Goodbye, Baby Hatch


It was short lived but it will always be one of the sweetest and happiest moment that we will cherish for the rest of our lives – the time we knew we had you.

It may not be the right time for you, it’s okay, we understand.  We know that you are in a better and happier place now.  Someday, we will meet you and be able to hug you too, Baby Hatch.  For now, go with Jesus and help him look after us.

Sending you our love.  Goodbye for now, our little angel.


Giga Now in Cebu

Oh Yes! am still alive and kicking. Been really busy these past few months. Have a lot of things happening at the same time.  Not complaining though.  I will be sharing with you what I’ve up to on a separate post.  For now, am sharing one of our new ventures.  Am also re-posting my Sis-in-Law, Leah’s recent post about it. 🙂

GIGA opens in Cebu!

A good news to all GIGA fans in Cebu: no more waiting for your next trip to Manila to buy GIGA products, or for your friends to get them for you.  GIGA officially opened their first kiosk store at SM City Cebu last September!

photo 1

I first learned about GIGA through my sister-in-law, Juvvy of Mommy Juvs, who uses GIGA products on her and my nephew, Liam.  My family’s personal favorite is GIGA’s Baby Insect Repellant Spray which kept not just Liam, but all of us, free from mosquito bites and smelling good at the same time too!  Yes, the smell of citronella in this spray is not overpowering at all, parang cologne lang but you are actually wearing an insect repellant.

Because there’s no GIGA store in Cebu at that time yet, my mom would ask me to buy 3-4 bottles of their insect repellant spray and my dad would bring them to Cebu.

Juvvy fell in love with the rest of GIGA products, and I guess it rubbed off on me even though hindi k’me lagi nagkikita hehe!  I have already tried their Dry Mist Oil (Green Tea variant) which works very much like as The Body Shop’s Olive Dry Oil Mist.  I also received as gift last year GIGA’s Aromatherapy Soap (Peppermint variant) which I brought to one of my work-related trips last year but left in the hotel (sob!).

Seeing that she cannot have her regular supplies of GIGA in Cebu because they’re not readily available in the malls, Juvvy did the next best thing: she brought GIGA to Cebu!

photo 5

photo 4

I’m so proud of her!  She really has what it takes to be an entrepreneur!

But what I’m more proud of is her decision to support this homegrown brand which now has loyal followers from all over the country.

Equally inspiring is the story of GIGA’s humble beginnings (read it HERE).

By the way, GIGA means “God Is Good Always”.

I recently ordered (all the way from Cebu!) sets of GIGA’s best-selling aromatherapy soaps for my use and as gifts for Christmas.  They are available in 5 variants: Peppermint, Lime, Citrus, Lavender and Chamomile.


The colorful paper wrapper is from one of the wrapping paper books I have here.  I used my leftover Christmas-themed grosgrain ribbon to tie the gift, giving it a ‘holiday’ look.


Now, the shameless plug:  Give the gift of aromatherapy to your love ones and friends this holiday season. These GIGA aromatherapy soaps give off a relaxing after-bath feel while moisturizing the skin!

Looking for a quick way to wrap your GIGA gifts?  Ask about their holiday gift sets the next time you visit their kiosks!




To my readers and friends in the Queen City of the South: Do check out the first-ever GIGA kiosk store at SM City Cebu and discover the all-natural, all-effective and all-affordable personal care products from GIGA!


Thanks again to The Bright Spot for sharing this! 🙂


Month Full of Flights – May 2014

I’m so sorry to have neglected this site for 2 months (again!)  It’s already 2nd half of the year and I would say we had a fruitful first half. Well, I think and hope nothing will beat the month of May.  It was the craziest month I had so far. 

