Liam Says Part 3

It’s been a while since my last Liam Says post.  It’s very hard to keep track on what he says nowadays.  Napaka daldal kasi ng anak ko. hehehe.. he repeats everything he hears na..

Anyway, below are some words that he still can’t pronounce properly..

  • dawala – dalawa
  • tagala – talaga
  • pakala – palaka
  • empapaya – empanada
  • Lion Ink – Lion King
  • bas en bol – basketball
  • buliling – Bulawin (our subd. guard)
  • dawm – down
  • bitiki – Butiki
  • kiyaw – Square
  • trangular – triangle (i love it when he says this)

He can also form sentences now.. Note on the verbs he use..

  • Liam is wearing the Green Damit
  • I am upping the ladder (going up the ladder)
  • Liam is ahmming (eating – we usually use ahm ahm to say eat, thus the verb!

and Dino’s fave…

  • put ragis – putrages (yes, you read it right!! Daddy nya may kasalanan!)

He’s also in the stage now where he likes singing and changing the lyrics..

  • Itsy Bitsy Cockroach.. he uses ladybug, mantis and grasshoppers too 
  • Twinkle Twinkle little daddy.. mommy.. wowo… wawa…

Aside from these songs, he also loves singing ABC, 12 buckle my shoe, happy birthday and Gangnam Style.  Once he was also singing a Maroon 5 song, kaso Ate Donna did not know the title and can’t sing it too. She told us that Liam heard it earlier. 🙂

Haay.. I’m a bad mom, can’t remember other words he can’t pronounce pa and other sentences he makes up. These above are the remarkable and memorable ones.  Note to self, always take note and always take pics!! KOW!

I Love you, anak.. mwah!
I Love you, anak.. mwah!

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