Oh No! Not Again!

One of the things I love and miss doing is travelling.  Last December, Dino and I are planning to fly abroad to spend some quality time together – just the 2 of us. But I think this will be put on a long hold.

Last 2012, we already booked our tickets for a 4 days 3 nights out of country trip. We requested my mom to fly to Cebu to oversee things and of course take care of Liam.  Unfortunately, my mom got sick and was confined not once, but twice while she was here with us in Cebu.  Glad that she’s very well now. Dino and I have to kiss our tickets goodbye though.

Last week month (this post has been sitting on my drafts for a month now), we had a week long meeting in our manila office. (info: Dino and I are working for the same company and in the same department. He is my immediate boss, talk about luck in work) we initially thought of bringing Liam along, but he’ll be skipping a week of school so we decided otherwise.  This time we requested my in-laws  to fly in and take care of the apo.

First Night in Manila, I wasn’t able to sleep well.  I thought to myself, namamahay lang ako.  I feel so agitated so I went to the living room, worked a little and slept there instead. 3 hrs tops (putol putol pa!).  Following morning, my MIL called and informed us that Liam has a slight fever and this is where the “story” begins.

Oh no! Not again No. 1:  Someone got sick with our plans of going out of country and this time it was Liam.  Okay, maybe it is really not due to our plans and it was just coincidence but I felt like the universe is telling us something.

Our first out of country trip together
Our first out of country trip together

Oh no! Not again No. 2:  Liam had seizure again.  He already had seizure last year when he caught that Herpangina virus (see my post here).  This really sucks since this was already the 2nd time it happened to him in a year’s time and worst, this time both Dino and I are in Manila.

Guilty mama story – Scientifically, I know that it was the fever that caused his seizure, but the superstitious side in me believes that it might also be due to their visit to the ER that afternoon.   You see, Liam have been complaining that his pee won’t come out.  So I got worried that he might have UTI. So his pedia advised us to bring him to ER so they can check his urine.  We did not know that ER will extract blood too.  Liam was super horrified that time (as per Lola’s kwento) that maybe, just maybe, this fear caused his fever to shoot up that night.  😦  So if we decided otherwise, he might not have seizure?

Mommy and Liam's bonding time
Mommy and Liam’s bonding time

Oh no! Not again No. 3:  Someone got hospitalized again.  Due to the seizure, his pedia advised us to have him admitted so he can be put under observation.  Seizure kasi is bad for the brain, especially if there is recurrence.  I think she also advised hospitalization to put us (Dino and me) at ease.  But AT EASE is the last thing that we can be.  Since we’re both in Manila, our in-laws have to be the one to go with him. Dino and I agreed that I fly back to Cebu and he stay behind and check if he can fly in day after.  He booked me in next flight we can get.  Ako na si Darna!

It was all worth it.  Lola was telling me how Liam was super weak and not in the mood but his demeanor changed once he heard my voice and saw me.  He was so lively na and daldal.  Here in the pic below, we are watching TV and he was back to his old self na except for the fact that he has IV on one hand.

Thanks to my MIL for being able to take pic. :)
Thanks to my MIL for being able to take pic. 🙂

I’m really thankful that my in-laws are here then, if not, I really don’t know what I’ll do.  Pero, as much as am thankful, I also empathize with them, imagine how hard it is for them to see their beloved first and only apo in that situation?  Even my mom cried when I texted her about Liam’s situation (and that’s just over the phone and Liam is already her 15th apo, how much more my in-law no?! haaay, this always makes me teary eyed) That’s why I really told Lolo and Lola that I hope they won’t get phobia and will still come and be willing to take care of Liam. hehe.  This was their first time kasi to come and take over.  Usually, at least one of us is here kasi when they visit.  I think di naman, since Lolo is scheduled to come next week.. whew!

