Our First Sandbox

More than a month ago, I saved this draft in my iPhone during that sleep deprived night.

If not for their “Keeping Cool” May 2014 box, I will certainly miss posting this.  Anyway, for those who don’t know what exploresandbox is, it’s a monthly crafts box for kids.  They have different and appropriate themes every month with complete materials (which I really appreciate) and instructions on how to do it.  It’s not just arts and crafts, but it’s also loaded with science facts. 🙂 (check out their official website

The first box I ordered from them was their Christmas box last December 2013 and that’s what I almost forgot to post. hehe (If my previous post is late, I don’t know what to call this then, hehe) 

The Christmas box contained 5 activities – DIY Christmas stockings, DIY Christmas ball, snow like mixture to build a snowman, a science project behind Santa and the chimney, and last was the good deed list. 

For this box, we were only able to make 2 out of the 5,  for some reason the snowy substance won’t form and i feel it’s a little messy to play with. I also noted to myself to ask Leslie of exploresandbox how it should work, well obviously I forgot doing it. Haaay…

Here’s Liam with his Christmas projects.. 🙂

Here's our December box .. All excited to start! :)
Here’s our December box .. All excited to start! 🙂

First project that we did was the Christmas Ball.  Excited mommy that I am, I did not read the instruction and put the glitters outside the ball.. The daddy noticed and asked why am putting it outside when instruction said inside.. Sorry naman.. hahaha.. nevertheless, we enjoyed doing it together and this was one of our Christmas ornament in the tree. 🙂

Materials for our first project - glue, glitters, plastic ball, ribbon and Japanese paper
Materials for our first project – glue, glitters, plastic ball, ribbon and Japanese paper
Liam really into the crumpling...
Liam really into the crumpling…
and he's really enjoying it.. :)
and he’s really enjoying it.. 🙂
our finish product.. :)
our finish product.. 🙂

The other project that we were able to make is the Christmas stockings!  Liam enjoyed putting on the buttons and for added work, I gave him some cotton balls to glue on top of the stocking.  Of course, mommy was the one who sew the socks together.

next stop.. our Christmas Stocking!
next stop.. our Christmas Stocking!
Obvious ba? He likes what he's doing?
Is it that obvious that he likes what he’s doing?
one down.. one more to go
one down.. one more to go
photo 1_1
busy gluing the cotton balls.. 🙂
Mas busy removing the cotton fiber from his fingers.. :)
Mas busy removing the cotton fiber from his fingers.. 🙂
photo 1_2
Now, our stocking is complete! TADA!

As for the other projects, I felt Liam was too young for them pa and we ran out of time na since we went home to Manila for the holidays. Nevertheless, we both enjoyed our project time.

Ask if I will order again?  Wait for my future posts for my answer. 😉




Liam Meets Aki

Oh yes!! At long last, we were able to meet Familia Kiki during the holidays when we were in Manila (yeah, this is another late post.  Sowee).  Leah, my SIL, was the one who introduced me to their blog, and  I got hooked to their site ever since.  I even wished that we’re neighbors. Hehe

With only a few days in Manila, I was glad that they are also available on the date we set.  I’ve let Maqui do the planning (Thanks Maqui! :)) as this was the first time Liam (we) will have a playdate.  We agreed to meet in Book Sale MCS, since it was books that made us bond on the first place.

Am doubly glad that Leah is also available and offered to be the photographer that day (Thanks Ninang!!). hehe  I will not make this text heavy and will let the photos tell the story. 🙂

Liam and Aki exchanging Christmas Gifts
Liam and Aki exchanging gifts..(Thanks again for the wonderful gift – wish come true – will have another post for it) 
Photo Opt before starting our night.


Inside the store, Aki showing Liam his Bey Blades (Bem Bem as per Liam, hehe)


Feeling at home in Book Sale, the kids played while the moms chika and the dads chika too (outside). Not sure what we’re talking about, why is my face like that?!!? hehe


Kuya Aki is really sweet, lending and teaching Liam how to use the Bem Bem. 🙂

After the staffs shooed us out of the store (nakahalata na tambay lang kame, hehe) – this is a joke, we walked across the street and had Dinner in Amizi.  It’s an Italian resto beside Don Bosco Makati that have super nice Gelato and oh! their pizza and pasta were also so great. YUM!


Liam tasting the Parmesan Cheese.. (Gutom na ata!)


