Date With Mom

One more thing I like about Liam’s school is that they have activities like “Date with Dad” and “Date with Mom”. It’s some kind of field trip with activities for the children and their mom or dad. They really encourage that only the mom or dad join the activity. No yayas, no mommies on dad’s day and vice versa. Though, if dad or mom is not available, they suggest that lolo / tito or lola / tita to accompany the kid so they won’t be left out just because their parent is working abroad (or that day, in our case). Nice diba!?

Last year’s “Date with Mom” was held at the Movenpick hotel in Mactan (former Hilton) where teachers have organized different activities like arts and games for the kids and their moms. Unfortunately, it fell on Liam’s nap time and I have this rule that his sleeping time (and meal time) always comes first. Thus, us not joining.
The “Date with Dad” on the other hand was held on school grounds where they played different sports.  It was also scheduled during class hours so Liam and Dino were able to join.  They both had lots of fun that time.  But since we’re not sure if Dino can handle a 2 yr old Liam, Ate Donna was in tow then but waiting to be called lang.
This year’s date days were both held outdoors.  Dad’s day was in Shangri-la Mactan.  They’ve organized painting, tree planting and games for the participants.  Sayang lang kasi, we had a major event in our work that Dino cannot miss.  So they weren’t able to join.  Night before the date pa naman, Liam was excitedly telling us that he’s going to Shangri-La with his teachers and classmates.
With that guilt at heart I made a resolution that I will join the date with mom by hook or by crook.  So the day came and off we went to Crocolandia in Talisay.  It’s an hour drive from the city so we left a bit early. The day was consist of an educational tour (where nobody understands what our guide was saying, hehe), a short educational classroom type experience for the kids, arts and crafts, fishing and fish feeding and a little dance program from the kids.
We arrived a little early before call time, and program did not start right away.  So Liam and I walked around and looked at the animals in the zoo. Liam liked the birds the most.  Un lang, better if we see them in the wild.   Can’t wait for Liam’s first birding adventure.  Anyway, did not take pics na with the crocs and other animals.  Ayaw ko pics na puro wire mesh.. hehe.. 🙂
We went fishing after the zoo tour, and Liam and I enjoyed it a lot.  We did not catch any fishes though.  I think it’s because he and one of his classmates kept on throwing the fish food directly to the pond.  Wala ng hirap for the fishes. No need to go to our baits. hehe
fishing time.. 🙂
Liam and his classmate busy throwing fish feeds to the pond.

In the class type demo, they were introduced to different animal eggs, parts of a turtle and snakes.  They were asked to distinguish the eggs too.. Ganun pala un no?! may kaba na kasama if your child will be able to answer or not, kahit di pa totoong exam un.. haha.. oh well, he did very well naman.. Liam was initially afraid to touch the snake, but overcame his fear.  Proud mommy moment again for me. 🙂

Liam’s turn to hold the Tortoise’s egg
Liam unsure if he will touch the snake..
But kuya is very encouraging and was able to let Liam hold the snake..
Yey!! He did it! 🙂

We then went to the reptile gallery and was able to take photos with the albino snakes. 🙂  Liam was not afraid of it anymore.. 🙂 We also did our Crocodile project there.


Photo opt with the albino snake na mas ako pa ang natuwa
Photo opt with the albino snake na mas ako pa ang natuwa


Project time with mommy.. busy putting the hearty scales..
Project time with mommy.. busy putting the hearty scales..


After the project, the kids all danced for their mommies.  Was too excited to notice that I failed to turn on the video cam while taking it.  (yeah, ako na ang excited! haha) It’s ok, since Liam danced so well and I can still remember the smile he has while dancing his heart out looking at me (like he was saying: “Mommy watch this”.) 🙂  After their presentation, it was time to feed the biggest and oldest crocodile there named Lapulapu.  I got a good spot where Liam can see the action, but the guy who’s feeding Lapulapu have a different idea and let the crocodile come near us.  It ended up eating the chicken right in front of Liam face which really scared him.  He ran off and doesn’t want to go near Lapulapu’s cage anymore.  I then decided to call it a day kesa masayang pa lahat ng memory kakapilit ko saknya.

Bye Crocolandia, ’til our next visit. 🙂

He enthusiastically recounted all of the morning’s happening to his Dad that night and even to his lolo who came 2 days after our date.