Oh no! Not again No. 4:  We have to delay our plans of going out of country – na di kasama si Liam.  Yes, we are still planning to go abroad, pero this time, Liam is going with us! Crossing my fingers!! 🙂

Taken at the airport going to Manila...
Taken at the airport going to Manila…

I just want to share a thought/story on the guilt story I shared above. I’ve been discussing the film “Frozen” with my office mate.  We both agreed that what happened to Elsa was her parent’s fault.  We felt that they shouldn’t have kept Elsa’s power, they shouldn’t have her conceal it.  A lot of should haves and shouldn’t haves.  But after all these Oh no’s! I was able to relate to the Elsa and Anna’s parents.  We might think they should have done it otherwise, but all their decision that time was what they thought and knew best for their children – not just Elsa but for Anna too.  They did not ask her to conceal it for any bad reason, but for her own good too.   That realization is what’s keeping me going now.  Knowing that whatever Dino and I may have decided and will decide in the future, it will always be what we think is best for our family.

Marriage and Happily Ever After

Today, am letting you in a little secret.  Earlier last year, my marriage went through a little bump. Nothing too serious naman, no 3rd party, no drugs and no physical abuse naman. Pure Misunderstanding lang that came from stress and adjustment.

Funny as it may sound, it’s just now that we are going through our ‘adjustment period’.  Our relationship was more of a relaxed one.  Being a couple for almost 8 years before getting married helped us know each other very well.  We do have petty LQs , but that only last for 5mins then we’re back to our old loving self na. That’s how we started.

Well, a lot has been going on beginning of 2013, both with work and our family life, when we experienced the ‘bump’.  I personally have a lot of things planned out for the year that sometimes stresses me out if things did not went my way.  For sure you guys know what stress can do to us.

Anyway, I won’t bug you with details anymore, to keep it simple Dino & I talked it over and we started really working on our marriage.  A bit effort lang at first, pero with true love everything is easy and everything simply falls into place. 🙂

I also had some tools that helped us understand each other a bit more.  First was the love language test.  I first heard about this from my High School friend.  She shared this with us after she and her hubby learned it in a marriage seminar (I think it’s the seminar they attended prior their wedding).

It’s how we show our love for another individual.  It says that every individual has different ways of showing/feeling love for/from our loved ones.  We all have different love languages. That’s why sometimes we and our partners misunderstood each other, kasi we don’t have same love language.  There are 5 love languages – Words of affirmation; Acts of Service; Receiving Gifts; Quality Time; and Physical touch. I won’t be elaborating each anymore, I encourage you to try the test.  (click here)

After taking the test, it came out that my love language is Gifts and words of affirmation.  It’s not that am materialistic.  It’s knowing that my the other person remembers while we are apart.  Kesihodang maliit lang ang gift or mura lang.  Kahit nga ipitas lang ako ng bulaklak sa garden, kikiligin na ko. It’s the thought and effort that really counts for me.

As for the words of affirmation naman, I think this came about since that is one of the issues I had during the ‘bump” stage.  I felt so unappreciated.  So maybe while taking the test, nag reflect to.  Lucky for me, I was able to persuade Dino to take the test too.  It turned out that his naman were Acts of service and Time.

Knowing his love languages made me realize that he was showing his love for me na pala when he tries to help me and every time  he asks me to wash or help him clean the car.  Cleaning the car kasi became his pass time after we acquire his our new car.  While he does it, I usually do some of my chores then take a nap not knowing maybe my husband also wants to spend some time with me doing what he likes.  Anyway, after knowing that, I don’t really helped him clean kasi he’s a bit meticulous about it too, so I made it a point to bring him juice or ice cold water while I bake naman in the kitchen. I don’t take naps na or if pagod talaga ako, I ask him to nap with me instead.

There are also 2 articles that helped me realize my own faults and how to change the way I think. First was the blog post that became viral from Mr. Seth Adam Smith.  (You can see the post here) This post really got me, I even shared it in my FB account.  It says that marriage is not for us.  We marry for the one we love and the family we want to have with him/her.  I really encourage everyone to read it.  It’s really nice.

Another was an article that my dear friend posted in her FB page.  (see here) This is a long list, but what hit me the most was #4 – Don’t Interrupt!  I think I do this quite a lot to him, since most of the time, I know how he’ll react to things already and I know what he thinks na.  Pero it’s still important that we let them know that we value their opinions.  The rest on the list naman, I took note of.