Aki’s turn to try it. (gutom na nga ata sila)


While waiting for our orders and to divert their attention from the cheese, the kids busied themselves with an episode of Power Rangers (which Franco also loved, shhh.. I hope he’s not reading this.. hehe)
Funny little boys, posing for Ninang Tita.. 🙂
Since they are good boys who finished their meals, they had Gelato for dessert. Here, they are choosing what flavors they will get.
Cheers to new friends…
Group pic after dinner

After our filling dinner, we all walked to Waltermart where we dropped by Japan Homes and let the kids play in TimeZone.  We don’t have that much photos anymore, as Leah has to do some wifely duties.  hehehe  Liam and Aki don’t play the same games, but there is one game they loved – Go Go Balls!

Having fun with Go Go Balls – not only the kids enjoyed it.. Mommies and Yaya too.. hehe

Liam and I really had fun that night.  Liam was still talking about Aki and Bem bem til now (mental note: buy Liam Bey blades.. hehe) Enjoyed good company, new friends and the chit chats!

Maqui, Aki and Franco

To Familia Kiki, thank you so much for taking time out to meet us and for the dinner too.  Hope to see you guys again soon.  Wish ko makasama kame sa mga playdates nyo. 🙂

thank you kuya Aki., ’til we meet again..  😉







Last July 25, before going to office, I noticed that Liam is a bit feverish. Instructed Donna not to give him bath and to do sponge bath lang muna.  Texted our pedia to consult if need medicine, she advised sponge bath as well and no paracetamol muna.  I also instructed them not to go to school anymore, but Liam cried as he wants to go to school, so off to school the went.

After an hour, I got a call from the pre-school head mistress telling me that she sent Liam home already, as he was very matamlay and not participating anymore.

After lunch, I instructed Donna to shut the windows since it was raining and raindrops are going through the window. after a few minutes, I got a call from Ate Lilia, my heart almost stopped as Liam had a seizure.  Oh Freak!! I really did not know what to do. As if it’s not enough that am super worried and crying, it was traffic going home. I really wanted to jump out of the car and run home.

When we got home, Liam was still crying but he was better, as Ate Lilia knew what to do.  She put ice pack on Liam’s head so that his fever will go down.  Some of our neighbors were also in there to help, massaging Liam’s arms, holding towel on his forehead while the other one is washing the other cloth.  (Yeah, our yaya almost went crazy when she saw Liam’s lip turned blue, eyes rolling and salivating mouth, she shouted at the top of her lungs, making all our neighbors come – which am also thankful for).

He stopped crying after he realized it was mommy carrying him...
He stopped crying after he realized it was mommy carrying him… Daddy not knowing what else to do, took a pic instead to keep his sanity… Mommy is still crying non-stop..
after a few more minutes with the TV on..
after a few more minutes with the TV on..

After his fever was contained, Dino and I decided to see his pedia.  This time stars are on our side, as doctora have an afternoon clinic that day. Her usual clinic hours is only upto 2pm.  That day, she decided to have late afternoon check up.  She prescribed paracetamol already and taught us the right way of giving sponge bath! Kow! mali pala ang punas punas lang and it should be every 30 mins as long as your patient’s fever is high.  Haist, I feel so tanga that time.. kakaiyak lang..

When we got home, we gave him a sponge bath and paracetamol.   I think he felt a lot better after this, kasi he was playing around and very active again even with a fever. We were not able to take pic na kasi we were just happy that he is feeling better.

No sleep for me that night and the following night, as i kept on checking his temp and sponged him even in his sleep.  The next day, he kept on complaining that his mouth is ouch ouch. We also noticed that he is having a hard time to swallow.  So we decided to visit his pedia again, though he was all active na and acting like himself already, a mommy wants to be doubly sure.  Besides, his temperature is not yet normal. I also thought that it was tonsillitis causing his ouchy thought.

While waiting for his turn, Liam found a new friend.. :)
While waiting for his turn, Liam found a new friend.. 🙂

I also realized na there is nothing wrong sa pagiging sigurista at praning ng mga nanay.  When doctora saw me sitting at the waiting area, she asked me how Liam was and I told her that I think Liam may have tonsillitis. She laughed at me and said that kids his age don’t experience tonsilitis pa.  ooops… So what is it?!?!