We started the month with Ate Donna going home to Bicol for a week for her well deserved vacation. (After 2 years of staying with us without day offs – well deserved na diba?)  She asked for our permission wuth 6 monhs lead time. So prepared na prepared na talaga kame. Hehe

Lolo came to the rescue and stayed with us for the whole week while Dino and I took turns taking leave to stay at home. It was really fulfilling staying home wirh Liam.  That made me think and plan for my future as a WAHM. (fingers crossed)

As for Liam, I enrolled him in swimming lessons, but he didn’t like it (he only attended the first session).  Good thing the school allowed us to transfer him to arts and crafts class. Whew! Di naman nasayang ang bayad ko ni Dino. Pero since it was a crazy month, I wasn’t able to document any of his work.  Bad mommy moments ko to I know.   I also bought him the May crafts box from exploresandbox (I will have a separate post for this) that he enjoyed very much

photo 1_3
Liam enjoying his Ube ice cream with crepe cone. 🙂

As soon as Donna came back, it’s time for Dino to leave naman for the US.  He have a sales meeting he have to attend to there.  (info: apart from his designation as Regional Manager for VisMin, he is also the one handling Columbia Sportswear for Southeast Asian countries that are also under our company – Ahem! Ahem! #proudwifey)  

This time around it was my side of the family that came to Cebu.  Originally, it was supposed to be my mom and 4 nieces (on summer vacation) who will come.  My brother and sis in law thought of tagging along for a weekend with all the kids and my sis in law’s sister and her family. (read: 20 pax)  Most stressful week I had so far (hope that will be the last too).  Oh well, I was happy that I was able to spend time with them but the stress made me rethink of doing it again. Brrrr! (shaking head) Though I know in my heart na when that time comes, I will be excited all over again. 🙂 

Liam, on the other hand, had loads of fun having his cousins around.  Even though he got sick, he have good memories to keep. As my SIL, Leah, have said, ang ubo at sipon gagaling overtime, pero ung memories nya forever. 🙂

Climbing the net in West 35 with his cousins. :)
Climbing the net in West 35 with his cousins. 🙂

A few days after Dino arrived, it was my turn to take a vacay.  I joined my cousins going to Hong Kong. This trip was bitter sweet as I’m really excited to go but also hate to leave my little boy. I cried a little the night before I left – super guilty ang feeling. It already occurred to me not showing up at the airport.  Pero sayang naman ang tickets ko and Dino already told me that he can handle it.  I also felt na it was time for Dino and Liam to have a bonding time.  So off I went.

Among the 4 of us, it was just me who is a first timer in Hong Kong.  I’ve been there before but it was for work, so it’s not counter. It was really a fun and tiring trip.  It was a ritual among us cousins to be awake til break of dawn talking about everything and anything under the moon. Revelations time. It was really fun catching up with them. 🙂

My favorite shot! :)
My favorite shot while in HK! 🙂

May was indeed a fun, crazy, stressful and emotional month!  Parang roller coaster ride lang. 🙂

Vday Gift from Liam

This post had been sitting on my drafts since Feb. 14, 2013.

The night before Vday, Liam had act up that created an argument between me and Dino.  That night, all my insecurities about being a good mom and all the guilt came out.  I really can’t sleep with all those bad thoughts, so after a few toss and turns, I went out of the room so I can clear my head.

Before I move on to that night’s story, let me share with you another concern we are handling.  Liam has a problem about waking up alone.  You see, ever since he was born, I was so praning that even if he’s asleep, I really don’t want him left alone.   So maybe, that’s also the reason why he’s not use to it.  Earlier this year, they had an incident where Donna left him for a while to pee (during his nap).  He woke up and cried so bad that he had been restless in bed since then.  He would always make sure that somebody is on his side by hugging or touching any part of his body to the one beside him.  I talked to him every night after that.  Told him that he doesn’t have to cry and be afraid should he wake up alone, that I will only be outside should he wake up and not find me. (same goes when he takes his afternoon naps with Donna).  Every night for a week I did that.  Slowly, he was able to sleep better.

Back to my restless night, while unnecessarily feeling sorry for myself, I suddenly heard someone opening the door from our room. I thought it was just Dino checking on me, then I realized that it was Liam all doze-y and with eyes squinting at the light, no crying, just looking for me outside as I told him. I quickly carried him (before he fell down on our steps) and he simply asked: “what are you doing?”

With that simple gesture, I realized that am doing something right after all.

Me taking a nap while 2 months old Liam sleeps on my chest.
Me taking a nap while 2 months old Liam sleeps on my chest.


Oh No! Not Again!

One of the things I love and miss doing is travelling.  Last December, Dino and I are planning to fly abroad to spend some quality time together – just the 2 of us. But I think this will be put on a long hold.