And last but not the least is an advice I got from my dear friend – Prayers and changing one’s mindset.  In my case, it’s more of  knowing how he shows his loves.  Maybe, he’s not the type who sings and writes poems for you (just a sample), but it does not mean that he loves you less right??  E ako nga pinili nya pakasalan diba?!?!  And of course, lots and lots of Prayers.  Putting all my faith in Him.  Am not super religious but I make it a point to talk to Him and always ask for guidance especially when it comes to my family.

Lastly, am not sure what “Happily Ever After” really means.  But I do believe in this.  I believe that we work on our marriage and our family so we can have a our own “Happily Ever After”.  Maybe not early on the marriage but when we get older, when sex won’t do the trick or when dating becomes hard and impossible and when all your kids have their own lives na.  You will still have your partner beside you, reminiscing your love stories and telling silly jokes.  Or pwede ding holding hands while walking on the beach ang peg. Ang sweet isipin no?   I know that day will come for me and Dino.  Maybe not HHWW but our Happily Ever After will come.  If there’s one important thing Dino have taught me that is it’s normal for couples (married or not) to fight but our love will always prevail and we can always work things out.

How about you guys? Do you believe in “Happily Ever After”?

2013 xmas portrait 008
Happy New Year!

PS:  These are just my thought, others may think otherwise.

Happy Weekend with Wowo and Wawa

Being the first and only Apo, Liam is often visited by wowo and wawa (his paternal grandparents).  Wowo never failed to fly in to Cebu every month to visit Liam. Jet-setter si wowo no!?

Since these once a month visits are the only time they spend with their precious little boy, we make sure that it’s all worth their time and effort. Last February, Dino was able to take their photos and luckily, weather was on our side and we were able to go to Family Park.  Liam was so happy and eager to show his wowo and wawa the animals and play with them at the park.

Wowo and Liam palying.. sorry can's remember what they are playing anymore..
Wowo and Liam palying.. sorry can’s remember what they are playing anymore..
Playing Mr. Pointer with Wawa.   Daddy:  Liam, where is Wawa's head??
Playing Mr. Pointer with Wawa.
Daddy: Liam, where is Wawa’s head??
Then they read some books..
Then they read some books..
Wowo, wawa, this is how Dumbo hits the bat...
Wowo, wawa, this is how Dumbo hits the bat…
Liam showing wowo and wawa where Stramboli kept Pinocchio...
Liam showing wowo and wawa where Stramboli kept Pinocchio…
Playing some music...
Playing some music…
Liam and Wowo jamming..  1 2 3 4!!!
Liam and Wowo jamming..
1 2 3 4!!!
Wowo: where are you going Liam? Liam:  SM and IT Park!
Wowo: where are you going Liam?
Liam: SM and IT Park!

To make the visit more fun, off we went to Family Park…

Where Liam played...
Where Liam played…
.. and played..
.. and played..
... and played...
… and played…
Wowo and Wawa happily watching Liam...
Wowo and Wawa happily watching Liam…

Thank you Wowo and Wawa for taking time off to come and have fun an

Where Liam played...
Where Liam played…
.. and played..
.. and played..
... and played...
… and played…
Wowo and Wawa happily watching Liam...
Wowo and Wawa happily watching Liam…

Thank you Wowo and Wawa for taking time off to fly in and spend quality fun time with Liam.  Liam enjoys his time with you as much as you do. 🙂

Thank you wowo and wawa
Thank you wowo and wawa… 🙂

Well Spent Holiday Vacation

With only eight (8) full days for holiday vacation in Manila, I would say that we spent it well.  With the “to do” list Dino insisted for me to do.  Oh well, it’s only a few and most of it is in my head lang. hehehe  Anyway, we plan for Liam to enjoy this vacation and meet most of our family and friends.

We arrived Manila a day before Christmas.  I wanted Liam to rest for the day to recoup and be ready for the 8 days.  But my dearest boy not wanting to spoil the day by resting and not wanting to dismay his expecting audience, he showed off whole afternoon by dancing, acting, running  and playing guessing games with his Ninang Tita!

Opah Gangnam Style!!
Opah Gangnam Style!!

We let Liam open his gift after dinner, alam ko kasi na di na kame makakasalubong, since we are all tired na.

