Vday Gift from Liam

This post had been sitting on my drafts since Feb. 14, 2013.

The night before Vday, Liam had act up that created an argument between me and Dino.  That night, all my insecurities about being a good mom and all the guilt came out.  I really can’t sleep with all those bad thoughts, so after a few toss and turns, I went out of the room so I can clear my head.

Before I move on to that night’s story, let me share with you another concern we are handling.  Liam has a problem about waking up alone.  You see, ever since he was born, I was so praning that even if he’s asleep, I really don’t want him left alone.   So maybe, that’s also the reason why he’s not use to it.  Earlier this year, they had an incident where Donna left him for a while to pee (during his nap).  He woke up and cried so bad that he had been restless in bed since then.  He would always make sure that somebody is on his side by hugging or touching any part of his body to the one beside him.  I talked to him every night after that.  Told him that he doesn’t have to cry and be afraid should he wake up alone, that I will only be outside should he wake up and not find me. (same goes when he takes his afternoon naps with Donna).  Every night for a week I did that.  Slowly, he was able to sleep better.

Back to my restless night, while unnecessarily feeling sorry for myself, I suddenly heard someone opening the door from our room. I thought it was just Dino checking on me, then I realized that it was Liam all doze-y and with eyes squinting at the light, no crying, just looking for me outside as I told him. I quickly carried him (before he fell down on our steps) and he simply asked: “what are you doing?”

With that simple gesture, I realized that am doing something right after all.

Me taking a nap while 2 months old Liam sleeps on my chest.
Me taking a nap while 2 months old Liam sleeps on my chest.



Shocked and Speechless

Last night, while playing with Liam, he stepped on my legs and he slipped intentionally…

Mommy (with a loud voice): OUCH!! Liam! Please stop stepping on mommies legs!

Liam (with a loud voice too): DON’T SHOUT!

WHOAH!!!! Did my son just scold me?  How do I react to that!?? I was caught off guard and didn’t know what to say. But Dino and the yaya were laughing at the incident, while Liam was hugging me..  Dino, realizing he needs to do something..

Daddy (changed to serious tone):  Liam, say sorry to mommy..

Liam: Sorry Mommy..

Mommy:  Sorry too, Mommy won’t shout anymore, but you have to stop stepping on us. ok?

Liam: OK..

Then we all laughed again..

Haaay.. tell me, how do you react to a 2 year old boy scolding his mommy?

This was taken while waiting for Luisa's party to start..
This was taken while waiting for Luisa’s party to start..

Liam’s New Look

This is how Liam looks hours before his dramatic haircut..


After a bucketful of tears and a broken hearted mommy, here’s my little boy..


Mukha ng walang gagawing matino anak ko. 🙂  Pero in my and Dino’s eyes, you’ll always be perfect. 🙂

PS.  At long last, we were able to transfer to our new house already.  After all the transferring, fixing, swiping of credit cards and this haircut, my stress level is officially sky high! hehe

It’s Okay, Mommy

Short post before I go on my super Busy Day!!

Liam really is growing so fast.  Everyday he grows to be more lovable, generous, and mabait… and makulit… and malikot… hehehehehe

Whenever he hurts himself or gets scared, I will always hold his hand or hug him and tell him “It’s okay Liam, it’s just thunder”. There are also times when he’ll wake up crying in the middle of the night and I’ll scoop him up, hug him and tell him “It’s okay Liam, it’s just a bad dream.”

This past 2 days my right wrist is acting up again.  I first had this problem after I gave birth. I can’t close my hand into a fist as all my finger joints are malutong and both wrists hurts badly.  (Anyone out there had the same dilemma?  You might know a remedy to this, please share.) Anyway, am having this pain again in my right wrist and decided to put Salonpas last night.

While putting the patch, Liam saw me doing it and asked to help.  While Liam’s patting on the patch, I told him that mommy’s wrist is hurting.  He touched my patched wrist gently and told me “it’s okay, mommy!” then gave a sweet smile.


Liam, thank you for always making mommy’s day brighter and more meaningful everyday. I love you..

Story Time

One of Liam’s tranquil time is our Story Time.  Sometimes it’s not really story telling but kalat time.  He will get all his book and spread them on the floor.. haay.. But most of the time, we really read the books.  Right now, his favorite books are Sesame Street books – “Down on the Farm with Grover’ and “Farley Goes to the Doctor”.  Farley’s story is same with Corduroy’s kaya usually we read these 2 together.  We compare what Farley and Corduroy are doing in the clinic. hehehe..

