Throw Back Thursday

My first ever throw back post.  Well coincidentally, it’s Thursday today that I thought of doing this post. 🙂

Liam, do you remember this?

7 months old Liam during our first Crocolandia visit
7 months old Liam during our first Crocolandia visit
Fast forward, 3yrs 5mos. old Liam with the same croc. :)
Fast forward, 3yrs 5mos. old Liam with the same croc. 🙂

Where have time gone?  You may grow up so fast, then and again, you will always be my baby. 🙂


Conquering That Stressful Haircut

Remember my old post about Liam’s stressful haircut?  My SIL, Leah, also wrote about Liam’s stressful haircut here.  This is really one thing we dread to do every time the need arises.  Well, am happy to report that we are “slowly” conquering this fear.

Before 2013 ended, we brought a long haired Liam to the salon. As always, I talked to him beforehand that we are going to see Kuya Eduard. He agreed and I took advntage of his good mood and told him that we need to go inside the salon. (You see, past haircuts, we do it outside the salon so as not to disturb other customers…) I even ask him if we could sit down. Nakahalata ata at di na pumayag… Hehe

No more crying! :)
No more crying! 🙂


1. We are now inside the salon (still carrying him and standing)
2. We wore the “blanket” (tunic) this time
3. No more crying, no more struggles, no more bites on my shoulders.. Hehe

Excitedly waiting for Kuya Eduard to put gel on his hair.. ;)
Excitedly waiting for Kuya Eduard to put gel on his hair.. 😉

Last Sunday, Liam had his 2 weeks delayed haircut. Again, we talked to him. I really thought he’ll back out when he learned that his ever trustful Kuya Eduard is not available. Fortunately, the gel trick did it for us. 🙂  It was Kuya Michael who did his do.  Because he’s behaved, the haircut took us 30 minutes.  Yes, he sat still for 30 minutes, kahit kame ni Dino di makapaniwala. hehe..

Ang bait diba?
Ang bait diba?
concentrate… panunuod.. hehe
…sa panunuod.. hehe

1. He now agreed to sit on the chair (on ate Donna’s lap)
2. He now wore his own “blanket”
3. He is more relaxed now

Gel time!! :)
Gel time!!  He was the one who requested for Kuya Mike to put his hair up. 🙂

I’m so happy that we finally beat this fear.  Next stop is for him to sit on his own na. 🙂

Good job Liam!! Mommy and Daddy are so proud of you. 🙂

Sari Saring Kwentong Liam: Simbahan

If there’s one good thing the earthquake has brought to my family, it’s that we were able to go back to church and hear mass every Sunday. Well, the earthquake was just half of it, it was also Liam’s birthday.

You see, Dino and I are not too religious. But we made it a point to go to church every Sunday to hear mass, say our thanks and ask for forgiveness. This stop lang, when we had Liam na.  We tried going back when he was 5mos, but it’s a bit difficult since he can’t understand what it is pa.

So last October, we heard mass as a family. Okey, it was just the 3 of us adults (including ate Donna) who really understood, but I think this is the best way to introduce the idea/concept to Liam. As expected, he was not super behaved.  He asked a lot of questions like what the nuns are doing, who is talking, is it finish na ba, and a lot more.

I first introduced Liam to church, the structure, earlier this year on our way to the mall.
Mommy: Liam, that’s a church, you see there’ a cross and at the window there is a big bell, blah blah blah (i went on describing the sound and what it’s for)
Liam did not say word.  Kala ko wala na intindihan.  After a few meters…
Mommy: Liam, that’s also a church
Liam: where’s the bell?
Ayun, nakikinig naman pala…

The first time we brought him to church, he kept on asking questions at the start, then he started to get bored.
Liam: mommy, are we done na? Go home na tayo?
Mommy: we can’t pa, we have to wait for the priest to finish
Liam: who is the priest?
Mommy: the one in green (habit)
After a few minutes..
Liam: mommy is the green one finish na?
Sa isip ko.. Wala namang green sa Bioman ah!?

One afternoon, ate donna gave liam choco flakes in a bowl..
Liam stood up, got a piece and went to his ate, gave her one on her hand..
Liam: you say amen
Communion ang peg..