Liam opening Ninong Rene and Ninang Jane's Birthday Gift na naging 2nd Christmas gift! :)
Liam opening Ninong Rene and Ninang Jane’s Birthday Gift na naging 2nd Christmas gift! 🙂

Christmas day was spent at Lola Pasig’s (Dino’s Grand Aunt who lives in Pasig and stands as their Grandmom since Inay passed away).

Liam agreed to this pic with the promise to drive the new car! :)(de Leon family in blue, with Lola Pasig's family in red and Aguinaldos in Green.  )
Liam agreed to this pic with the promise to drive the new car! 🙂
(de Leon family in blue, with Lola Pasig’s family in red and Aguinaldos in Green. )

Dinner was courtesy of Ate Pen, she bought us Pizza and Clam Chowder Soup from S&R.

Either he was so hungry or he really loved the clam chowder.  Whatever it is, we're all happy that he liked and it and he ate a lot! :)
Either he was so hungry or he really loved the clam chowder. Whatever it is, we’re all happy that he ate a lot! 🙂

Dec. 26, Shopping Day for me and Ate Pen. We went to 168 and boy oh boy did I miss it!! Sayang lang, sa sobrang excitement, we forgot to take photos of us being there and we weren’t able to take photos of our loots too. Next time!  Liam, on the other hand, enjoyed his day driving new car (Lolo’s car; our van here in Cebu is the old car for him…), playing his alphabet mats and swimming in his inflatable pool.  That night we went to Paranaque to visit my sister and had dinner with them.

Lliam driving his "new car"
Lliam driving his “new car”
After Lolo pile his alphabet he will go to the stack and shout "kalat aten! Kalat aten!" ang bait no!?
After Lolo pile his alphabet he will go to the stack and shout “kalat aten! Kalat aten!” ang bait no!?

Following day was a slow one.  I dropped by my brother’s house in Pandacan.  Did not bring Liam since almost everyone there is sick.  I just dropped off our gifts and had a little chit chat with my SIL and my mom while Liam enjoyed his swimming time in the garage (again). (thanks Wowo and Wawa for the new inflatable pool.:) )

Having fun while waiting for his pool to be filled...
Having fun while waiting for his pool to be filled…
My little swimmer. :)
My little cute shokoy. 🙂

We went to Rockwell after that and was suppose to have dinner at Chili’s, kaso mahaba ang waiting list and we don’t like other restos there that night, so we drove back and ate at Buddy’s instead.  (another check sa to-eat list! hehe)

Ken, Liam’s ninong, met with us there and we had a long chit chat at home after dinner. As usual, being the best host that he is, Liam did not disappoint his ninong and showed off his fore talents! hehe (wala nanamang pictures!! tsk!!)

Dec. 28, a little me time.  I met with my friends, Joy, Mar and Kim in Rob Ermita for Lunch and movie date! We watched ‘One More Try” at nakakahiya lang ako at magang maga ang mata ko when we got out! I won’t say the plot was that nice, but the story was so touching. Oh well, kasi nga nanay na din ako! hehehehe

Left to right: Mar, Me, Joy and Kim
Walang katapusan na kwento! Oh well, it’s been a year since we last saw each other

On the other hand, Dino and Liam had a father and son bonding same day. They went to MOA with Ate Donna and Wawa.  After which, they went to Manila Zoo.  We initially planned to bring Liam to Avilon Zoo, cleaner but farther but with the unpredictable weather, mahirap bumyahe with a baby.  So Dino decided to bring him to Manila Zoo instead.  They fetch me up from Rob Ermita after and he was so excited telling me about the animals he saw.  Hipopopopopothamus!

photo 10

Next Day, Dino decided to treat me to a date so off we went to GB5 where we had lunch at Krazy Garlic before we head to Ocean Park. (2 check marks on our to-do list).

At first, Liam did not enjoy it and got a bit overwhelmed.  But after a bit of cajoling from Dino and after the underwater aquarium, he was running about, back and forth, back and forth. Until kame na ni Dino sumuko at kumarga sa kanya palabas ng aquarium! hahahaha..