Oh, another thing I like about this date was the chance I had to meet other parents, one of which is my constant text mate now, exchanging notes and plans about our kids. We are planning to have play dates for our kids soon.  Sana matuloy.

Definitely looking forward to more dates with Liam, not only in school activities, but hopefully until he grow bigger. 🙂


What He Wore

I’ve posted about Liam’s costumes last year and as you can see am a bit pasaway. Anyway, this year, I will try my best not to be pasaway. But comfort will still be top of my priority.

Here’s what he wore last Linggo ng Wika celebration…

Here's our star looking for us.. hehehe
Here’s our star minutes before his performance… 🙂 

One thing I like about Liam’s school is that they send out memos weeks before actual event.  This gives parents more time to prepare and plan their trips to the mall.   So walang cramming.

3 weeks before their program, their required costumes was announced – Camisa Chino, Khaki tokong pants, scarf, buri hat and any thong slippers.  Easy lang yan!! hehe

Buri hat was needed the following day so we bought that one first.  Good thing we found one in the nearest mall at only 25.  I just asked Donna to sew a lining inside para di makati for Liam or else he might not wear it.

Scarf was also easy as we decided to let him use his “unused” scarf last year.  He did not wear it last year as he don’t want anything on his neck.  This year, ayaw pa din nya, but I did not give in to his pleas and cries. (read:  “Tanggal this, please”) Snob ang beauty ko. He obediently wore those din whole time.  Yun lng pala ang technique! 🙂

Khaki tokong pants was a bit hard. Initially, I plan to buy a soft khaki fabric and have 1 sewn for him.  Unfortunately, did not find anything I like, so I decided to look for a ready made one.  While painstakingly looking, I remember Liam having a Beige Columbia (mosquito repellent) pants.  So I just asked Donna to fold and saw. Voila!! Tokong na sya!! ok naman diba?!?!

Last was the camisa, this was the easiest but dito ako muntik sumablay (hehehe).  Another good thing about Liam’s school, days before the program, they require all kids to bring their costumes for checking.  So we chose Liam cleanest white shirt (this is what he wore every night to sleep) When we got home that night…

Donna:  Ate, mali ang damit ni Liam
Me:  Anong mali?! e Camisa Chino lang naman ang need
Donna:  Kailangan po pala may kulay.. Bright color po sabi ni T’May…
Me:  Di naman nakasulat sa memo un ahh..
Donna:  Nakasulat po ate.
Me (checking the memo again):  ok, will buy colorful camisa chino..
TOINKS!!! di nagbabasa ng mabuti ang nanay!! It was clearly written – Bright colored camisa chino! hehehehe

Thanks to our ever reliable Gaisano Countrymall (2mins walk away from office or from home), we were able to buy Liam a blue one. 🙂

Watch his performance here.  Enjoy!

Linggo ng Wika 2013

Last week, my in-laws were here to celebrate Dino’s birthday with us. Sakto din, it was Liam’s Linggo ng Wika presentation.

We were all expecting him not to dance, like last year, since he was not participating during practice. Tuloy, T’May placed him at the back of the formation, nasa side pa.

Liam was acting up when we got there. Since it’s very rare that we go with him na to school. It’s their new policy that parents and yaya cannot go inside the school na so kids will be more independent.

Anyway, am a bit positive na kahit he is not in the mood, he will participate naman. I talked to him that we will all watch him, kaya he needs to dance.  Tama nga ako, when his group is in queue na, he obediently joined them and went up to stage. And, siya lang ang sumayaw sa klase nya. hehehehe.

Well done Liam! We are all so proud of you. 🙂

Costumes! Costumes!

Ako na siguro ang pinaka-pasaway na nanay when it comes to costumes. hehe.. One of the things The only thing I hate about Liam’s school is their open air auditorium.. Yes, it’s not air-conditioned.  They always hold their activities there and I feel sorry for those Kids who wore “costumes”. You know all the works, wool, synthetic, polyester materials. I bet Liam will complain if he wears those.

Anyway, just want to share some of Liam’s activities where they have to wear costumes..


This was an easy one.  They were required to wear Kamisa de Chino (easy, this is Liam’s staple sleepwear) and checkered pajama pants and a matching scarf to be tied on the neck.  Since this was his first school program, medyo nag-effort pa ko. I bought a good clothe na checkered and had it sewn.

