A de Leon Trait

Proofs of Liam being a true blue de Leon…

photo 40
Dino and Liam’s morning bonding.. (so saan naman ako uupo nyan?)
photo 1_2
At dahil di pa nadeliver ang couch… si Mommy muna ha..
photo 5
at least now, they realized mommy also has to sit.. 🙂
liam LX513 027
minsan relax din sa mat lang.. 🙂

Oh yes, my son loves watching TV like his Wowo and Daddy. Wowo and Daddy sleeps with the TV on.  They will also turn TV on once they are awake. That’s why I insisted not having a TV in our room.  Or else, TV all night and TV all morning ang mag-ama ko.. KOW!!

Though, we are not that bad naman, we still control what he watch, hmm.. or is it the other way around? Liam controls the TV, as we are always tuned in Disney Jr. or Disney Channel.  Once his dad will check NBA, someone will shout “Change TV” or he’ll say “watch, Jake the Pirate” (or whatever he is currently watching).  hehe.. sorry daddy..

What really amazes me is his body clock! at night, he knows when it is time for Mickey Mouse Clubhouse already.  He will tell us, watch Mickey Mouse, once we open it, it’s indeed MMC on the Disney Jr.  I don’t know how he do it, pero wala talagang palya. Maybe dahil din sa daily routine nya?

Hmm.. speaking of routines, Liam is at the stage now where he knows what will happen next. Like if I will take a bath in the Morning it means I will go to office after.  So he will make all excuses not to make me go take bath. At night naman, he knows that after taking bath, it’s time to sleep, so he delays his bath time. Or after Lunch, it’s nap time, he will shout, “sleep with mommy only”.   Now we are already teaching him to look at the clock at night. That once long hand points to 6 (9;30pm) it means lights off time. Medyo effective naman. Though, there are tawad moments talaga with him lagi.  He’ll say “Last One!?” or “7 nalang?” or “No turn off light”.

Naku! He is really growing up fast! I really pray to God that he gives us the wisdom to guide Liam in his growing years.

Oh last note, it’s Liam’s first day of class yesterday..  Bad mommy moment. I wasn’t able to go with him to school, wala pang pics. pero told Ate Donna to take his pic today. Sana nagawa. hehe

liam LX513 037