Sharks!! :)
Liam enjoying the Sharks!! 🙂
On the way out, Liam suddenly scrambled off from his daddy. Yun pala, he saw this little arcade.  Mas naenjoy pa nya to kesa sa mga isda!! hahaha
On the way out, Liam suddenly scrambled off from his daddy. Yun pala, he saw this little arcade. Mas naenjoy pa nya to kesa sa mga isda!! hahaha

Dec. 30, I was suppose to meet with Hyziel and Baby, my sisters way back from my dormitory time.  But my cousins decided to have a family reunion on this day.  I have to cancel my Antipolo trip with the girls and we all drive to Escolta Binondo to see my mother side of the family.

YES!! I know we are a bunch.. partida, this is only half. :)
YES!! I know we are a bunch.. partida, this is only half. 🙂
Liam's first Kalesa ride in Binondo.. :)
Liam’s first Kalesa ride in Binondo.. 🙂

We had dinner at CPK that night. I don’t know what’s with Chili’s laging puno! 😦  Before we end the night, we went to Cuts for Tots in Glorietta to have Liam’s hair cut.  Dino and  I decided not to go with them, so Liam won’t make arte.  Thankfully, all is well naman. Pero as my SIL said, it was a Stressful haircut.

Day before New Year, we had our annual Family picture.  This time around we all wore green. 🙂  Medya Noche was again courtesy of my SIL.  She prepared Bacon wrapped Asparagus and Pesto Pasta and ordered Sanwiches from Earl’s. YUM!!!

After 30 minutes of setting up.. hahahaha.. Happy New Year!! :)
After 30 minutes of setting up.. hahahaha.. Happy New Year!! 🙂

New Years Day, we  had lunch with Charles and Dinah Lim with their Kids.  Charles is one of Dino’s best buddies and Dinah is the first person I’m with during my dorm days. 🙂  That afternoon, we just relaxed at home and started packing Liam’s mini toy store. hehehe.. dami ng laruan e!! 🙂

Jan. 2, 2013, with a bucket of tears, we flew back to Cebu.  Can’t wait for the holy weeks.  Now that Liam’s 2, it’s easier for us to bring Liam back and forth na.

I know it’s too late to greet you happy holidays now. But definitely not late to greet you guys “Happy Chinese New Year!!” hahahahaha

From my family to yours! :)
From my family to yours! 🙂

Whew!! Finally I can post this long overdue entry.

Note to self:  Always take pictures, use iPhone if Cam is not readily available! 🙂

Lunch Breaks with Liam

Since Dino and I are both working.  We make it a point that we have free time for Liam during our office days.  One of the perks of our Cebu Set up is we can play with Liam during lunch break, after we had our Lunch (while his yaya is having her fill too).

Here are some of the routines we do during our lunch break with Liam…

Liam asking me to hold the banana while he eats…
so he could run…
and roll on the bed…


Liam getting ready to jump off the bed… one.. two.. three…




other days naman, this is what we do…

Liam flipping his chair…


then he climbs on it…


getting ready…


then.. JUMPS!!!

In some days, he uses his table naman to play peek a boo with his dad.  He also uses all our pillows to play hiding where his butt is showing naman lagi, hehehe.  At times naman, we cut his fruits and vegetables.  Haay simple things but great joy for the 3 of us.


Because of You… (Letter to Liam)

Dear Liam,

Because of you..