During practice Liam danced with his teacher and he was the only student following. On the program proper, nanibago ata with the loud sound system.. kaya eto sya..

Dino's dub for the event:  "Linggo ng Tyan" ahehehe
Dino’s dub for the event: “Linggo ng Tyan” ahehehe


What’s wrong with this event!? They require one of the parents to wear costume with their Kids and walk sa stage! Ang Saya! Para di doble gastos, I decided to let Liam wear his old Tiong Sam, so I have to look for a chinese top na lang though I know that for sure there will be lots of kids wearing same costume…

The pants is a bit bitin already. Thanks to my cousin who gave Liam this set when he turned 1 :)
The pants is a bit bitin already. Thanks to my cousin who gave Liam this set when he turned 1 🙂
photo 1_1
Do you now believe me when I said many will wear the same costume? I even end up wearing same piece as the other mom.. APIR kame 🙂


For some reason, Liam is not in the mood this day and end up wearing civilian clothes.  They were requested to wear their favorite characters.  Thinking that Liam would be the only one without costume, I asked my office mate to buy a Spiderman costume for Liam. Buti na lang din, he did not wear it, cause it really was a hot day and for sure double irritation for him, if he will wear it. 🙂


This is when I started to be a pasaway. For their Christmas presentation, boys were required to wear a snowman costumes and girls were to wear snow fairy costumes. Pasted in their journals are these pegs…
imagesimages (1)

Ang init ng peg diba!?!? I don’t have the heart to let Liam wear this knowing na open air ang auditorium. Kawawa sobra! so.. I bought him white muscle top, white pajama, red Santa hat and a piece of red clothe. Sew big black buttons (courtesy of T’ Marj) on the shirt… and here’ my little snowman.

cutest snowman if may say... AHEM! :) Okey in our eyes.. :)
cutest snowman if may say… AHEM! 🙂 Okey in our eyes.. 🙂


January is the much awaited Sinulog Festival here in Cebu.  They had a little program din in school to celebrate it.  Eto sorry, pero we got the advice a day before lang. They were required to wear any Sinulog or Black shirt to school instead of their PE uniforms.  No time for me to buy him a Sinulog shirt and Liam don’t have a black shirt. Sorry this is one Chinese trait that was retained with me. I don’t let my little one wear black.  Pero buti na lang, one of my office mate gave Liam a black shirt as pasalubong from Singapore. Yes, you read it right, Singapore.. malapit naman sa Sinulog diba?! ahehehehehe

with T'Noemi (top), Luisa (left, his partner, hehe) and Ate Raine (right)
with T’Noemi (top), Luisa (left, his partner, hehe) and Ate Raine (right)

In fairness, Liam looks good in black, kaso ayaw ko talaga.. sorry, perhaps when he gets older? hehe


Naku, when Donna texted me about this, I was all problemado, isip ako ng isip what to let him wear. Buti na lang I asked Dino and he was the one who came up with the idea.. The shirt, Dino got it from BKK 2 years ago, I bought him the pants and the cap..

a.k.a. "MAJOR HUNK"
a.k.a. “MAJOR HUNK”

Sorry for the low res file, Ate Donna forgot to bring the camera, thus used her phone to take his pic.  Will be getting more pics from T’Marj (sana maalala ko na magpadala ng USB)


During Liam’s summer class, one of their activity was planting. They were requested to wear white long sleeves kamisa de chino, folded pants ala magsasaka, hat, scarf the work. Oh no! not for my son. Ang init kaya nung May! I told Donna to let him wear a sando and the folded pants he has and put some sunblock on Liam.

Our farmer boy
Our farmer boy

O diba!? E di ang presko ng anak ko. 🙂 And by the way, his plant is still at home may bunga na!  Ang galing lang. 🙂

Well, that’s it for Last school year.  Not looking forward to this year.. hehehe.. Oh well, I still promise to support all your school activities, anak. Pero I also promise not to let you wear anything uncomfortable. 🙂

Our School Boy

Time really flies…

Just last year, Liam doesn’t like to wear his school uniform.  I think it was due to the collar as he’s not used to wearing collared shirts (my bad).  He cried and begged us not to let him wear it.  But once he got to school, I think he forgot that he’s wearing his uniform and it was all smooth sailing after that.  (We have a video of it, if I could just grab it from my iPhone.. haay.. no techy mom here).  He was still bulol then, speaks in word and para kameng nag chacharade pa.