Last 2012, we already booked our tickets for a 4 days 3 nights out of country trip. We requested my mom to fly to Cebu to oversee things and of course take care of Liam.  Unfortunately, my mom got sick and was confined not once, but twice while she was here with us in Cebu.  Glad that she’s very well now. Dino and I have to kiss our tickets goodbye though.

Last week month (this post has been sitting on my drafts for a month now), we had a week long meeting in our manila office. (info: Dino and I are working for the same company and in the same department. He is my immediate boss, talk about luck in work) we initially thought of bringing Liam along, but he’ll be skipping a week of school so we decided otherwise.  This time we requested my in-laws  to fly in and take care of the apo.

First Night in Manila, I wasn’t able to sleep well.  I thought to myself, namamahay lang ako.  I feel so agitated so I went to the living room, worked a little and slept there instead. 3 hrs tops (putol putol pa!).  Following morning, my MIL called and informed us that Liam has a slight fever and this is where the “story” begins.

Oh no! Not again No. 1:  Someone got sick with our plans of going out of country and this time it was Liam.  Okay, maybe it is really not due to our plans and it was just coincidence but I felt like the universe is telling us something.

Our first out of country trip together
Our first out of country trip together

Oh no! Not again No. 2:  Liam had seizure again.  He already had seizure last year when he caught that Herpangina virus (see my post here).  This really sucks since this was already the 2nd time it happened to him in a year’s time and worst, this time both Dino and I are in Manila.

Guilty mama story – Scientifically, I know that it was the fever that caused his seizure, but the superstitious side in me believes that it might also be due to their visit to the ER that afternoon.   You see, Liam have been complaining that his pee won’t come out.  So I got worried that he might have UTI. So his pedia advised us to bring him to ER so they can check his urine.  We did not know that ER will extract blood too.  Liam was super horrified that time (as per Lola’s kwento) that maybe, just maybe, this fear caused his fever to shoot up that night.  😦  So if we decided otherwise, he might not have seizure?

Mommy and Liam's bonding time
Mommy and Liam’s bonding time

Oh no! Not again No. 3:  Someone got hospitalized again.  Due to the seizure, his pedia advised us to have him admitted so he can be put under observation.  Seizure kasi is bad for the brain, especially if there is recurrence.  I think she also advised hospitalization to put us (Dino and me) at ease.  But AT EASE is the last thing that we can be.  Since we’re both in Manila, our in-laws have to be the one to go with him. Dino and I agreed that I fly back to Cebu and he stay behind and check if he can fly in day after.  He booked me in next flight we can get.  Ako na si Darna!

It was all worth it.  Lola was telling me how Liam was super weak and not in the mood but his demeanor changed once he heard my voice and saw me.  He was so lively na and daldal.  Here in the pic below, we are watching TV and he was back to his old self na except for the fact that he has IV on one hand.

Thanks to my MIL for being able to take pic. :)
Thanks to my MIL for being able to take pic. 🙂

I’m really thankful that my in-laws are here then, if not, I really don’t know what I’ll do.  Pero, as much as am thankful, I also empathize with them, imagine how hard it is for them to see their beloved first and only apo in that situation?  Even my mom cried when I texted her about Liam’s situation (and that’s just over the phone and Liam is already her 15th apo, how much more my in-law no?! haaay, this always makes me teary eyed) That’s why I really told Lolo and Lola that I hope they won’t get phobia and will still come and be willing to take care of Liam. hehe.  This was their first time kasi to come and take over.  Usually, at least one of us is here kasi when they visit.  I think di naman, since Lolo is scheduled to come next week.. whew!

Oh no! Not again No. 4:  We have to delay our plans of going out of country – na di kasama si Liam.  Yes, we are still planning to go abroad, pero this time, Liam is going with us! Crossing my fingers!! 🙂

Taken at the airport going to Manila...
Taken at the airport going to Manila…

I just want to share a thought/story on the guilt story I shared above. I’ve been discussing the film “Frozen” with my office mate.  We both agreed that what happened to Elsa was her parent’s fault.  We felt that they shouldn’t have kept Elsa’s power, they shouldn’t have her conceal it.  A lot of should haves and shouldn’t haves.  But after all these Oh no’s! I was able to relate to the Elsa and Anna’s parents.  We might think they should have done it otherwise, but all their decision that time was what they thought and knew best for their children – not just Elsa but for Anna too.  They did not ask her to conceal it for any bad reason, but for her own good too.   That realization is what’s keeping me going now.  Knowing that whatever Dino and I may have decided and will decide in the future, it will always be what we think is best for our family.

