Month Full of Flights – May 2014

I’m so sorry to have neglected this site for 2 months (again!)  It’s already 2nd half of the year and I would say we had a fruitful first half. Well, I think and hope nothing will beat the month of May.  It was the craziest month I had so far. 

We started the month with Ate Donna going home to Bicol for a week for her well deserved vacation. (After 2 years of staying with us without day offs – well deserved na diba?)  She asked for our permission wuth 6 monhs lead time. So prepared na prepared na talaga kame. Hehe

Lolo came to the rescue and stayed with us for the whole week while Dino and I took turns taking leave to stay at home. It was really fulfilling staying home wirh Liam.  That made me think and plan for my future as a WAHM. (fingers crossed)

As for Liam, I enrolled him in swimming lessons, but he didn’t like it (he only attended the first session).  Good thing the school allowed us to transfer him to arts and crafts class. Whew! Di naman nasayang ang bayad ko ni Dino. Pero since it was a crazy month, I wasn’t able to document any of his work.  Bad mommy moments ko to I know.   I also bought him the May crafts box from exploresandbox (I will have a separate post for this) that he enjoyed very much

photo 1_3
Liam enjoying his Ube ice cream with crepe cone. 🙂

As soon as Donna came back, it’s time for Dino to leave naman for the US.  He have a sales meeting he have to attend to there.  (info: apart from his designation as Regional Manager for VisMin, he is also the one handling Columbia Sportswear for Southeast Asian countries that are also under our company – Ahem! Ahem! #proudwifey)  

This time around it was my side of the family that came to Cebu.  Originally, it was supposed to be my mom and 4 nieces (on summer vacation) who will come.  My brother and sis in law thought of tagging along for a weekend with all the kids and my sis in law’s sister and her family. (read: 20 pax)  Most stressful week I had so far (hope that will be the last too).  Oh well, I was happy that I was able to spend time with them but the stress made me rethink of doing it again. Brrrr! (shaking head) Though I know in my heart na when that time comes, I will be excited all over again. 🙂 

Liam, on the other hand, had loads of fun having his cousins around.  Even though he got sick, he have good memories to keep. As my SIL, Leah, have said, ang ubo at sipon gagaling overtime, pero ung memories nya forever. 🙂

Climbing the net in West 35 with his cousins. :)
Climbing the net in West 35 with his cousins. 🙂

A few days after Dino arrived, it was my turn to take a vacay.  I joined my cousins going to Hong Kong. This trip was bitter sweet as I’m really excited to go but also hate to leave my little boy. I cried a little the night before I left – super guilty ang feeling. It already occurred to me not showing up at the airport.  Pero sayang naman ang tickets ko and Dino already told me that he can handle it.  I also felt na it was time for Dino and Liam to have a bonding time.  So off I went.

Among the 4 of us, it was just me who is a first timer in Hong Kong.  I’ve been there before but it was for work, so it’s not counter. It was really a fun and tiring trip.  It was a ritual among us cousins to be awake til break of dawn talking about everything and anything under the moon. Revelations time. It was really fun catching up with them. 🙂

My favorite shot! :)
My favorite shot while in HK! 🙂

May was indeed a fun, crazy, stressful and emotional month!  Parang roller coaster ride lang. 🙂


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