Fresh from crying
First time to wear his uniform and fresh from crying…

Now, he looks all so grown up. (WAAAH sniff sniff..)  Maybe it’s because of the big sizes we got for his uniforms din. Last year, we got exact sizes for him and end up wearing civilian clothes at the end of school year. That’s why this time around, I made sure that uniforms are 1 size bigger. He also talks in sentences na with clear words and VERY GOOD in reasoning (translation: may dahilan sa lahat ng bawal.. kow!)

Our big boy in uniform
Mowdel (Real Story: Doesn’t like to bring his own bag)

Hmm.. I think it’s the hair.. What do you think of our school boy!?





Sari-saring Kwentong Liam

Yeah, I know, it’s been a long time since I really blogged and a lot have happened since.  Thus, the title..


Play school have ended last April for Liam and on their last day, the teachers decided to have their own Culmination Day and we are very proud to announce that he got the Academic award.  They are only 5 in the class, but he is the only one who really learned all the alphabets, numbers, colors and shapes.  Teacher often tells me that Liam is very observant and good in listening. Even he’s running around during lessons, he sure knows how to answer when asked.   He was even exempted from Evaluation day.  Oh, did I mention that he is the youngest?  🙂

My first "medal"
My first “medal” Thank you T’ Marj


One of the main reasons we enrolled him to play school was for him to learn how to interact with others (adults and kids his age alike). We saw a big improvement in the confidence with adults category but really failed in the playing with other kids side.  Though his teacher said that there was a big improvement since Liam agrees to hold hands and let his classmates hug him (yes, he let’s only 2 favorite classmate hug him, but he never hugs them back) during their circle time. But while all his classmates run and tag each other or throw balls at each other, he would rather play by himself or with the teachers.   We are starting to feel bad about it and check where we went wrong.

Since I don’t know any moms here in Cebu with kids at Liam’s age,  I asked Ate Lilia (our helper) to bring his grandson, Michael with us when we go to Family Park. To my delight, he started playing with him na. They ran around and kicked balls together.  Looked at animals in the Zoo and feed fishes and ducks in the pond.  I learned that I need not worry and hurry, Liam will learn all these when he’s ready.

Funny side story, Michael is well versed in Bisaya, while my son can only speak in Tagalog and English. Go figure how they were able to play… hahaha.. 🙂

taken during our day at the park with wowo and wawa.  Sorry no pic with Michael.. :( will be posting their video instead..
taken during our day at the park with wowo and wawa.
Sorry no pic with Michael.. 😦 (mental note: post video)


Please and thank you, they’re called the magic words… (from Barney)

No, Liam is not watching Barney Dino have banned Barney from our household.. hahaha.. no purple dinosaurs for Liam. hehehe

Anyway, Liam learned to say thanks already and yes at the right context of it.  No need to remind him, it comes out naturally.  He usually uses “Thanks!”  whenever we help him or when we give him something.

As for the Please word, he also uses this once in a while and needs some reminding at times. But for the basic like asking of water, milk or a little help, he will say “water, please” or “milk, please”..

Like his daddy, Liam loves his new toy car.. :)
Like his daddy, Liam loves his new toy car.. 🙂


Am really thankful having a loving and good yaya (Ate Donna).  She is very patient with Liam (sometimes I think she is more patient than me). She is also very supportive of Dino and my ways of nurturing Liam.  Last, she is very dedicated in teaching Liam.  After Liam’s classes, she will be playing with Liam and review (in a fun way) all the things they learned in school.

Since it’s summer and Liam have no classes, meaning no new lessons, Donna will still play alphabets with him and best part is she is teaching Liam to count and read numbers (numerical).  As of this writing, Liam can count from 1 to 30 and can recognize them too.

Funny counting stories…

Liam counting from 1 to 30..
Liam: one, two, three, four, …….. twenty-seven, twenty-eight, twenty-nine, twenty-ten

Mommy: Liam how may stars do we have… please count…
Liam:  one, two, three, four
Mommy: very good, so how many stars do you have?
Liam: TEN!!
Mommy: ‘di kaya!! Count again
Liam: one, two (pause)  nine, ten!!!  See??