Herpangina is an acute, virally induced, self-limited illness often seen in young children during the summer months. Affected children usually complain of mouth sores and fever. It is caused by a number of viruses, all part of the enterovirus family, coxsackievirus being the most common. Most children develop a high fever and complain of a sore throat. They then develop vesicles (blisters) or ulcers (sores) at the back of the throat and palate (called an enanthem). Children, especially younger children, may refuse to eat or drink because of the pain and are at risk for developing signs and symptoms of dehydration. (source: http://www.medicinenet.com/herpangina/article.htm)

Good thing, Liam was cooperative that day and showed his throat to doc.  Doc saw the blister near his throat that’s causing the ouchies.  As per Doc, there is no cure for this infection and that it will heal by itself in 4 days.  “ok lng paliguan yan” she says.  And what’s good with these viral infections is that when we have them, our systems form anti-bodies that we need to fight other viruses pa.  Na when the time comes an you will meet this virus again, di ka na talaban, kasi may antibody ka na to defend you.  Oh diba!?!? Ang galing!! may natutunan pa ko. 🙂

a proof that he is all better na..
a proof that he is all better na..

Am just so glad that he is all better. It was also a relief to know that it’s nothing serious and that it’s normal for kids his age to have this.  Pero ang seizure!! kow! Sa dami daming pwedeng manahin sa tatay at lolo nya.. hehehe.. I really pray na di na mangyari ulit un.

By the way, since am in the health section na din, I saw this FB post from my friend about vaccines that are not good for kids.  What do you think about that1?!? Praning mode nanaman ang nanay!! kaloka lang!!


Sari-saring Kwentong Liam

Yeah, I know, it’s been a long time since I really blogged and a lot have happened since.  Thus, the title..


Play school have ended last April for Liam and on their last day, the teachers decided to have their own Culmination Day and we are very proud to announce that he got the Academic award.  They are only 5 in the class, but he is the only one who really learned all the alphabets, numbers, colors and shapes.  Teacher often tells me that Liam is very observant and good in listening. Even he’s running around during lessons, he sure knows how to answer when asked.   He was even exempted from Evaluation day.  Oh, did I mention that he is the youngest?  🙂

My first "medal"
My first “medal” Thank you T’ Marj


One of the main reasons we enrolled him to play school was for him to learn how to interact with others (adults and kids his age alike). We saw a big improvement in the confidence with adults category but really failed in the playing with other kids side.  Though his teacher said that there was a big improvement since Liam agrees to hold hands and let his classmates hug him (yes, he let’s only 2 favorite classmate hug him, but he never hugs them back) during their circle time. But while all his classmates run and tag each other or throw balls at each other, he would rather play by himself or with the teachers.   We are starting to feel bad about it and check where we went wrong.

Since I don’t know any moms here in Cebu with kids at Liam’s age,  I asked Ate Lilia (our helper) to bring his grandson, Michael with us when we go to Family Park. To my delight, he started playing with him na. They ran around and kicked balls together.  Looked at animals in the Zoo and feed fishes and ducks in the pond.  I learned that I need not worry and hurry, Liam will learn all these when he’s ready.

Funny side story, Michael is well versed in Bisaya, while my son can only speak in Tagalog and English. Go figure how they were able to play… hahaha.. 🙂

taken during our day at the park with wowo and wawa.  Sorry no pic with Michael.. :( will be posting their video instead..
taken during our day at the park with wowo and wawa.
Sorry no pic with Michael.. 😦 (mental note: post video)


Please and thank you, they’re called the magic words… (from Barney)

No, Liam is not watching Barney Dino have banned Barney from our household.. hahaha.. no purple dinosaurs for Liam. hehehe

Anyway, Liam learned to say thanks already and yes at the right context of it.  No need to remind him, it comes out naturally.  He usually uses “Thanks!”  whenever we help him or when we give him something.

As for the Please word, he also uses this once in a while and needs some reminding at times. But for the basic like asking of water, milk or a little help, he will say “water, please” or “milk, please”..

Like his daddy, Liam loves his new toy car.. :)
Like his daddy, Liam loves his new toy car.. 🙂


Am really thankful having a loving and good yaya (Ate Donna).  She is very patient with Liam (sometimes I think she is more patient than me). She is also very supportive of Dino and my ways of nurturing Liam.  Last, she is very dedicated in teaching Liam.  After Liam’s classes, she will be playing with Liam and review (in a fun way) all the things they learned in school.