Liam really got intruiged with the host that we take, one sunday at mass…
Liam: mommy, i want to eat host
Mommy: you can’t pa. You’re still a little boy. When you’re big na, you will have your first holy communion
I think he understood, since he did not ask me about it again.
One night when I stepped into the house coming from work, he ran to me excitedly and said…
Liam: Mommy! ate said am big boy na!! Can i eat host na!?
Toinks!!! Naintindihan nga nya sinabi ko! Hahaha

There are a lot of things pa that got his interest like the holy water and the offerings.  One way to persuade him to change and go to church is when I tell him I will let him dip his hand in the holy water which we do last (before going out ) so he’ll have something to wait for and look forward too.  Yun lang, he keeps on asking if we’re done na.

He also likes the singing part pala. He usually hums with us. There’s this responsorial psalm that caught his attention and several times he asked me to sing it for him. Kaso I forgot the line na.  So the following week, i made it a point to remember, kow ung nauna pa din ang gusto nya.

Well, hopefully soon, he will understand na din what this is all about.  Since I can’t take photos during mass (mapapagalitan ako ni Bobe), eto na lang share ko sanyo..

Since I can't take picture inside the church, magagalit si Daddy.. Am sharing his airport photo. :)
Photo taken at the airport.  Love the smile and the dimples… 🙂

Christmas Balls Project

Am really not a crafty woman.  One of my least favorite is art class.  I remember my uncle telling my cousins to help me with my projects when I was still in elementary.  Naawa ata sya saken at hating gabi na di pa ko nangangalahati sa project ko.  When I was in high school naman, I always make it a point to team up with someone who’s good in drawing and in crafts. hehehe..

Liam is the opposite of me when it comes to art, he likes art.  He likes painting and all those crafty stuffs.  I think this is another de Leon side of him.  Dino is artistic in his own way.  He is good in drawing and not to mention he is good photographer.  May it be SLR or a simple point and shoot, he is really good.  We always say that he has an eye for it.  His Lolo and his Ninang is also very crafty.

Am also so lucky that Ninang Tita (my SIL, Leah of The Bright Spot) is very resourceful and never fails to update with anything and everything under the sun.  She posted this site on my FB page, telling me it’s a good Christmas project for Liam.  Tama nga sya, Liam did enjoy it.

This project is very easy, you only need Christmas balls, white acrylic paint, paint brush, markers and egg tray (for drying).

Mommy helping Liam paint his hand with white acrylic paint
Mommy helping Liam paint his hand with white acrylic paint
White palm.. :)
White palm.. 🙂

After the first ball, Liam went to the sink to wash his hands.  Eto mahirap sa batang to, he don’t want his hands dirty or sticky.  Wash agad yan.  hehehe.. So he washed his hands and told me he’ll do it by himself na.  After the Second time he washed  his hands, it’s my turn naman daw.

Liam:  Don't teach me na, I can do it myself...
Liam: Don’t teach me na, I can do it myself…
Liam's turn to help me paint my hand.
Liam’s turn to help me paint my hand.
after he got tired of painting and washing his hands, he decided to paint the balls directly instead. :)
after he got tired of painting and washing his hands, he decided to paint the balls directly instead. 🙂

And here are our finish products!!

My finished ball
My finished ball
Liam's finished ball
Liam’s finished ball

Easy and fun project!! Thanks again to Ninang Tita for the suggestion!! 🙂

A Day at Shangri-La Mactan

One of my wish list for 2013 is to be able to travel with Liam and we did just that this year.  We were able to travel a few times 2nd half of this year 2013 (yan nagagawa ng delayed post).  First was the trip to Moal Boal with Ninong Ken and Ninang Bonch. ( you may see my post about it here, here and here).

After that, we were able to have 3 more weekemd escapades. One was our trip to Toledo on Liam’s 3rd birthday (see post here) . But before that we flew to Boracay last August (separate post for this) and as a pre-bora trip we checked in Shangri-La Mactan without Ate Donna.  Yes just us 3.  We left Donna at home to help Ate Lilia clean the house.  I was able to convince Dino to buy vouchers when Shang had their Paradise Sale earlier this year.