Liam making lambing kay Ate Donna.. :)
Liam making lambing kay Ate Donna.. 🙂

PREFERENCE  (update)

Liam is in a stage now where he shows and voices out his preferences.  Usually this happens with food. Like what flavor of juice (his favorite is Blueberry), what flavor of ice cream (usually ube), what color to use in writing, who will he sleep or sit with (always ends up with mommy) and where to sit in the car (we always end up riding at the back of Pajero).

Some funny food stories…

One night after dinner..
Liam: Mommy, am hungry, Liam want to eat brown bread
Mommy: huh!? brown bread?
Liam: Yes brown bread..
Mommy: What is brown bread..
(Thinks for a while..)
Mommy: do you mean Pan de Sal?
Liam: Yes, I want Pan de Sal

Just the other day.. while having breakfast, I gave Liam “brown bread” with butter
L: please put spinach
M: Huh? what do you like?
L: Spinach!
M: Donna! anong hinihingi ng alaga mo na Spinach?
D (puzzled): ‘Di ko po alam dyan kay Liam
Liam not knowing how to explain further did not purseu the spinach issue…
Yesterday, while having breakfast, I was eating spanish bread and gave some to Liam..
L: please put butter on spinach!
AYUN!! nadale mo!!! Spanish bread pala ang gusto ng anak ko! (and so this morning, we had spinach bread again)

Liam eating his favorite Ube ice cream.. He actually knows how to eat by himself na, basta lang gusto nya kinakain nya. :)
Liam eating his favorite Ube ice cream.. He actually knows how to eat by himself na, basta lang gusto nya kinakain nya. 🙂


Am also glad to announce that we are one step closer to potty training.  As I’ve said, Donna is very patient with Liam, during their nap time, she will wake Liam up to pee and then put him back to sleep.  So for the day, Liam is diaper free already.  Okey, except when he needs to poop.  We need to put him on nappies so he can poop, or else he won’t go.  (Mommies, out there, any suggestions?)

Also, as of this writing, we don’t need to stand on the bowl anymore to pee, Liam is tall enough to reach the toilet while he pees. 🙂

Kudos my son, you never fail to make Mommy and Daddy happy and proud. :)
Kudos anak, you never fail to make Mommy and Daddy happy and proud. 🙂

Liam’s School Birthday Party

Making up for the blog lag…

Initially, I really planned to have a Shakey’s party in Manila but decided against it when I thought of all the preparation and calls I have to make.  Dino and I then decided to go out of town with Liam instead.   But this mom can’t bare the thought of not giving his son a party (show off ako e.. hehe) So, instead of going back to Manila and knowing na imposible naman makapag out of town, I decided to have an intimate birthday party in his school with only 6 classmates and 3 teachers.  Easier diba!??  Anyways, our Manila friends have already seen and celebrated with Liam naman na when he turned 1.  So Cebu naman kame this time. 🙂

Birthday boy was surprised to see mommy and daddy in his room.. :)
Birthday boy was surprised to see mommy and daddy in his room.. 🙂
Time to blow his candles.. We ordered cake from Angelica's and am very happy with the out come.. :)
Time to blow his candles..
We ordered cake from Angelica’s and am very happy with the out come.. 🙂
Yummy!! Liam picking those sprinkles this time.. :)
Yummy!! Liam picking those sprinkles this time.. 🙂
Food was simple:  spaghetti from Red Ribbon, Hotdog on sticks, choco and cheese sandwiches...
Food was simple: spaghetti from Red Ribbon, Hotdog on sticks, choco and cheese sandwiches…
oh yeah, and Zest-O juices for drinks..
oh yeah, and Zest-O juices for drinks..
After eating, all kids were guided to the play area for the bubble my dismay they forgot to bring the big ring where kids can be inside the bubbles.. BOO!!
After eating, all kids were guided to the play area for the bubble show..
to my dismay they forgot to bring the big ring where kids can be inside the bubbles.. BOO!!
in fairness, Liam enjoyed the show...
in fairness, Liam enjoyed the show…
Liam and Yanyan trying the bubbles themselves..
Liam and Yanyan trying the bubbles themselves..
Liam giving away loot bags. :)
Liam giving away loot bags. 🙂
Mommy helping Liam open his loot bag..
Mommy helping Liam open his loot bag..
since it's his celebration and the entourage was complete, we ran and played at the school field..
since it’s his celebration and the entourage was complete, we ran and played at the school field..
loving the slides. :)
loving the slides. 🙂
Whew!! what a day!! I bet our son is a future goalie.. :)
Whew!! what a day!! I bet our son is a future goalie.. 🙂

Oh! Did I mention that he blew candles 4x during his 4 day birthday celebration? Sayang lang was’t able to take pic ata.. I have to recheck our photo stash!  hehehehe..