  • Daddy became the best cowboy in the whole wild west – he learned to draw his iPhone as quick as he can to show off your photos and videos
  • Mommy wants to be a good cook – I, on the other hand, want to learn how to cook.  Good enough for you to look back and remember how home smells like.  For us to have a family recipe na pag laki mo you will come home and ask me to cook it for you, cause no one cooks it like mommy does. hehehe.. Pero seriously, I see us having dinner every night and have fun and talk around our dining table. Like we used to do (and still does) with your Wowo, Wowa, Ninang Tita and Tito AJ.
  • Mommy became an early riser – I know am still the last one to get out of bed, pero maaga na yan anak. You and Daddy always wake up early, basta may araw na.. you’re both up. Though I don’t get out of bed agad, I love seeing you wake up in the morning. All smiles calling Daddy then Mommy. Always excited to start your day.
  • We can act like kids again – you allowed us to be childish again. playing with you inside Toy Kingdom (that’s your favorite place right now), run with you at the park, enjoy all the zoo animals and act crazily to hear your infectious laughter (this always give us, you included, a good laugh)
  • We argue a lot – not in a bad way anak, we usually argue about kanino ka nag mana. We like taking credits from your looks to your bibo ways.  Pati na kapilyuhan mo, inaako na namen.
  • We became bloggers – Well, mommy decided to start up this blog to document all your developments, milestones and antics.  So we will have something to look at later when you’re older. As you may have notice na, Mommy is not a good writer. Pero sige lang.. for you, I’ll keep on blogging.
  • We are now home bodies – before we had you, we like travelling. With you around, we’d rather stay home or go to ’em em’ (SM) with you.  We don’t regret not being able to travel anymore but look forward to the day we will travel with you.
  • We became more responsible – working harder, thinking twice before spending, making sure that we’ll be able to give you a good future. Always putting your needs on top of everything.
  • Most important of all, we became parents, your parents. 

Anak, many things have changed from them moment we learnt that am pregnant.  Pero everything is for the better.  You made us strive to be the best that we can be and I thank you for that. I thank you for coming into our lives.

We love you very much anak.



This is our 2nd Family picture. Ung first kasi naten, you were so small sa pic.. that’s why am using this.. and anak, ang manas ko pa dun.. hehehe.. 🙂

Liam’s Many Firsts – August 2012

Past 2 months have been crazy for me.  There are still few a lot of stuff from August and September I want to document. Oh well, one at a time..

Last August marks a lot of Firsts for Liam.  This makes me really proud but at the same time…  hmmm.. how to put it in words? Sad? Worried?  that he is growing up so fast. I want to cherish all these moments. sniff sniff.. Anyway, here’s a summary of what Liam learned last Augugst.


Liam learned to drink using his cup (on his own).  He can now control not to spill water from his cup.

Concentrating not to spill his water


Liam learns to sing (parang MLTR lang ang peg ng nanay).  One time, while watching American Idol, I saw Liam holding his Nasal Aspirator (unused), bulb up and pretending to sing.  Last August, while am in Dumaguete, I called them up and heard Liam shouting, Donna told me that he was singing! Ang galing! Oh well, not the singing talaga na may tono, but still he is belting it out, bobbing his head with all the facial expression of a true balladeer .  He uses everything, as in lahat na mahahawakan nya as mic.  You want proof, check out Liam’s singing video in Dino’s FB.

Using his Dad’s Tripod as mic



Liam knows how to blow his candles and bubbles too.  He can now blow out the candle.  Unlike before where he acts to blow pero puro laway lang. haha..

Liam blowing bubbles


Liam learned to say multiple syllable words. His first multi-syllable word is of course Mommy and Daddy! 🙂 He is already in the stage now where he imitates everything we say.  And as I’ve mentioned last post, his vocabulary is really expanding na! He’s so talkative na now. 🙂

Liam: Wow! Pey dooooh (Play Doh).. 🙂


Ahhh.. my son is growing up so fast. He learns new stuff  everyday, pati kalokohan! Nakowpow! Just last night, he learned to pose for the camera.  His dad took his pic while he’s riding his toy car, after seeing his image in the cam, he went back to his toy car and fake his laugh for his daddy.  Last night lang din, natuto na sya mag-yaya to go to “em-em” (SM)! Lakwatsero na anak ko! KOW!

Contentment Part 2

Been meaning to write this follow up post for a while now. Well, some thoughts pop up in my mind that need clarifications. Kung di lang nasira laptop ko.. hehehehe

Well, first question I realized with my previous post was – What if we’ll have our second baby na? Will that mean I won’t be contented having 2? and ask for 3rd pa? (batok abot ko kay Dino nyan… hehe) Oh well, I’ll be contented on having 2. BUT!! (yes, there’s a but) will we just stop at being contented on having 2 kids? NO! we will strive harder to be the best parents we can be. Maybe not the best for others, but good enough to guide our kids to grow up the best they can be. Enough for them to respect and look back at their childhood with warmth in their hearts.