This was the first time we had an overnight stay somewhere without Donna.  Actually, I know naman na we can do it.  Liam’s big and can understand na pero syempre, mas comfortable and hassle free if we have Donna with us. 🙂

Anyway, we were not able to take much photos then, since kame nga lang and my head ached the first day, so it was just Liam and Dino in the pool.

This is the view from our room..
This is the view from our room..
shangrila mactan 004
Enjoying the pool
shangrila mactan 006
Liam and Daddy’s bonding time

Bumawi ako the second day.  We went swimming after our breakfast and Liam enjoyed the slide so much we went back and forth. Pero napapaso na puwetan ko so I told him to stop na. 🙂  We let him run around by himself the whole stay that he scraped his knees. Both knees, the left knee twice. He did not cry, instead he said “Again!?’  as if he’s asking himself why he fell down again.  Silly brave boy.

shangrila mactan 011
my turn at the Aquaplay.
shangrila mactan 016
Tickling mommy with the dried leaves he got…
shangrila mactan 020
my not little man getting out of the pool by himself.
see the knee? Yeah, we let him be, kaya ayan.. tsk tsk! bad parents.. hehe
shangrila mactan 026
The sllde that burned my bottoms.. Ouch!

What I love best about this trip is that it made Dino realize that he wants to this with us more often.  Maybe not in Shangri-La again, since it’s really steep since we can’t enjoy all the amenities pa with Liam with us.  Pero definitely, this trip set the pace for us.  For sure, there will more weekend getaways to come on this site. 😉


Aw Aw’s Bath Time

It’s been crazy here these past 2 months.  We’ve experience calamities left and right.  I really didn’t want to write any of it down in the blog, but thought that it’s still part of our  (Liam’s specifically) history – that we were able to experience these calamities and we were able to survive it.

Between the earthquake and the typhoon, am more stricken with the earthquake.  Since I was here in the office when in struck and the fact that we are still experiencing aftershocks until last week (a strong one at that), this is really nakakatakot.  With Typhoon Yolanda naman, all offices were closed that day, so we were able to stay home with Liam.  Though it is really depressing since Yolanda was really so powerful that thousands of people are now homeless.   We, ourselves were also busy tracking down our staffs in Tacloban.  Glad to announce also that we were able to track all 8 of them.  We are now working on relocating them.  This is a better problem, diba?!

Anyway,  back to my topic, as introduced before (see my post here), Liam has 2 dalmatian stuff toys, Aw Aw (ok, I conceive, his original name is doggy, but for some reason, mas kilala sya sa pagiging Aw Aw) and Raf Raf.  Among the 2, he always favor Aw Aw.  Lately, I thought magka-level na silang 2, since he likes bringing both dogs along and even agreed to bring Raf Raf sa plane instead of Aw Aw who slept in the luggage. Well, mas presentable kasi si Raf Raf (colorwise, hehe). 

After that trip, both dogs are suuuper dirty that I already talked to him to let Ate Lilia wash them both.  I specifically asked Donna to have Aw Aw washed first, since he is super Putim na.  That night, I saw the almost black Aw Aw in our room and I asked Donna what happened.

Donna:  Ayaw po ni Liam palabhan e. Si Raf Raf na lang daw.

When I asked Liam how come he don’t want Aw Aw to be washed, he smelled Aw Aw and said “di pa bantot!” hahaha ang kulit lang ng anak ko.

So with the determination to have Aw Aw washed, I asked Liam to give him a bath that weekend which he willingly obliged.

Liam happily giving Aw Aw bath
Liam happily giving Aw Aw bath
Mommy teaching him how to blow bubbles
Mommy teaching Liam how to blow bubbles
Checking his bubbles
Checking his bubbles
sya din daw dirty na..
sya din daw dirty na..
nainggit kay Aw Aw...
nainggit kay Aw Aw…
A clean Aw Aw and a happy little boy.. :)
A clean Aw Aw and a happy little boy.. 🙂

Hitting 2 birds with one stone ika nga! hehe..Have a nice week ahead everyone! 🙂

A Walk at Night

Am here in the office early.  Finished checking may Emails and need to focus on finishing our evaluations.  I also intended to do a post today about the calamity and all that am feeling and thinking.  But, I saw this post from a friend and decided otherwise.  I don’t want to be let down of what’s happening.  I need positive thoughts!!