Since it’s summer and Liam have no classes, meaning no new lessons, Donna will still play alphabets with him and best part is she is teaching Liam to count and read numbers (numerical).  As of this writing, Liam can count from 1 to 30 and can recognize them too.

Funny counting stories…

Liam counting from 1 to 30..
Liam: one, two, three, four, …….. twenty-seven, twenty-eight, twenty-nine, twenty-ten

Mommy: Liam how may stars do we have… please count…
Liam:  one, two, three, four
Mommy: very good, so how many stars do you have?
Liam: TEN!!
Mommy: ‘di kaya!! Count again
Liam: one, two (pause)  nine, ten!!!  See??

Liam making lambing kay Ate Donna.. :)
Liam making lambing kay Ate Donna.. 🙂

PREFERENCE  (update)

Liam is in a stage now where he shows and voices out his preferences.  Usually this happens with food. Like what flavor of juice (his favorite is Blueberry), what flavor of ice cream (usually ube), what color to use in writing, who will he sleep or sit with (always ends up with mommy) and where to sit in the car (we always end up riding at the back of Pajero).

Some funny food stories…

One night after dinner..
Liam: Mommy, am hungry, Liam want to eat brown bread
Mommy: huh!? brown bread?
Liam: Yes brown bread..
Mommy: What is brown bread..
(Thinks for a while..)
Mommy: do you mean Pan de Sal?
Liam: Yes, I want Pan de Sal

Just the other day.. while having breakfast, I gave Liam “brown bread” with butter
L: please put spinach
M: Huh? what do you like?
L: Spinach!
M: Donna! anong hinihingi ng alaga mo na Spinach?
D (puzzled): ‘Di ko po alam dyan kay Liam
Liam not knowing how to explain further did not purseu the spinach issue…
Yesterday, while having breakfast, I was eating spanish bread and gave some to Liam..
L: please put butter on spinach!
AYUN!! nadale mo!!! Spanish bread pala ang gusto ng anak ko! (and so this morning, we had spinach bread again)

Liam eating his favorite Ube ice cream.. He actually knows how to eat by himself na, basta lang gusto nya kinakain nya. :)
Liam eating his favorite Ube ice cream.. He actually knows how to eat by himself na, basta lang gusto nya kinakain nya. 🙂


Am also glad to announce that we are one step closer to potty training.  As I’ve said, Donna is very patient with Liam, during their nap time, she will wake Liam up to pee and then put him back to sleep.  So for the day, Liam is diaper free already.  Okey, except when he needs to poop.  We need to put him on nappies so he can poop, or else he won’t go.  (Mommies, out there, any suggestions?)

Also, as of this writing, we don’t need to stand on the bowl anymore to pee, Liam is tall enough to reach the toilet while he pees. 🙂

Kudos my son, you never fail to make Mommy and Daddy happy and proud. :)
Kudos anak, you never fail to make Mommy and Daddy happy and proud. 🙂

Liam’s Many Firsts – Holy Week

Our holy week vacation in Makati marked Liam’s many firsts.

First Mega block Building…

It's not his first time to play with blocks, but it is his first time to really build and stack them up.. :)
It’s not his first time to play with blocks, but it was his first time to really build and stack them up.. 🙂 Thanks Ahya Sean and Ahya Matt for the Mega Blocks!! 🙂

First Antipolo trip.  It’s a de Leon tradition to go to Antipolo every Maundy Thursday.  Before, Dino used to walk from Makati to Antipolo and meet his parents there then he will ride back with them going home.

First time to go to Antipolo which is his first long ride too since it took us 2hours to arrive.. :)
First time to go to Antipolo which is his first long ride too since it took us 2hours to arrive.. 🙂

First Laguna Trip with my side of the family.  Dino and I were really happy that Liam is not shy anymore. As soon as we reach the resort, he let my brother carry him and said hi to all his cousins, blessed his Ahma (Grandma, my mom) and played with everyone.  He even played with the other kids that night, forgetting all about me (another first – Ouch!!)

First time to swim in Laguna's hot spring, which also is his first time to sleep over night with my side of the family.
First time to swim in Laguna’s hot spring, which also is his first time to sleep over night with my side of the family. Oh how he loved those slides.. 🙂

First time to let another girl ride with him.. (another OUCH for mommy.. hehe)

This is not his first to ride this car but it's his first to let others ride with him..
This is not his first to ride this car but it’s his first to let others ride with him… Look at that naughty grin on his face.. haaay..