Anyway, here are some photos Dino took during one of our story nights…

Liam choosing what book to read
Liam choosing what book to read
Oh yeah, he also loves Dr. Seuss books
Oh yeah, he also loves Dr. Seuss books
Tumbling muna ko..
Tumbling muna ko..
Mommy, Grover on the Farm na lang..
Mommy, Grover on the Farm na lang..
Grovers uncle is teaching him how to feed the animals, plow the field and plant the seeds...
Grovers uncle is teaching him how to feed the animals, plow the field and plant the seeds…
Oh no!! Grover don't know how to do it all...
Oh no!! Grover doesn’t know how to do it all…
liam 7D13 123
But his friends from Sesame Street came to help him..
Yes, there’s Cookie Monster..
liam 7D13 118
Mommy, piggy ride…
liam 7D13 121
Tranquil look.. 🙂

Thank you Mommy... You're welcome my love.. :)
Thank you Mommy… You’re welcome my love.. 🙂

Good night… 🙂

Well Spent Indeed!

Re-posting.. iWatermark for Windows is weird.. Had problems with my blog this am when I used watermarked photos from it. So much for watermarking.. It will take me a while to do that again. hehe.. Anyway…. here’s my post..

Ever since Liam learned to play, he never slept in transit (in plane, car or even in the ferry).  Last vacation was a different story.  Every time Liam’s in a car, he’s asleep.  I can still remember him fighting his sleepiness. Babagsak at babagsak pa din naman siya.

On our way home from our Family Party
On our way home from our Family Party
from NAIA T3...
from NAIA T3…
...all the way to Cebu.  Bagsak!
…all the way to Cebu. Bagsak!

Sayang lang we were not able to take other times pa na he fell asleep.   Every time we’re on our back home, for sure he’ll fell asleep within 5 minutes.

Naku! Taking photos should be one of my biggest resolution this year. 🙂


“Spot” the Difference

Let me introduce to you Doggy and Raff-Raff.  Can you guys tell the difference between these 2 stuff dalmatians?  Perhaps no (well, except for the fact that the other one looks older na).  Anyway, Doggy is the old one, and Raff-raff is the newer version.

Meet Raff -raff (left) and Doggy (right)
Meet Raff -raff (left) and Doggy (right)

A short story lang.  Doggy is a pasalubong from Singapore that my mom gave to Dino.  Yes, dapat kay Dino yan. Pero since Dino is not the stuff toy type, we gave it to Liam when he was… hmmm.. barely 1 yr. old? (sorry, di ko na din maalala when we first let him play with stuff toys).  And Doggy is his favorite ever since.  He will look for Doggy before he sleeps, when he goes to the other room or when he comes back to our room.  There are times na we need to have Doggy washed na kasi ang dumi dumi na nya. We have to explain pa to him where Doggy is.

Last September, I went to IKEA in Thailand, I saw this dalmatian stuff toy (for me and for everyone, it looks very much like Doggy).  Without thinking twice, I snatched one and bought it for Liam.  Naisip ko, at least if Doggy needs to go to the dry cleaners, may proxy and so that Doggy doesn’t need to come back and forth sa rooms.

When I come back, I quickly pulled it out and excitedly gave it to Liam. Lo and behold, Liam know’s that it’s not his Doggy.  We told him that it is doggy, he was near tears already so we gave him the real Doggy. Then he said that the other one is Daddy’s dog.  So Raff-Raff was born.  Hay naku! everyone was amazed how he can distinguish the 2 stuff dogs.

Every time we’ll ask him which is which, he will hold both toys on the neck and look at their faces. Now that he’s few months older, even from afar, he knows how to distinguish the 2. He can also tell by the tail and by the feel of their fur.  nabibilib lang ako sa anak ko. So observant talaga.

Anyway, just want to share some photos of him with Doggy.

Playing itouch with Doggy
Playing itouch with Doggy
hmm.. lambot..
hmm.. lambot..
Photo Opt while playing tablet
Photo Opt while playing tablet
with Doggy at Gymboree Pajama Party
with Doggy at Gymboree Pajama Party
Feeding Doggy kunwari..
Feeding Doggy kunwari..

Naku! I could go on and on about Liam and Doggy stories.  Pero I will stop here na. hehehe.. Basta un lang masasabi ko, Liam looooves Doggy.  Kung si Andy may woody, Doggy is Liam’s woody. 🙂

to Liam:  Don’t worry anak, we will keep Doggy until you grow up, kahit sabihin mo pa saken na ayaw mo na sya, I will make sure to keep it for you. 🙂