This is sooo TRUE!! I’m sure many mommies would agree with this quote.  Ever since I got pregnant with Liam, it’s always about him and our little family.

I read Ms. Toni Tiu’s (blogger behind Wifely Steps) “Ordinary Moments Make Life Most Special” post last week and I couldn’t agree with her more.  For us, it’s the same. As I posted before, we are having the no gadget rule at night so we can focus and give more attention to Liam (and to lessen his tablet usage, hehe), since this is the only time we are together talaga.  It’s also every time we come home and Liam will come running to us with a wide excited smile in his face.  Everyday, he’s excited like that and  it never fails to brighten our day.

Oh, here’s me and Liam last night outside our gate, another of our “ordinary times” together…


Nautakan ako ng anak ko kagabi.  We are weaning him na from poh poh (carrying) na.  We want him to start walking on his own na. He does naman pero soooobrang tamad! hehe… Last night, while playing in his room, he heard fireworks (super hina per narinig nya) so we ran outside (kahit alam ko di namen makikita yun), I carried him so it will be faster for us to go outside.  After realizing that we can’t see it, I told him we’ll go inside na.  Anong sabi nya?

Liam:  No, let’s walk around …

Very seldom does he want to walk around the village (near zero possibility).  Dino always tries to invite him for a walk at night after dinner, never nag yes ang bagets.  Last night, dahil karga ko siya.. Siya pa mismo nag-yaya.  Since weather was nice last night, I gave in and walked with him around the village.  We talked about everything we can think of, the leaves, the trees, the ladies we saw at the neighbor’s lawn and stopped to greet everyone we see. hehehe

After 1 round, he wants to go around again.. But I know I might make it back since he is not the light na no.. So we decided to call his dad instead and took a photo of us last night before we went back in and prepare for bed time. 🙂  Okay, I changed my mind, this is not so ordinary at all but it’s a special moment I want to keep. 🙂

Hmmm.. I can feel the positive vibes na. Thinking and writing about Liam makes my day and it takes all the blues away..

Have a blessed Wednesday.  Need to get back to work.  Will be blogging more soon.. 🙂


Our Little Biker

This is already a late post. This was supposed to be posted 2 weeks ago.  Things got crazy here in the office with so much to finish and whole Cebu got crazier with the earthquake and all the intense aftershocks!!! Oh well, will not dwell on that anymore.  Here goes..

Couple of weeks ago, Dino and Liam started the day “detailing” Liam’s rides.  Liam showed interest with cleaning, way back after seeing his dad clean Pajeyow.  Good that Dino found a way how they can do this together (bonding time na din for the boys).

Bonding Time
Bonding Time
Liam busy "detailing" his bike after his afternoon nap.. :)
Liam busy “detailing” his bike after his afternoon nap.. 🙂

We’ve been planning to buy service bikes for the office for short trips and finally decided to visit our friend’s shop who sells secondhand folding bikes.  We found good items for our office had them reserved and bought Liam a new bike on impulse.  We fell in love with the bike and since we’ve been planning to buy him a bigger one, Ka-ching!! 😉

Just want to share, our African Daisies started blooming again.  We had this plant during our outreach program last 2011.  The school principal gave us a pot and now we have almost 10 pots of these beautiful flowers.  I snipped these 2 and placed them at our counter. (mental note: buy a better vase.)  Aren’t they wonderful?!!?

African Daisies.. :)
African Daisies.. (sorry poor lighting)

The following day, we let Liam swim after having breakfast and went to JCenter Mall for lunch.  We really planned for him to play in one of the playroom in the mall that have a zip line for kids.  But our little boy refuses to go in.  he cried when I tried going in by myself.  Not sure how this started, but he suddenly have phobia going in closed door facilities like Gymboree and the salon.   Hmm.. will try the “Wipe Out” trick next time.  Hope it’ll work.  Anyway, since he doesn’t want to play, we went to the arcade instead and spend time with their machines which is not a lot and a bit boring. 😦

Mommy:  Can I swim with you? Liam:  no, you are big na, small lang here...
Mommy: Can I swim with you?
Liam: no, you are big na, small lang here…

While waiting for our lunch to be served Liam played with the fish bowls containing rolled up Bible passages.  After lunch we decided to go home and let Liam rest.