First time to let Ninang Jane carry him with matching photo opt, kiss, hug and gigil pa.. 🙂 Every time we go home (Makati) Ninong Rene and Ninang Jane (together with Ahya Sean and Ahya Matt) never failed to come and visit Liam, not just once but at least 3x in each visit. 🙂

First time to let Ninang Jane carry him.. hahahaha..
First time to let Ninang Jane carry him.. hahahaha..

My SIL also blogged about our vacation. First about our Antipolo trip and Liam’s 2 weeks vacation where there are more pics than my post.  (yeah, yeah, I know, am bad in documenting events.. This mommy will get there soon.. hehehe…)

All excited to eat the pastillas, Liam got comfy on the ground.. I love this shot.  (got this from my SIL's post.. thanks for the pic!)
All excited to eat the pastillas, Liam got comfy on the ground.. I love this shot. (got this from my SIL’s post.. thanks for the pic ate Pen!)

Well Spent Holiday Vacation

With only eight (8) full days for holiday vacation in Manila, I would say that we spent it well.  With the “to do” list Dino insisted for me to do.  Oh well, it’s only a few and most of it is in my head lang. hehehe  Anyway, we plan for Liam to enjoy this vacation and meet most of our family and friends.

We arrived Manila a day before Christmas.  I wanted Liam to rest for the day to recoup and be ready for the 8 days.  But my dearest boy not wanting to spoil the day by resting and not wanting to dismay his expecting audience, he showed off whole afternoon by dancing, acting, running  and playing guessing games with his Ninang Tita!

Opah Gangnam Style!!
Opah Gangnam Style!!

We let Liam open his gift after dinner, alam ko kasi na di na kame makakasalubong, since we are all tired na.

Liam opening Ninong Rene and Ninang Jane's Birthday Gift na naging 2nd Christmas gift! :)
Liam opening Ninong Rene and Ninang Jane’s Birthday Gift na naging 2nd Christmas gift! 🙂

Christmas day was spent at Lola Pasig’s (Dino’s Grand Aunt who lives in Pasig and stands as their Grandmom since Inay passed away).

Liam agreed to this pic with the promise to drive the new car! :)(de Leon family in blue, with Lola Pasig's family in red and Aguinaldos in Green.  )
Liam agreed to this pic with the promise to drive the new car! 🙂
(de Leon family in blue, with Lola Pasig’s family in red and Aguinaldos in Green. )

Dinner was courtesy of Ate Pen, she bought us Pizza and Clam Chowder Soup from S&R.

Either he was so hungry or he really loved the clam chowder.  Whatever it is, we're all happy that he liked and it and he ate a lot! :)
Either he was so hungry or he really loved the clam chowder. Whatever it is, we’re all happy that he ate a lot! 🙂

Dec. 26, Shopping Day for me and Ate Pen. We went to 168 and boy oh boy did I miss it!! Sayang lang, sa sobrang excitement, we forgot to take photos of us being there and we weren’t able to take photos of our loots too. Next time!  Liam, on the other hand, enjoyed his day driving new car (Lolo’s car; our van here in Cebu is the old car for him…), playing his alphabet mats and swimming in his inflatable pool.  That night we went to Paranaque to visit my sister and had dinner with them.

Lliam driving his "new car"
Lliam driving his “new car”
After Lolo pile his alphabet he will go to the stack and shout "kalat aten! Kalat aten!" ang bait no!?
After Lolo pile his alphabet he will go to the stack and shout “kalat aten! Kalat aten!” ang bait no!?

Following day was a slow one.  I dropped by my brother’s house in Pandacan.  Did not bring Liam since almost everyone there is sick.  I just dropped off our gifts and had a little chit chat with my SIL and my mom while Liam enjoyed his swimming time in the garage (again). (thanks Wowo and Wawa for the new inflatable pool.:) )

Having fun while waiting for his pool to be filled...
Having fun while waiting for his pool to be filled…
My little swimmer. :)
My little cute shokoy. 🙂

We went to Rockwell after that and was suppose to have dinner at Chili’s, kaso mahaba ang waiting list and we don’t like other restos there that night, so we drove back and ate at Buddy’s instead.  (another check sa to-eat list! hehe)

Ken, Liam’s ninong, met with us there and we had a long chit chat at home after dinner. As usual, being the best host that he is, Liam did not disappoint his ninong and showed off his fore talents! hehe (wala nanamang pictures!! tsk!!)

