Liam Says Part 3

It’s been a while since my last Liam Says post.  It’s very hard to keep track on what he says nowadays.  Napaka daldal kasi ng anak ko. hehehe.. he repeats everything he hears na..

Anyway, below are some words that he still can’t pronounce properly..

  • dawala – dalawa
  • tagala – talaga
  • pakala – palaka
  • empapaya – empanada
  • Lion Ink – Lion King
  • bas en bol – basketball
  • buliling – Bulawin (our subd. guard)
  • dawm – down
  • bitiki – Butiki
  • kiyaw – Square
  • trangular – triangle (i love it when he says this)

He can also form sentences now.. Note on the verbs he use..

  • Liam is wearing the Green Damit
  • I am upping the ladder (going up the ladder)
  • Liam is ahmming (eating – we usually use ahm ahm to say eat, thus the verb!

and Dino’s fave…

  • put ragis – putrages (yes, you read it right!! Daddy nya may kasalanan!)

He’s also in the stage now where he likes singing and changing the lyrics..

  • Itsy Bitsy Cockroach.. he uses ladybug, mantis and grasshoppers too 
  • Twinkle Twinkle little daddy.. mommy.. wowo… wawa…

Aside from these songs, he also loves singing ABC, 12 buckle my shoe, happy birthday and Gangnam Style.  Once he was also singing a Maroon 5 song, kaso Ate Donna did not know the title and can’t sing it too. She told us that Liam heard it earlier. 🙂

Haay.. I’m a bad mom, can’t remember other words he can’t pronounce pa and other sentences he makes up. These above are the remarkable and memorable ones.  Note to self, always take note and always take pics!! KOW!

I Love you, anak.. mwah!
I Love you, anak.. mwah!

Sampumg Pakala (Palaka)

Pit Senyor!! Today is Sinulog Festival here in Cebu.  Past 3 Festivals, Dino and I have already been planning to go. But due to many reasons, we never pushed thru.   At long last, wish come true for Bobe.  He was able to get a VIP ID from our friend Chia! Yey!! Oh well, as for me and Liam, dito na lang kame sa bahay. Takot ko lang maipit at mawala anak ko. There will always be next year for that.

Making myself busy cooking and baking now, Tinola on the stove, Flan Cake in the oven. And planning to bake some Meringue Kisses later. (I have egg whites kasi from the Flan at ayaw ko na syang itapon, gaba!! Sana lang sipagin ako later. 🙂

Okey, back to my topic.  Since I wanted Liam to also learn Filipino rhymes, I taught him “Sampung Mga Daliri” that he got after showing him the actions twice.  Ate Lilia at the other hand, taught him “Sampung Palaka”. Here’s how it goes…

Sampung Palaka
Lumalangoy sa sapa
Pataas, pababa
Paikot ikot pa

Ang sabi ng Nanay
“Matulog na kayo”
Sabi ng palaka
“Ayaw ko! Ayaw ko!”

It’s just so funny whenever he’ll ask us to sing it, he will say “Sampung Pakala! ikot ikot pa!”  with matching actions! 🙂   Hay, sino ba naman di matutuwa sa batang ‘to. No wonder his Wowo and Wawa misses him so much.

Out of topic again, just want to post this pic…

See! How kulit  you are, Liam. You write on your hand, then you'll say, Yuck!! showing us your dirty hands.  Buti na lang at cute ka anak! :)
See! How kulit you are, Liam. You write on your hand, then you’ll say, Yuck!! showing us your dirty hands. Buti na lang at cute ka anak! 🙂

Oh!! I almost forgot, I still have remaining Flan mixture. Maisalang na nga bago pa ko tamarin. Til my next post! 🙂

Conversations with Liam

So many posts hanging in my head.  But this one I need to do now while I have the “free” time, or else, makalimutan ko na lahat.

Anyway, if there is one thing am sure Liam got from me, it’s his being madaldal.  He’s now talking endlessly and sometimes he has words we can’t decipher.  But he has his way to explain them to us. Acting them out, getting the item he wants or translating them.  Pag di nya maexplain, better luck next time nalang.  Below are some dialogues we had with him

Dialogue 1: SM

After a week of sem-break, Liam saw me preparing his uniform for school:

Liam:  Nooooo… (putting back his uniform in the drawer)

Me: Liam, you have school today

Liam: No, no marj… S.. M… huuuuhuuuu (fake cry)

KOW!! lakwatsero na anak ko!!

diba ako ang kamukha? 😛

Dialogue 2: Umbrella

One rainy morning..

Daddy:  Liam, it’s raining outside

Liam: no jip?

Daddy: Yes, we can’t go out

Liam: no da? (no isda?)

Daddy:  Yes, we can’t go to fishes

Liam: Payong? (looks for the umbrella)

WAPAK!!  Talo ang tatay!

Hehehe.. ok ok.. si Dino na nga kamukha.. 🙂

Dialogue 3:  Liam loves Donna

While having snack in school

T’ Marj:  Liam, T’ Marj will eat your left over na

Liam: No eat Marj, Donna yan..

taken when Liam was only 2week old. Ang pilyo na no?

Dialogue 4: Necklace and US

Same day at school, Liam showed off necklace he is wearing

Liam:  Yam wer nekleys yaik wowo.. (Liam wears necklace like wowo)

after a while, Liam talked to T’ Raine…

Liam:  Waya Daddy

T’ Raine: Where is daddy?

Liam:  US

Actually daddy is in Indonesia this time, but he remembered that the week before his daddy is in the US)

Last Christmas at Tagaytay 🙂

Dialogue 5:  Bastos.. So far our favorite

Mommy:  Liam, brush teeth na

Liam: No na brush teeth

Mommy:  Yes brush na, masisira teeth mo

Liam: Sira titi mo..