reading his passage for the day.. Kala mo marunong talaga mag read no?!!? baliktad naman ang hawak.. haha
Reading his passage for the day.. Kala mo marunong talaga mag read no?!!? Baliktad naman ang hawak.. haha

it’s been a while since I really cooked  and baked, I made it a point not to sleep-in that afternoon and make my time fruitful while Liam’s napping and Daddy is busy at the garage.  I baked Calamansi Cupcakes that afternoon and prepared dinner too.  I decided to try Mommy Sha’s  Sizzling Tofu.  I tweaked it a little since Dino don’t like mayo.   Will share my version in a separate post. 🙂 We paired it with Lechon Kawali and a glass of Aloe Vera juice.  yum yum.. 🙂

Our little Picasso busy with his art
Our little Picasso busy with his art after his nap time
Liam acting sleeping when we announced dinner time...
Liam acting to sleep when we announced dinner time…
borrowing daddy's box and pretend to be a robot. Partner in crime - mommy. :)
borrowing daddy’s box and pretend to be a robot. Partner in crime – mommy. 🙂
Liam:  What is this mommy? Mommy:  That's my cute little baby...
Liam: What is this mommy?
Mommy: That’s my cute little baby…
Using his new bike before we cap the night off..
Using his new bike before we cap the night off..

I really don’t know why I called this post / series (not sure if this will be constant thing) when it always contains our weekend (2 days) together. Oh well, it just sounds good, right!??!   Anyway, just an update, comes Monday, Dino and I decided to buy the bikes for ourselves na.  So, presenting our new rides.. 🙂

our new rides. :)
our new rides. 🙂  We often ride around the village before hitting the sack. 🙂

Oh yeah, before I forgot, like my previous One Fine Day post, there’s one thing that is not fine that weekend.  Liam is acting up again during meal time.  Haaay..  This is really making me frustrated.  I might dedicate a separate post for this alone.

Anyway, have a lot of pending posts pa, Boracay trip, Shangri-La trip, Liam’s birthday celeb and a lot more. Stay tuned guys. 🙂

Haircut and Fish & Chips

Last weekend was a relaxed one. Like our usual weekend, we stayed home last Saturday, a little couple’s time while Liam was taking his nap last Saturday and our usual family day on Sunday.

As I mention on my last post, I deleted the Wipeout Video clips from Liam’s tablet.  As expected we had a morning drama fest after he realized that it’s not there anymore…

Liam:  Where is the Wipeout?
Mommy:  It’s just there (kuno)…
Liam:  Wala here. You tanggal it?
Mommy:  Baka nabura, we will download it again…
Liam:  Waaaaaah.. wala na Wipeout! I want Wipeout! Waaaah.. Waaah… Waaah..
After about 5 minutes, he asked for Yakult and wala na! nakalimutan na si Wipeout. Yesterday, he mentioned it again, but he said it in a “matter of fact” way.. “Wala na tayo Wipeout”.  Then proceeded to watch his Pororo Sing Alongs. 🙂

After that, we had breakfast and played around. We let him swim in his inflatable pool and played some more before he take his nap. The real highlight of the day was his forever pending haircut. (remember Leah’s post about Liam’s Stressful Haircut?) He was due for haircut 2 weeks earlier, but schedule with barber does not meet lagi.  Dino and I decided to go to Kuya Edward lang of Salon de Rose, since he is fast, tall and he has a way with kids.  Anyway, yun nga, after his afternoon nap, we asked Donna to go to the salon and check Kuya E’s sched.  Sakto, he don’t have a customer, so off we went to the salon..

This is how we do it... I carry Liam, Donna holds the white fabric tight so Liam can't escape, while barber is cutting his hair... now you know why we need a tall barber?
This is how we do it… I carry Liam, Donna holds the white fabric tight so Liam can’t escape (and so hair won’t get to Liam’s arm), while barber is cutting his hair… now you know why we need a tall barber? and did you notice? We are outside the Salon! Nabubulabog kasi buong salon if we do it inside.. hehe
Did you see Kuya E’s face?? mukhang hirap din sya diba?

