Setting Limits Part 2

Well, this is a lighter version of my previous post. Just want to share some synopsis on our daily disciplining lives.  My son is growing up so fast and so witty sometimes it leaves me speechless.  Ako ang napag iiwanan. My styles are always outdated when it comes to Liam.

At night, we always ask him to pee first before we put his nappies on.. one night..
M: Liam, wiwi time!
Liam not following..
M: Liam, don’t wait for me to count to 3 ha.. I will pah pah you.
Liam still not moving..
M: One..
L: Two! Three!
Sabay takbo saken and spank (lightly) me on my thighs and said..
L: Pah pah!
This is the first time I used this style and still am the one who got spank. KOW!

While playing marble one night, Liam was acting to put the marble in his mouth…
M (with a loud voice):  LIAM! Stop that!
Liam shocked with my loud voice, drop the marbles, stood up and went to me on the verge of crying..
M: What did I tell you? (calmly)
L: Don’t put marble in my mouth.. (crying)
M: because??
L:  it’s dirty (still crying)
M: ok let’s play na ulit…
After a while, daddy came out of the shower..
D: Liam, why did you cry?
L: I put marble in my mouth and it’s dirty…
Natatandaan naman pala nya, sana lang palagi. You may wonder how come am more worried that the marble is dirty than he getting choked, we are using big marbles kasi, so it’s not a choking hazard naman.. 🙂

Lately talaga, Liam is really trying his limits.  Even with bad words (see my previous post about it).   He has all the reasons in the world every time we forbid him to do something.  Though, am not saying he is not a good boy. Liam is a good boy I know that, am not saying this because am his mother, but I really can feel it. He has a soft heart and he is not madamot.  He is just being a normal kid who’s going through a phase wherein our guidance as parents is very important.  Pressure!!!

Speaking of “reasons”, one of our dilemmas now is how to interest Liam into writing.  I think a lot of mom’s is going through this pain too. During Liam’s evaluations, T’May mentioned that Liam’s weak spot is writing.  With this, we are so focused on practicing writing with him. We have a goal to achieve.  Pero…

While practice writing with Donna…
L:  I am sad na..
D:  Why are you sad?
L:  I am sad.. waaaah!! I don’t want to write na…
When I got home, it’s my turn to practice with him
L:  I am sad na…
M:  No, that will not work with me, write ka na..
L:  I want to change colors
M: ok, change..
After a few more reasoning, interruptions and side kwentos and with only a few lines written..
L:  Waahhh (faking a cry with blinking eyes so tears will fall) am tired na. I don’t want to write na..
M to Daddy:  Waaaah!! This will be challenging..

Other reasons/interruptions:
– I want to hug mommy
– Where is color Jamenta (Magenta)?
– What color is this?
– I will fix this.
– I will fix that.
– I am a mouse, I will stay outside na lang.
– if all else fails, CRY!

WAAAH!! kaloka lang diba?! Oh well, I dropped it na din.  I realized that he is only 3 yrs old and I want him to have fun.  Dino also told me to let him be na at baka daw matrauma pa sa writing ang anak nya.  As lola puts it naman, let him have fun and he will learn that in school naman.  I believed them and I listened to them.  Well, aside from the fact that writing is his parent’s least favorite too.. hehehe.. How could I force him to do it, when my writing homework was all done by my loving sister (Thanks Judz! 🙂 )

Asked him what he drew, he said: "That's daddy cicada, this is mommy cicada" :)
Asked him what he drew, he said: “That’s daddy cicada, this is mommy cicada” 🙂

So instead of me having a hard time teaching him writing which he obviously hates, why not reinforce our efforts into teaching something else he will enjoy.  Ang importante is that he is continuously learning new things every day.  So we are learning to count 1 to 10 in Fook Yuen now and we are trying to do the sight words.  Di din sapilitan, pag gusto lang nya. Most of the time, arts!! this is his favorite and syempre free play! 🙂

Hmmm… on second thought, maybe it’s really because am his mother, that’s why I say he will be a good man? If not, e di mali ang pagpapalaki namen diba?!!? And sino ba namang magulang gustong maging masama anak nya, right?!!?


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