Liam’s First Report Card

Last week, I was wondering how Liam is doing in school.  Well, I know he’s learning naman but I want to know his social development. Eto naman kasi ang main objective namen ni Dino when we decided to put Liam in school.  I was already planning to go to Liam’s school and talk to their Preschool head mistress.  I plan to ask for a narrative report then Donna gave me a notice from the school that we will have our first PTC (Parent – Teacher Chat).  Meron naman palang ganun. Excited lang ako masyado.

This morning was our scheduled meeting with Maju marj (Teacher Marj, that’s how Liam calls her lang 🙂 ) Well, it was an informal meeting lang and T’ Marj started by giving us Liam’s report card.

Liam’s report Card

Kakatuwa diba? Play Group lang may report card na, I was expecting a narrative one, but when I saw this, I like this better, as I don’t have to read a lot to know how my son is doing. Tamad mode.. hehehe

Ang cute ng report card nila diba?  Anyway, the legend goes like this:

  • Star sign means “I can do it.” this means that he is good at it already.
  • Heart sign is for “I’m getting there.” It shows that the child is trying to do it, but not yet good at it.
  • Last is the Smiley Face sign which says “I will do it soon.”

Liam only got 1 smiley face for tracing broken lines and T’ Marj was fast to explain that they haven’t tackled this yet. That this activity is not up until 2nd term.

She told us that she’s only having a hard time with Liam letting him play with his classmates. Liam prefers to play with her or Donna (adults) than playing with other kids. Thus, Liam got all hearts in the Social category.  As per T’ Marj, this is normal for his age (especially Liam is the youngest among the group) and he will eventually learn to play with them too.  Dino and I also thought this might have something to do with the fact that he is our only child (for now, that is) and the fact that he only plays with adult at home.

T’ Marj also mentioned that Liam is a fast learner and very observant that even if he is not paying attention in class (he sometimes run around the class during lessons) he knows what is happening and knows how to answer when asked. He is also compassionate and knows how to share his toys.

Lastly, she commends that Liam’s sense of security is very strong.  He doesn’t get jealous easily even if Donna plays or tries to carry other kids.  He knows he is well loved.

Dino and I made sure to tell T’ Marj our expectations as well.  We told her our objective is for Liam to learn to interact with kids his age, as this is impossible at home and that we want him to be independent. I hope that she keeps that in mind and helps us improve Liam’s sociability.

Some side notes:

  • notice where Liam got all stars? Motor skills and Music. Music!! Singer talaga tong anak ko pag laki! AHEM!!
  • notice where Liam got hearts naman?  (except for the social ha), scribbling, poems, doing art activities by himself.. Naku! tamad mag sulat ang anak ko! May pinag manahan.. (diba Judz? hahahaha)


Linggo ng Wika 2012

Late post for August..

As Dino put it in FB, we expected Liam to stand out during his Linggo ng Wika performance.  They danced (or make should have danced) itik itik.  During class practices and up to their final rehearsal, Liam was one of the only 2 kids who listened and followed their teacher dance. He is not a good dancer but he tries his best to follow the steps. (Sayang, yaya wasn’t able to take video of their practice, since she is afraid that Liam might run off the stage, so tutok sya kay Liam).  Wowo and Wawa flew in pa that morning to watch him dance. haha

Here’s why I say “Should have”…

“Tyan ng Wika”

He even covered his ears.. kasi during practice, they only used the stereos.  During the program proper, they used full sound system. Kaya nabingi ata ang anak ko. Isa pa, he can’t hear T’ Marj’s instructions na. (Palusot na nanay)

Liam: Ang iiiingay!

Even di sya sumayaw, we still treated him to his favorite McDo Sundae for doing a good job! 🙂

Thanks Wowo and Wowa…

Sino ba naman ang di matutuwa dyan diba?