Advance Valentine Gift

One of my 2014 resolution is “magtipid”. Well, am not really magastos, but I have a few weaknesses too.

1. Groceries and eating out
I never think twice when it comes to my cravings, cooking and baking. Every time I want to try a new dish and it calls for a new spice or ingredient, kaching! Walang isip isip!

When am out naman, I always make it a point to buy Dino’s and Liam’s fave food, kahit sang damakmak pa ang pagkain sa bahay. I just can’t help it, I want to make them happy lang naman.

I also have a bad habit of treating our staffs, especially if am the one who initiated where to eat and if i knew that it’s out of their budget na. Kaching!

2. FitFlop
Ever since Dino gave me my first pair, I never stopped loving and owning another pair. In total, I already have 10prs – 5 of which are still with me.  Yeah, I give my old ones to my nieces and once to my MIL. 🙂

Now, I’m eyeing 3 more designs – Flora, Chada and Flare Slide.  I already told myself that I don’t need it. Dino agreed to buy me 1 na nga pero am really controlling myself. Ok pa ung 5prs ko. Ahem ahem very good ako (thanks!)

3. Maldita
I never came out of this store empty handed. Ewan ko ba, there’s always something I like in this shop. Kaya last that I went out, I really did not drop by this store! Ahem again.. applause naman dyan.

4. Last is our stores (not ours like Dino and mine but stores we’re handling here in VisMin)
I also have this bad habit of buying stuff from our stores even if I don’t need them. Ganun kagagaling mga staffs namen, pati ako nabobola.. O ganun lang talaga ako ka-gullible. Hehe

That’s just what I really spend on. Pero bigger percentage of all my spendings is in food talaga.

Anyway, back to my topic.. With this resolution in mind, I stayed away from Maldita and did not let my staff talk me into buying any of our products. BUT! out of curiosity lang, I dropped by Yosi Samra store. They just opened a branch here in Ayala Cebu last November 2013.  Kakatawa pa, I really don’t know this brand, I asked my staff pa, ano benta nila puro cigarettes? She told me, “No, Ms. Juvs, I think they are selling ballet flats.’  Shunga lang talaga. hehehe

So before even stepping in the store, I was very firm not to buy anything.  The store supervisor was very nice and accommodating. Pero kahit na I kept on telling myself not to be fooled. Hahaha

I first tried their snake skin line and it was really nice. Insole was super soft and di masakit sa paa.  I checked the price, GULP! 2795.  A bit pricey for a ballet flats.

Samara Serpent in Beige (photo taken from their official website)
Samara Serpent in Beige

Pero firm ako, so I gave the pair back to Josh (the sup).  I am so firm that I even went around.  Next, I saw their slippers. The footbed was soft also and it looks nice on my feet.

Roee Metallic Leather in Rose Gold
Roee Metallic Leather in Rose Gold (1,995 pesos if I remember it right)

I even tried 2 prs since the first was too big for me. I almost lost my will power pero again, firm ako, so I returned both pairs to Josh and went further and checked their Croco collection (as per Josh, these are their new arrivals).

Orly Embossed Croco Loafer (with Tassle)
Orly Embossed Croco Loafer (with Tassle) in Moss

Oh no!!! All my will power went missing when I tried this one!  I checked the price P3,795 Oh my gulay! Too pricey for a pair of ballet flats but it did not help my will power to come back.  I just really LOVE this pair!!

Ang ganda diba?!?!
Ang ganda diba?!?!

Am glad I did not give in to Dino’s FitFlop gift, I was able to ask him to give me these shoes instead! YES!!!  hehehe.  Thanks to my Bobe for the early Valentine’s Day gift and date (of course I wore my new pair to our date! 😉 )

Disclaimer:  All product shots were taken from YS’s official website.  

Marriage and Happily Ever After

Today, am letting you in a little secret.  Earlier last year, my marriage went through a little bump. Nothing too serious naman, no 3rd party, no drugs and no physical abuse naman. Pure Misunderstanding lang that came from stress and adjustment.

