Last July 25, before going to office, I noticed that Liam is a bit feverish. Instructed Donna not to give him bath and to do sponge bath lang muna.  Texted our pedia to consult if need medicine, she advised sponge bath as well and no paracetamol muna.  I also instructed them not to go to school anymore, but Liam cried as he wants to go to school, so off to school the went.

After an hour, I got a call from the pre-school head mistress telling me that she sent Liam home already, as he was very matamlay and not participating anymore.

After lunch, I instructed Donna to shut the windows since it was raining and raindrops are going through the window. after a few minutes, I got a call from Ate Lilia, my heart almost stopped as Liam had a seizure.  Oh Freak!! I really did not know what to do. As if it’s not enough that am super worried and crying, it was traffic going home. I really wanted to jump out of the car and run home.

When we got home, Liam was still crying but he was better, as Ate Lilia knew what to do.  She put ice pack on Liam’s head so that his fever will go down.  Some of our neighbors were also in there to help, massaging Liam’s arms, holding towel on his forehead while the other one is washing the other cloth.  (Yeah, our yaya almost went crazy when she saw Liam’s lip turned blue, eyes rolling and salivating mouth, she shouted at the top of her lungs, making all our neighbors come – which am also thankful for).

He stopped crying after he realized it was mommy carrying him...
He stopped crying after he realized it was mommy carrying him… Daddy not knowing what else to do, took a pic instead to keep his sanity… Mommy is still crying non-stop..
after a few more minutes with the TV on..
after a few more minutes with the TV on..

After his fever was contained, Dino and I decided to see his pedia.  This time stars are on our side, as doctora have an afternoon clinic that day. Her usual clinic hours is only upto 2pm.  That day, she decided to have late afternoon check up.  She prescribed paracetamol already and taught us the right way of giving sponge bath! Kow! mali pala ang punas punas lang and it should be every 30 mins as long as your patient’s fever is high.  Haist, I feel so tanga that time.. kakaiyak lang..

When we got home, we gave him a sponge bath and paracetamol.   I think he felt a lot better after this, kasi he was playing around and very active again even with a fever. We were not able to take pic na kasi we were just happy that he is feeling better.

No sleep for me that night and the following night, as i kept on checking his temp and sponged him even in his sleep.  The next day, he kept on complaining that his mouth is ouch ouch. We also noticed that he is having a hard time to swallow.  So we decided to visit his pedia again, though he was all active na and acting like himself already, a mommy wants to be doubly sure.  Besides, his temperature is not yet normal. I also thought that it was tonsillitis causing his ouchy thought.

While waiting for his turn, Liam found a new friend.. :)
While waiting for his turn, Liam found a new friend.. 🙂

I also realized na there is nothing wrong sa pagiging sigurista at praning ng mga nanay.  When doctora saw me sitting at the waiting area, she asked me how Liam was and I told her that I think Liam may have tonsillitis. She laughed at me and said that kids his age don’t experience tonsilitis pa.  ooops… So what is it?!?!

Herpangina is an acute, virally induced, self-limited illness often seen in young children during the summer months. Affected children usually complain of mouth sores and fever. It is caused by a number of viruses, all part of the enterovirus family, coxsackievirus being the most common. Most children develop a high fever and complain of a sore throat. They then develop vesicles (blisters) or ulcers (sores) at the back of the throat and palate (called an enanthem). Children, especially younger children, may refuse to eat or drink because of the pain and are at risk for developing signs and symptoms of dehydration. (source: http://www.medicinenet.com/herpangina/article.htm)

Good thing, Liam was cooperative that day and showed his throat to doc.  Doc saw the blister near his throat that’s causing the ouchies.  As per Doc, there is no cure for this infection and that it will heal by itself in 4 days.  “ok lng paliguan yan” she says.  And what’s good with these viral infections is that when we have them, our systems form anti-bodies that we need to fight other viruses pa.  Na when the time comes an you will meet this virus again, di ka na talaban, kasi may antibody ka na to defend you.  Oh diba!?!? Ang galing!! may natutunan pa ko. 🙂

a proof that he is all better na..
a proof that he is all better na..

Am just so glad that he is all better. It was also a relief to know that it’s nothing serious and that it’s normal for kids his age to have this.  Pero ang seizure!! kow! Sa dami daming pwedeng manahin sa tatay at lolo nya.. hehehe.. I really pray na di na mangyari ulit un.

By the way, since am in the health section na din, I saw this FB post from my friend about vaccines that are not good for kids.  What do you think about that1?!? Praning mode nanaman ang nanay!! kaloka lang!!