Oh well, what can I say we have our little gaya gaya now. We need to be double careful with our words na…

C O O L !

Liam Says Part II

Barely 2 years old and Liam’s vocabulary is expanding profoundly. Comparing it to my old list, there are lots of improved and new words. The mommy can’t catch up jotting down.  I need to post this down na before I forget his ever changing dictionary.  Yes, it changes.. kasi his speech is improving.  He learned how to say multi syllable words already.

Anyway, enough with the intro.. here’s his new dictionary:


  • iyam – Liam
  • maameee – Mommy (this is improved, he calls me mymy before)
  • daaddeee – Daddy (also improved from Dad)
  • wawa – Lola (he calls his lola wawa, I think he got it from wowo – Lolo)
  • kaka – Kuya Willy (the Driver)
  • maju marj – Teacher Marj (improved, he used to call her marj only and usually he pertains this to his school too)
  • ispaydeman – Spiderman (another improvement, he use to call him maan before)
  • ten – Ben Ten
  • tan – Lucio (the pedicab driver, Donna calls him Lucio Tan, thus Liam’s version)
  • ching – Monching (one of our colleague – IT rep)
  • sha – Essa (colleague)
  • tor – Victor (colleague)
  • rel – Cyrel (colleague)
  • bel – Bel (colleague)
  • wudy – woody
  • buz – buzz


  • kat – cut (improved from aak)
  • hayding – hiding (when he says this, Dino and I will say “nooo!” kasi this is the part where he will get all our pillows and throw it to the floor, then he will hide his head under the pillows, with his butt showing.. haha)
  • wayt – write
  • wiking – walking
  • khun khun – sleep (improved from unk unk)
  • mish – swim
  • piks – fix
  • yosh – ayos
  • kuk – cook
  • shing – sing
  • ba  – laba
  • pacha – plantsa
  • tamp – stomp
  • dyam – jump
  • bay – buy
  • get – get
  • dyink – drink
  • nom – inom
  • kish – Kiss
  • hak – hug (improved from aak)
  • kot – ikot
  • shayd – slide
  • upo – upo (upo)
  • shit – sit (sounds like a bad word no?!)
  • pen – open
  • cosh – close
  • off – off
  • gow – go
  • topsh – stop

*he already know that green light is for go and red light is for stop.  Once the traffic light turns green, he will ask his daddy to move by saying GOOOW!!

* he also knows the difference of open and cloe


  • byidge – bridge
  • peydoh – Play Dough
  • meni – money (when he wants to go out and ride padyak, he knows how to extend his hand upward and ask for money from me or Dino.  Liam don’t like bills, he wants coins only. 🙂 )
  • cam – camera (he also calls his dad’s tripod cam but uses it as mic)
  • bed – bed (he also calls pillows bed, better than when he still call his pillows unk unk)
  • jeep – jeep
  • bet – tablet
  • chu chu ten – choo choo train
  • buk – book
  • wersh – flowers
  • weyn – rain
  • bon – ambon


  • yakudo – Yakult (this one is not an improvement, he used to say this correctly but in two words “yak kult”. then he learned to put them together but with an “o” at the end. everybody laughed at  him, so it stayed with him.. hehe)
  • ding – Pudding
  • egmant – eggplant (improved from just “eg’
  • krots – carrots
  • pachay – pechay
  • shroom – mushroom
  • tow – tomatoe
  • oyon – onion
  • hatchiyi – hot chili
  • pol – apple (improved from “arks” – sound of eating crunchy apple)
  • weynge – Orange
  • mon – watermelon and lemon
  • kowp – cantalope
  • klim – Ice Cream
  • keyk – cake
  • kat – Kit Kat
  • nips – Nips and M&M’s (he calls everything M&M like candies nips even the jelly beans, pang local ang anak ko.. 🙂 )
  • leyt – chocolate
  • ter – water
  • geti – spaghetti


  • mosh – small (and yes, he can identify big from small already)
  • meny – many
  • kabiya – kabila (other room)


  • weynge – orange
  • yed – red
  • bown – brown
  • bet – violet
  • yow – yellow


  • wan – one
  • tuu – two (improved from chu)
  • tee – three
  • po – four
  • payb – five
  • sik – six
  • eben – seven
  • eyt – eight
  • nay – nine
  • ten – ten (sometimes he pronunce this as pen.. hehehehe)


  • sheyp – shape
  • kel – circle
  • gon – pentagon and hexagon
  • cros – cross
  • gul – triangle
  • bal – oval
  • kuwayre – square


  • haaay – hi
  • yun oh – ayun oh!
  • oh no – oh no!
  • no no – no no
  • kam in – Come in (when someone knocks at the door)
  • shok – pasok (when someone knocks too)
  • nyi – nye


  • duwan duwan – another one
  • tu tee dyam  – one, two, three, jump! (he counts before he jumps off his toy car)
  • yeyaw – ayaw
  • karsh ap ap byidge – Cars go up the bridge
  • waya, get kabiya – toy is not here, get at the other room

Our new bed time routine now includes telling our daily stories, like what we did for the day.  His story always includes his morning routine with his dad, where they ride the jeep and go to IT Park to buy bread and pudding then they watch and feed the fishes.

Whew! Ang dami and ang hirap mag spell ng pronunciations nya.. Makes me wonder how I will spell his words out later on when I teach him to speak Chinese na.. hahaha.. Oh well.. I think I missed out a lot of words, I should update every time may maalala ako. 🙂


P.S. On second thought, I will just post a part III. 🙂