Dec. 28, a little me time.  I met with my friends, Joy, Mar and Kim in Rob Ermita for Lunch and movie date! We watched ‘One More Try” at nakakahiya lang ako at magang maga ang mata ko when we got out! I won’t say the plot was that nice, but the story was so touching. Oh well, kasi nga nanay na din ako! hehehehe

Left to right: Mar, Me, Joy and Kim
Walang katapusan na kwento! Oh well, it’s been a year since we last saw each other

On the other hand, Dino and Liam had a father and son bonding same day. They went to MOA with Ate Donna and Wawa.  After which, they went to Manila Zoo.  We initially planned to bring Liam to Avilon Zoo, cleaner but farther but with the unpredictable weather, mahirap bumyahe with a baby.  So Dino decided to bring him to Manila Zoo instead.  They fetch me up from Rob Ermita after and he was so excited telling me about the animals he saw.  Hipopopopopothamus!

photo 10

Next Day, Dino decided to treat me to a date so off we went to GB5 where we had lunch at Krazy Garlic before we head to Ocean Park. (2 check marks on our to-do list).

At first, Liam did not enjoy it and got a bit overwhelmed.  But after a bit of cajoling from Dino and after the underwater aquarium, he was running about, back and forth, back and forth. Until kame na ni Dino sumuko at kumarga sa kanya palabas ng aquarium! hahahaha..

Sharks!! :)
Liam enjoying the Sharks!! 🙂
On the way out, Liam suddenly scrambled off from his daddy. Yun pala, he saw this little arcade.  Mas naenjoy pa nya to kesa sa mga isda!! hahaha
On the way out, Liam suddenly scrambled off from his daddy. Yun pala, he saw this little arcade. Mas naenjoy pa nya to kesa sa mga isda!! hahaha

Dec. 30, I was suppose to meet with Hyziel and Baby, my sisters way back from my dormitory time.  But my cousins decided to have a family reunion on this day.  I have to cancel my Antipolo trip with the girls and we all drive to Escolta Binondo to see my mother side of the family.

YES!! I know we are a bunch.. partida, this is only half. :)
YES!! I know we are a bunch.. partida, this is only half. 🙂
Liam's first Kalesa ride in Binondo.. :)
Liam’s first Kalesa ride in Binondo.. 🙂

We had dinner at CPK that night. I don’t know what’s with Chili’s laging puno! 😦  Before we end the night, we went to Cuts for Tots in Glorietta to have Liam’s hair cut.  Dino and  I decided not to go with them, so Liam won’t make arte.  Thankfully, all is well naman. Pero as my SIL said, it was a Stressful haircut.

Day before New Year, we had our annual Family picture.  This time around we all wore green. 🙂  Medya Noche was again courtesy of my SIL.  She prepared Bacon wrapped Asparagus and Pesto Pasta and ordered Sanwiches from Earl’s. YUM!!!

After 30 minutes of setting up.. hahahaha.. Happy New Year!! :)
After 30 minutes of setting up.. hahahaha.. Happy New Year!! 🙂

New Years Day, we  had lunch with Charles and Dinah Lim with their Kids.  Charles is one of Dino’s best buddies and Dinah is the first person I’m with during my dorm days. 🙂  That afternoon, we just relaxed at home and started packing Liam’s mini toy store. hehehe.. dami ng laruan e!! 🙂

Jan. 2, 2013, with a bucket of tears, we flew back to Cebu.  Can’t wait for the holy weeks.  Now that Liam’s 2, it’s easier for us to bring Liam back and forth na.

I know it’s too late to greet you happy holidays now. But definitely not late to greet you guys “Happy Chinese New Year!!” hahahahaha

From my family to yours! :)
From my family to yours! 🙂

Whew!! Finally I can post this long overdue entry.

Note to self:  Always take pictures, use iPhone if Cam is not readily available! 🙂

Liam’s Many Firsts – August 2012

Past 2 months have been crazy for me.  There are still few a lot of stuff from August and September I want to document. Oh well, one at a time..

Last August marks a lot of Firsts for Liam.  This makes me really proud but at the same time…  hmmm.. how to put it in words? Sad? Worried?  that he is growing up so fast. I want to cherish all these moments. sniff sniff.. Anyway, here’s a summary of what Liam learned last Augugst.