Funny as it may sound, it’s just now that we are going through our ‘adjustment period’.  Our relationship was more of a relaxed one.  Being a couple for almost 8 years before getting married helped us know each other very well.  We do have petty LQs , but that only last for 5mins then we’re back to our old loving self na. That’s how we started.

Well, a lot has been going on beginning of 2013, both with work and our family life, when we experienced the ‘bump’.  I personally have a lot of things planned out for the year that sometimes stresses me out if things did not went my way.  For sure you guys know what stress can do to us.

Anyway, I won’t bug you with details anymore, to keep it simple Dino & I talked it over and we started really working on our marriage.  A bit effort lang at first, pero with true love everything is easy and everything simply falls into place. 🙂

I also had some tools that helped us understand each other a bit more.  First was the love language test.  I first heard about this from my High School friend.  She shared this with us after she and her hubby learned it in a marriage seminar (I think it’s the seminar they attended prior their wedding).

It’s how we show our love for another individual.  It says that every individual has different ways of showing/feeling love for/from our loved ones.  We all have different love languages. That’s why sometimes we and our partners misunderstood each other, kasi we don’t have same love language.  There are 5 love languages – Words of affirmation; Acts of Service; Receiving Gifts; Quality Time; and Physical touch. I won’t be elaborating each anymore, I encourage you to try the test.  (click here)

After taking the test, it came out that my love language is Gifts and words of affirmation.  It’s not that am materialistic.  It’s knowing that my the other person remembers while we are apart.  Kesihodang maliit lang ang gift or mura lang.  Kahit nga ipitas lang ako ng bulaklak sa garden, kikiligin na ko. It’s the thought and effort that really counts for me.

As for the words of affirmation naman, I think this came about since that is one of the issues I had during the ‘bump” stage.  I felt so unappreciated.  So maybe while taking the test, nag reflect to.  Lucky for me, I was able to persuade Dino to take the test too.  It turned out that his naman were Acts of service and Time.

Knowing his love languages made me realize that he was showing his love for me na pala when he tries to help me and every time  he asks me to wash or help him clean the car.  Cleaning the car kasi became his pass time after we acquire his our new car.  While he does it, I usually do some of my chores then take a nap not knowing maybe my husband also wants to spend some time with me doing what he likes.  Anyway, after knowing that, I don’t really helped him clean kasi he’s a bit meticulous about it too, so I made it a point to bring him juice or ice cold water while I bake naman in the kitchen. I don’t take naps na or if pagod talaga ako, I ask him to nap with me instead.

There are also 2 articles that helped me realize my own faults and how to change the way I think. First was the blog post that became viral from Mr. Seth Adam Smith.  (You can see the post here) This post really got me, I even shared it in my FB account.  It says that marriage is not for us.  We marry for the one we love and the family we want to have with him/her.  I really encourage everyone to read it.  It’s really nice.

Another was an article that my dear friend posted in her FB page.  (see here) This is a long list, but what hit me the most was #4 – Don’t Interrupt!  I think I do this quite a lot to him, since most of the time, I know how he’ll react to things already and I know what he thinks na.  Pero it’s still important that we let them know that we value their opinions.  The rest on the list naman, I took note of.

And last but not the least is an advice I got from my dear friend – Prayers and changing one’s mindset.  In my case, it’s more of  knowing how he shows his loves.  Maybe, he’s not the type who sings and writes poems for you (just a sample), but it does not mean that he loves you less right??  E ako nga pinili nya pakasalan diba?!?!  And of course, lots and lots of Prayers.  Putting all my faith in Him.  Am not super religious but I make it a point to talk to Him and always ask for guidance especially when it comes to my family.

Lastly, am not sure what “Happily Ever After” really means.  But I do believe in this.  I believe that we work on our marriage and our family so we can have a our own “Happily Ever After”.  Maybe not early on the marriage but when we get older, when sex won’t do the trick or when dating becomes hard and impossible and when all your kids have their own lives na.  You will still have your partner beside you, reminiscing your love stories and telling silly jokes.  Or pwede ding holding hands while walking on the beach ang peg. Ang sweet isipin no?   I know that day will come for me and Dino.  Maybe not HHWW but our Happily Ever After will come.  If there’s one important thing Dino have taught me that is it’s normal for couples (married or not) to fight but our love will always prevail and we can always work things out.

How about you guys? Do you believe in “Happily Ever After”?

