Books! Books! Books!

After comparing the Top 100 Children’s Books list with Liam’s collection, realized that we only got… 11 out of 100!! 11% hmm.. ang layo! hehehehe Thanks to Maqui now we have more than a dozen (literally 1 more than a dozen, haha).  She gifted Liam with 2 new books that’s in the list! YEY!! Here are some of the books we have..

here are some of the books we have
i wonder where the “Goodnight Moon” and “Guess How Much I Love You” books went.. hehe

Anyways, even as a kid, am just a sporadic reader.  But i remember having a set of Dr. Seuss books at home and we have a set of Disney Encyclopedia at may grandma’s place where I grew up.  i remember reading those encyclopedia during free time and that my favorite Dr, Seuss book is Green Eggs and Ham.

That’s why, when I saw these Dr. Seuss books in Book Sale, I can’t help but buy them. They are way cheaper than the set I saw in one of the bookstores here. A set of 12 mini-me sizes costs P 3,200.00 (P 266 each).  P120 from Boos Sale is still waaaay cheaper.  Here’s our Dr. Seuss collection…

Dr. Seuss Books
Dr. Seuss Books

Am also so happy kasi my money did not go to waste as Liam loves them.  When he was barely a year old, his favorites are “Hop on Pop” and the “Foot Book”.  That’s why those 2 looks worn out.  Oh, he also love “Are You My Mother?”  Now he likes ‘The Cat in the Hat”, “Put me in the Zoo” and “Green Eggs and Ham”. But his ultimate favorite is “Go, Dogs! Go!”  We read this E V E R Y night, 2x pa at times.

Lately, Liam is into bugs.  I downloaded apps about bugs and insects in both tablets and bought him some books about it too. Buti na lang I bought him these books at nakapahinga lately si Go, Dog! hehehe

"Minibeasts", "I Love Bugs", "1000 Facts About Wild Animals" and his "Number Book"
“Minibeasts”, “I Love Bugs”, “1000 Facts About Wild Animals” and his “Number Book”

The number book is not about bugs, but he also likes this lately.  He likes the flaps that shows the correct count of the items on the page and likes making fun of me too – counting the pictures that should not be counted then will look at me and laugh.. haaay.. ang kulit lang ng anak ko.. hehehe (by the way, this “fish book” (that’s how he calls this) is a gift from Leah’s boss when she visited us earlier this year.  Ang Sweet no?

Well, Liam have other books pa na he likes.  Will be doing a separate post on that na lang next time as I haven’t organized my thoughts and pictures pa for that.

Liam reading his Fish Book.. ganda ng lazy boy nya no?? :)
Liam reading his Fish Book.. ganda ng lazy boy nya no?? 🙂

P.S. Thanks again to all contributors to our mini library. We feel the love.. mwah! 🙂