Liam learned to drink using his cup (on his own).  He can now control not to spill water from his cup.

Concentrating not to spill his water


Liam learns to sing (parang MLTR lang ang peg ng nanay).  One time, while watching American Idol, I saw Liam holding his Nasal Aspirator (unused), bulb up and pretending to sing.  Last August, while am in Dumaguete, I called them up and heard Liam shouting, Donna told me that he was singing! Ang galing! Oh well, not the singing talaga na may tono, but still he is belting it out, bobbing his head with all the facial expression of a true balladeer .  He uses everything, as in lahat na mahahawakan nya as mic.  You want proof, check out Liam’s singing video in Dino’s FB.

Using his Dad’s Tripod as mic



Liam knows how to blow his candles and bubbles too.  He can now blow out the candle.  Unlike before where he acts to blow pero puro laway lang. haha..

Liam blowing bubbles


Liam learned to say multiple syllable words. His first multi-syllable word is of course Mommy and Daddy! 🙂 He is already in the stage now where he imitates everything we say.  And as I’ve mentioned last post, his vocabulary is really expanding na! He’s so talkative na now. 🙂

Liam: Wow! Pey dooooh (Play Doh).. 🙂


Ahhh.. my son is growing up so fast. He learns new stuff  everyday, pati kalokohan! Nakowpow! Just last night, he learned to pose for the camera.  His dad took his pic while he’s riding his toy car, after seeing his image in the cam, he went back to his toy car and fake his laugh for his daddy.  Last night lang din, natuto na sya mag-yaya to go to “em-em” (SM)! Lakwatsero na anak ko! KOW!

Liam’s First Report Card

Last week, I was wondering how Liam is doing in school.  Well, I know he’s learning naman but I want to know his social development. Eto naman kasi ang main objective namen ni Dino when we decided to put Liam in school.  I was already planning to go to Liam’s school and talk to their Preschool head mistress.  I plan to ask for a narrative report then Donna gave me a notice from the school that we will have our first PTC (Parent – Teacher Chat).  Meron naman palang ganun. Excited lang ako masyado.

This morning was our scheduled meeting with Maju marj (Teacher Marj, that’s how Liam calls her lang 🙂 ) Well, it was an informal meeting lang and T’ Marj started by giving us Liam’s report card.

Liam’s report Card

Kakatuwa diba? Play Group lang may report card na, I was expecting a narrative one, but when I saw this, I like this better, as I don’t have to read a lot to know how my son is doing. Tamad mode.. hehehe

Ang cute ng report card nila diba?  Anyway, the legend goes like this:

  • Star sign means “I can do it.” this means that he is good at it already.
  • Heart sign is for “I’m getting there.” It shows that the child is trying to do it, but not yet good at it.
  • Last is the Smiley Face sign which says “I will do it soon.”

Liam only got 1 smiley face for tracing broken lines and T’ Marj was fast to explain that they haven’t tackled this yet. That this activity is not up until 2nd term.

She told us that she’s only having a hard time with Liam letting him play with his classmates. Liam prefers to play with her or Donna (adults) than playing with other kids. Thus, Liam got all hearts in the Social category.  As per T’ Marj, this is normal for his age (especially Liam is the youngest among the group) and he will eventually learn to play with them too.  Dino and I also thought this might have something to do with the fact that he is our only child (for now, that is) and the fact that he only plays with adult at home.

T’ Marj also mentioned that Liam is a fast learner and very observant that even if he is not paying attention in class (he sometimes run around the class during lessons) he knows what is happening and knows how to answer when asked. He is also compassionate and knows how to share his toys.

Lastly, she commends that Liam’s sense of security is very strong.  He doesn’t get jealous easily even if Donna plays or tries to carry other kids.  He knows he is well loved.

Dino and I made sure to tell T’ Marj our expectations as well.  We told her our objective is for Liam to learn to interact with kids his age, as this is impossible at home and that we want him to be independent. I hope that she keeps that in mind and helps us improve Liam’s sociability.

Some side notes:

  • notice where Liam got all stars? Motor skills and Music. Music!! Singer talaga tong anak ko pag laki! AHEM!!
  • notice where Liam got hearts naman?  (except for the social ha), scribbling, poems, doing art activities by himself.. Naku! tamad mag sulat ang anak ko! May pinag manahan.. (diba Judz? hahahaha)