2013 xmas portrait 008
Happy New Year!

PS:  These are just my thought, others may think otherwise.

Confession: My Boo Boo

I have a little confession to make.  Remember the bikes I told you about in this post?  Well, after a week, Dino and I rode our bikes from home to office and vice versa.  I have always been careful naman.  Until the other day.

Well, I was not just careful that day but I was extra careful. Parang may premonition na din kasi, I was a bit reluctant to ride bike to office the other day,  but we still pushed through.  As I said I was extra careful especially crossing the street until my last turn to office.  And just like that, I fell down. I really don’t know what happened.  I was too shocked to react.  It took me, I think more than 5 seconds before I get up and check how badly hurt I was.

My knees were scraped and was I lucky I decided to wear jeans that day.  my jeans was ripped off.  My left palm also was hurt badly, open wounds and badly bruised. I also got little scrapes on my left arm.  Am still good though, I would still consider it minor accident.  But my palm hurt like hell last Monday.

My default first aid for cuts is always Hydrogen Peroxide and Betadine.  But it did not help a bit.  Good thing I remember having a tube of Bactroban in the closet.  I used it yesterday and Boy! it was really effective. After 2 hours of application, I felt the difference already.  The swelling subsided na and the wound almost dried up.

Anyway, despite the incident, am still thankful that we are already near the office when it happened at hindi sa main road nangyari where there are all kinds of vehicle that may hit me.  Also, am thankful that this happened to me and not to any of my loved ones.  So ok na lang din. And nicest of all is how Liam helped me tend my wounds.

Dr. Liam intently tending to my wound..
Dr. Liam intently tending to my wound..
He's very careful to put cream on the affected area only
He’s very careful to put cream on the affected area only
He don't miss a spot.  He saw a small one and put some cream on it too. :)
He didn’t miss a spot. He saw a small one and put some cream on it too. 🙂

Thank you Liam for helping mommy. Now my wounds are almost healed.  They are all dried up na waiting for full recovery na lang.  Can ride my bike na ulit this weekend! 🙂

A Walk at Night

Am here in the office early.  Finished checking may Emails and need to focus on finishing our evaluations.  I also intended to do a post today about the calamity and all that am feeling and thinking.  But, I saw this post from a friend and decided otherwise.  I don’t want to be let down of what’s happening.  I need positive thoughts!!



This is sooo TRUE!! I’m sure many mommies would agree with this quote.  Ever since I got pregnant with Liam, it’s always about him and our little family.

I read Ms. Toni Tiu’s (blogger behind Wifely Steps) “Ordinary Moments Make Life Most Special” post last week and I couldn’t agree with her more.  For us, it’s the same. As I posted before, we are having the no gadget rule at night so we can focus and give more attention to Liam (and to lessen his tablet usage, hehe), since this is the only time we are together talaga.  It’s also every time we come home and Liam will come running to us with a wide excited smile in his face.  Everyday, he’s excited like that and  it never fails to brighten our day.

Oh, here’s me and Liam last night outside our gate, another of our “ordinary times” together…


Nautakan ako ng anak ko kagabi.  We are weaning him na from poh poh (carrying) na.  We want him to start walking on his own na. He does naman pero soooobrang tamad! hehe… Last night, while playing in his room, he heard fireworks (super hina per narinig nya) so we ran outside (kahit alam ko di namen makikita yun), I carried him so it will be faster for us to go outside.  After realizing that we can’t see it, I told him we’ll go inside na.  Anong sabi nya?

Liam:  No, let’s walk around …

Very seldom does he want to walk around the village (near zero possibility).  Dino always tries to invite him for a walk at night after dinner, never nag yes ang bagets.  Last night, dahil karga ko siya.. Siya pa mismo nag-yaya.  Since weather was nice last night, I gave in and walked with him around the village.  We talked about everything we can think of, the leaves, the trees, the ladies we saw at the neighbor’s lawn and stopped to greet everyone we see. hehehe

After 1 round, he wants to go around again.. But I know I might make it back since he is not the light na no.. So we decided to call his dad instead and took a photo of us last night before we went back in and prepare for bed time. 🙂  Okay, I changed my mind, this is not so ordinary at all but it’s a special moment I want to keep. 🙂

Hmmm.. I can feel the positive vibes na. Thinking and writing about Liam makes my day and it takes all the blues away..

