We were not able to take pic na kasi we were just happy that he is feeling better.

No sleep for me that night and the following night, as i kept on checking his temp and sponged him even in his sleep.  The next day, he kept on complaining that his mouth is ouch ouch. We also noticed that he is having a hard time to swallow.  So we decided to visit his pedia again, though he was all active na and acting like himself already, a mommy wants to be doubly sure.  Besides, his temperature is not yet normal. I also thought that it was tonsillitis causing his ouchy thought.

While waiting for his turn, Liam found a new friend.. :)
While waiting for his turn, Liam found a new friend.. 🙂

I also realized na there is nothing wrong sa pagiging sigurista at praning ng mga nanay.  When doctora saw me sitting at the waiting area, she asked me how Liam was and I told her that I think Liam may have tonsillitis. She laughed at me and said that kids his age don’t experience tonsilitis pa.  ooops… So what is it?!?!

Herpangina is an acute, virally induced, self-limited illness often seen in young children during the summer months. Affected children usually complain of mouth sores and fever. It is caused by a number of viruses, all part of the enterovirus family, coxsackievirus being the most common. Most children develop a high fever and complain of a sore throat. They then develop vesicles (blisters) or ulcers (sores) at the back of the throat and palate (called an enanthem). Children, especially younger children, may refuse to eat or drink because of the pain and are at risk for developing signs and symptoms of dehydration. (source:

Good thing, Liam was cooperative that day and showed his throat to doc.  Doc saw the blister near his throat that’s causing the ouchies.  As per Doc, there is no cure for this infection and that it will heal by itself in 4 days.  “ok lng paliguan yan” she says.  And what’s good with these viral infections is that when we have them, our systems form anti-bodies that we need to fight other viruses pa.  Na when the time comes an you will meet this virus again, di ka na talaban, kasi may antibody ka na to defend you.  Oh diba!?!? Ang galing!! may natutunan pa ko. 🙂

a proof that he is all better na..
a proof that he is all better na..

Am just so glad that he is all better. It was also a relief to know that it’s nothing serious and that it’s normal for kids his age to have this.  Pero ang seizure!! kow! Sa dami daming pwedeng manahin sa tatay at lolo nya.. hehehe.. I really pray na di na mangyari ulit un.

By the way, since am in the health section na din, I saw this FB post from my friend about vaccines that are not good for kids.  What do you think about that1?!? Praning mode nanaman ang nanay!! kaloka lang!!


No Gadget Nights

For past 3 months, we have successfully implemented the “no gadget (on bed) rule”.  This does not only applies to Liam but to me and Dino as well. hehehe. We are trying to minimize Liam’s tablet usage and noticed that he’s ok not to use his tablets as long as we play with him. I realized that it’s not really the gadget, it’s our lack of time din and attention at night that causes him to watch and play on his tablet.

Don’t get me wrong, we do play with him naman, pero we allowed him to play gadgets kasi at night before we go to sleep.  Liam is a good boy naman na when it’s time to sleep he will cooperate and turn off his tablet.  But there were also episodes that he wants to watch his videos until he falls asleep.

With all the studies on effects of gadgets in kids nowadays, we really decided to limit his usage.  Though am not pro to zero gadgets.  I believe that parents still should control what they are watching (on tv or tablet) and playing.  It’s due to his tablet that he learned ABC, 123, colors, talking and singing as well. So, I really won’t totally eliminate gadgets.  Controlled lang dapat.

Anyway, here’s what we’ve been up to before our bedtime.

Pillow fight with Daddy.. whew! buti nlgn with Daddy.. :)
Pillow fight with Daddy.. whew! buti nlgn with Daddy.. 🙂
Hide and seek... can you find where Liam is?
Hide and seek… can you find where Liam is?
Hide and Seek again.. di ko talaga sya mahanap.. hehehe
Hide and Seek again.. di ko talaga sya mahanap.. hehehe
read his favorite books.. may props pa na eyeglass...
read his favorite books.. may props pa na eyeglass…
play Throw..
play Throw..
.. and catch
.. and catch
isa pa palang hide and seek.. using blankets this time..
isa pa palang hide and seek.. using blankets this time..
take pictures with Shine (the yellow car) and Doggy.
take pictures with Shine (the yellow car) and Doggy.

I just can’t find the photos, but we also played with marbles, stacking cups and a lot of other toys depending on Liam’s mood.  T But the sweetest of all is when we turn the lights off and Liam would come to us for a goodnight kiss.  Ang sweet no!?

.. and with the whole family.. ; )
my sweet little boy 

Oh well, I think it’s doing us a lot of good naman as this is more bonding time for us. 🙂



On Why We Love Ate Donna

The other day, we promised Liam that we will go home early, true to our words, we left office exactly 5:30.. and this video is what we went home to. Donna is teaching Liam how to count 1 to 100 without us telling her to do so.

In one of my recent posts, I’ve mentioned being thankful having Donna as Liam’s yaya. She may not be the best out there and may have some shortcomings too. But in general, you can feel her love and concern for Liam. Paano ko nasabi yun?!?!

Before Liam even started his school this year, I think Saturday ito before Liam’s first day..

Donna: Ate, kelan nga po ulit ung Linggo ng Wika?
Me: Sa August pa yun.
Donna: Yung bookworm po?
Me: Ahh.. parang October ata un or November?
Donna: Kasya pa siguro ung Spiderman costume ni Liam no? Sana suotin na nya..
Me: Waah! mainit un! ayaw ko na pasuot saknya un!
Donna: Sa bagay….

See!!?? It’s still July and there are still 2 days before school officially start, she’s already worried about what will her alaga wear for the school programs. hahahahaha

Meron pa yan.. All students are supposed to bring their required supplies which should be labeled one by one on second day of school. While I have already bought all of Liam’s stuff, am procrastinating labeling. so Monday night comes..

Donna: Ate, nakaprint na po kayo sticker ni Liam
Me: ‘di pa, hayaan mo na, late nlng naten padala mga gamit nya
Donna: ok po (with a sad face)

Donna: Ate, need din pala ng story book sa school
Me: Ayaw ko nga pamigay mga books nya
Donna: Kahit ung pinaka luma na lang po..
Me: Ayaw ko nga.. binili ko yun para kay Liam, di para sa school.
Donna: Nagbabasa basa na po kasi sila sa school, sya lang walang dala…

Following day…
Me: Dons, eto na stickers, eto pa ung mga kulang na gamit. At eto na ung libro na dadalhin nya.. ikaw na mag label.
Donna: ok po.. (with a wide smile, sabay lipat sa room nya to do all the labeling..
Aba! kinalimutan na di pa naligo alaga nya!!

There are more of these stories, baka mapuno ang post ko. Basta, we are really thankful that we got her to be Liam’s yaya. She may have shortcomings but her love for Liam is all worth shrugging those lapses off.. 🙂