This time, it did not take so long, mas mabilis, as Liam did not move, cry nor complain for the first few minutes of his haircut. He started acting out last 2 minutes na ng haircut, I think he can feel the itch na then.   He stopped na din once I set him free and removed his shirt.  He even gave us a broad smile after Kuya E gave him his prize – Skittles (we brought this of course).  I look forward for the day that he will calmly sit on the barber’s chair and have his haircut.

He was his cheerful self na when we get to the car.  At home, he took a bath then requested us to open his bag of skittles.  here’s our conversation..

Mommy:  Liam, can mommy have 1 skittle?
Liam:  I will buy for you later. okey? Cut hair ka muna..
TOINKS!! hahahaha. Funny little boy.

Here's his new look.. Ang gwapo no!?!
Here’s his new look.. Ang gwapo no!?!

Yesterday (Sunday), we had breakfast at McDo where Liam ate pancakes with butter and blueberry syrup and devoured his hashbrown without help and asked for 2nd serving pa. KOW! Anak, kung tinapay lang yan, binigyan na kita walang dalawang isip. hehehe.. Since, it’s not that healthy naman, we did not give in to his request.  We took the same route as last time – walk, padyak, jeep and taxi.

We asked Liam to walk and not to be carried anymore which he obliged.  I carried him lang when we are crossing the street na..

Mommy:  Liam, poh poh (carry) kita, we will cross the street
Liam, kunwari pa di nagets, pero after crossing the street…
Mommy:  Anak, go down na, walk ka na ulit
Liam: No, not yet finish cross street!
NAKUPOW!!! hahahahaha.. ang galing dumiskarte! haha

We let him swim again yesterday and prepared to go to SM for lunch and a little errand.  We dropped by Book Sale too and bought a few activity books.  I really am looking for the Flashkids activity book that Maqui gave Liam. It was effective as Liam is the one who always ask that we do it.  Kaya nga malapit na din maubos ung pages hehehe. (will post some photos of it later).

Unfortunately, those are not available in BS SM.  Will try again in Parkmall. Sana makita ko na sila.  Bought some activity sticker book instead and saw the “When You Give a Mouse a Cookie” book making us have 14 out of 100 na from the list, hehehe.  Oh by the way, when we got to BS, he kept on saying, kwakwoach book, kwakwoach book.. wah, di pa din nya nakalimutan si cockroach book! (note to self, go to parkmall and pray that it’s still there. hehe)

While looking for a bug book:
Me:  Donna, may nakita kayo bug book?
Donna:  Wala ate e..
Liam:  Here! Bug book!!

Tama nga! he was holding this spine-tingling bug book.  He liked it so we bought it, kahit nakakadiri. We read it while in the car going home, before he took his nap and when he woke up.  Diba obvious gusto talaga nya?!?! (mental note: make a special post on the book)

getting his pic taken at TK.  :)
getting his pic taken at TK. 🙂

Lately, we always eat out for Lunch (and dinner) on Sundays, it’s very hard to cook when you have a toddler.  As in, nakakataranta, kasi he will call you and look for you.  Ok lang naman if he wants to help out, kaso ayaw nya kasi hot daw.. hahaha.. So instead of cooking and maharass, we dine out nalang.  sakto din, after our trip to the mall, it’s time for Liam nap time na din.

Last night, I decided to cook dinner instead of eating out.  I sometimes ask ate to cook our meal day before, para iinitin nalang, pero since the recipe is new and it calls for frying, so di pwedeng init init lang.  we had fish and chips for dinner (recipe from  Outcome was good though it lacks crispiness and I forgot to buy/prepare Tar sauce.  Yan lang kulang as per bobe.  The recipe don’t go too well with catsup.   Sabi nga ni Liam – “don’t sawsaw this (pertaining to his fish) sa catsup ”  hehe.. marunong talaga anak ko..

I also prepared Leche flan pala for dessert.  For the egg whites, nakupow! Tried doing the meringue kisses again, but failed on both batches. Wonder where I went wrong.. haist, sayang..

Meringue kisses - FAIL!!!  Eto ang hindi fine sa One Fine Day namen.. haha
Meringue kisses – FAIL!!!
Eto ang hindi fine sa One Fine Day namen.. haha

And last, we played hide and see and shooting the marble before we cap the day!

Can somebody help me find my son?? hehe
Can somebody help me find my son?? hehe

Ang sarap ng weekend!! 🙂