Have a blessed Wednesday.  Need to get back to work.  Will be blogging more soon.. 🙂


Setting Limits Part 2

Well, this is a lighter version of my previous post. Just want to share some synopsis on our daily disciplining lives.  My son is growing up so fast and so witty sometimes it leaves me speechless.  Ako ang napag iiwanan. My styles are always outdated when it comes to Liam.

At night, we always ask him to pee first before we put his nappies on.. one night..
M: Liam, wiwi time!
Liam not following..
M: Liam, don’t wait for me to count to 3 ha.. I will pah pah you.
Liam still not moving..
M: One..
L: Two! Three!
Sabay takbo saken and spank (lightly) me on my thighs and said..
L: Pah pah!
This is the first time I used this style and still am the one who got spank. KOW!

While playing marble one night, Liam was acting to put the marble in his mouth…
M (with a loud voice):  LIAM! Stop that!
Liam shocked with my loud voice, drop the marbles, stood up and went to me on the verge of crying..
M: What did I tell you? (calmly)
L: Don’t put marble in my mouth.. (crying)
M: because??
L:  it’s dirty (still crying)
M: ok let’s play na ulit…
After a while, daddy came out of the shower..
D: Liam, why did you cry?
L: I put marble in my mouth and it’s dirty…
Natatandaan naman pala nya, sana lang palagi. You may wonder how come am more worried that the marble is dirty than he getting choked, we are using big marbles kasi, so it’s not a choking hazard naman.. 🙂

Lately talaga, Liam is really trying his limits.  Even with bad words (see my previous post about it).   He has all the reasons in the world every time we forbid him to do something.  Though, am not saying he is not a good boy. Liam is a good boy I know that, am not saying this because am his mother, but I really can feel it. He has a soft heart and he is not madamot.  He is just being a normal kid who’s going through a phase wherein our guidance as parents is very important.  Pressure!!!

Speaking of “reasons”, one of our dilemmas now is how to interest Liam into writing.  I think a lot of mom’s is going through this pain too. During Liam’s evaluations, T’May mentioned that Liam’s weak spot is writing.  With this, we are so focused on practicing writing with him. We have a goal to achieve.  Pero…

While practice writing with Donna…
L:  I am sad na..
D:  Why are you sad?
L:  I am sad.. waaaah!! I don’t want to write na…
When I got home, it’s my turn to practice with him
L:  I am sad na…
M:  No, that will not work with me, write ka na..
L:  I want to change colors
M: ok, change..
After a few more reasoning, interruptions and side kwentos and with only a few lines written..
L:  Waahhh (faking a cry with blinking eyes so tears will fall) am tired na. I don’t want to write na..
M to Daddy:  Waaaah!! This will be challenging..

Other reasons/interruptions:
– I want to hug mommy
– Where is color Jamenta (Magenta)?
– What color is this?
– I will fix this.
– I will fix that.
– I am a mouse, I will stay outside na lang.
– if all else fails, CRY!

WAAAH!! kaloka lang diba?! Oh well, I dropped it na din.  I realized that he is only 3 yrs old and I want him to have fun.  Dino also told me to let him be na at baka daw matrauma pa sa writing ang anak nya.  As lola puts it naman, let him have fun and he will learn that in school naman.  I believed them and I listened to them.  Well, aside from the fact that writing is his parent’s least favorite too.. hehehe.. How could I force him to do it, when my writing homework was all done by my loving sister (Thanks Judz! 🙂 )

Asked him what he drew, he said: "That's daddy cicada, this is mommy cicada" :)
Asked him what he drew, he said: “That’s daddy cicada, this is mommy cicada” 🙂

So instead of me having a hard time teaching him writing which he obviously hates, why not reinforce our efforts into teaching something else he will enjoy.  Ang importante is that he is continuously learning new things every day.  So we are learning to count 1 to 10 in Fook Yuen now and we are trying to do the sight words.  Di din sapilitan, pag gusto lang nya. Most of the time, arts!! this is his favorite and syempre free play! 🙂

Hmmm… on second thought, maybe it’s really because am his mother, that’s why I say he will be a good man? If not, e di mali ang pagpapalaki namen diba?!!? And sino ba namang magulang gustong maging masama anak nya, right?!!?