Another question that pops to mind, at dahil nga late ang post ko, Dino raised this too – Does it mean I’m not contended with Dino.  As I said in my previous post, am very thankful and blessed to have him as my husband. Pero, should we stop at having each other? NO! We will always work hard and do our best to grow and make our relationship stronger mentally, spiritually, financially, sexually and all the other -ly’s there is pa.

Ang point ko lang, I will always endeavor to do the best I can for the betterment of all. Lalo na pag pamilya ko na ang involve.



Not being Contended.. Is it a bad thing or is it good?

We just concluded our DC Dirt Game Showdown last  night.  All is well naman, except for a small glitch, small but very big impact. But Generally event was a success.  Oh well, this is not the story I want to share. hehehe

I am not tasked any particular job yesterday. I was just there to support the event, make sure all is smooth and help in any way I can. After the registration, all our colleagues went to stage, some backstage to take care of their assigned task during the game proper. So I decided to stay on the registration table to look after our stuff and answer any query there may be.

Aside from the gaming, we also gave out DC Stickers and DC 500 Vouchers. Since they were all busy na with the event proper, I also tasked myself to give out stickers and voucher.  Many really went to the table to ask for the stickers. Imagine, DC stickers made their days.  These stickers put smiles on their faces.  This is when this thought hit me.  Am I contented?

By the way, don’t get me wrong, I am happy and thankful for what I have now. I thank God for a wonderful husband who loves me unconditionally. (with all my pikon modes lately. hehehe..) I thank Him for blessing us with Liam, our bundle of joy, our stress reliever. I also thank Him for the loving and very supporting family we have, our work and our current status here in Cebu now. A lot to be thankful for.

Pero, am I contented. No, am not. I want more. I want to have more.  Our life now is wonderful, but why not make MORE wonderful? diba?

Being contended would mean not striving harder na. Not thinking of our future and letting things be as it is.  Para bang inabangan ko na lang ang susunod na kabanata.  I also believe that we make our own destiny.  Yes, the Lord may have plans for us, good plans mind you, pero he also gave us free will. So it is up to us which path to choose diba?

Some would say: “ano ba yan di ka na nakuntento?” Some naman: “Ano ba yan kuntento ka na na ganyan ang life mo?” Kalowka diba!?

So, is it wrong not to be contended? Is it wrong to want to achieve more? What do you say?

Before I really end my post, here’s a picture of Liam when he turned 1. That’s his Lolo carrying him.  Now, am I contented having him, no. Am very thankful and blessed to have him. But I want to have 1 more baby (boy or girl, pero girl sana) so Liam would have a someone to share his childhood stories with, someone who he knows na pagkakatiwalaan nya. I want him to have kasangga in life later on.

Liam turned 1. So cute in his Tiong Sam outfit.. That’s his proud Wowo (lolo) 🙂

PS.. These are just my thoughts.  Others may think otherwise.

Mornings are the Best

Liam woke up this morning with his usual happy self.  He stood up after few seconds of opening his eyes, looked at the mattress above our head (our tempo headboard, since we are sleeping horizontally now). This is where we put our mobiles at night.  I thought he was looking for his iTouch but when I gave it to him, he said: “Dad?”  Ang gusto pala iPhone ng tatay nya. hehehehehe

After giving him his dad’s iPhone, sumalampak sa dibdib ng tatay nya. Mind you, Dino was still sleeping when he did this. So nagising at gulantang ang tatay.. hehehehe..

Short story before I show you their pic.  This clip watching started the other night, when I was already sleepy and batt empty ang tablet.  So my mag-ama settled to watch video clips in his iPhone instead.  Kahit antok na antok, I can hear them talking and laughing. haay.. kakainggit. Pero my eyes was shut tight.

Love the part where Liam is watching a clip where I am waving my hands and doing a flying kiss. He will also wave his hand and send me (in the video) a flying kiss. Ang cute no?

Okey eto na, this is how they looked like this morning:

Antok antok pa sila dyan.. ~_~
Look! Bago na kutchon ni Liam!! hehehe
I think there was something funny in the clip they’re watching here..

Aren’t morning the sweetest! Pag ganito naman ang bubungad sa umaga mo, solb na buong araw mo! Love love! 🙂