Well Spent Indeed!

Re-posting.. iWatermark for Windows is weird.. Had problems with my blog this am when I used watermarked photos from it. So much for watermarking.. It will take me a while to do that again. hehe.. Anyway…. here’s my post..

Ever since Liam learned to play, he never slept in transit (in plane, car or even in the ferry).  Last vacation was a different story.  Every time Liam’s in a car, he’s asleep.  I can still remember him fighting his sleepiness. Babagsak at babagsak pa din naman siya.

On our way home from our Family Party
On our way home from our Family Party
from NAIA T3...
from NAIA T3…
...all the way to Cebu.  Bagsak!
…all the way to Cebu. Bagsak!

Sayang lang we were not able to take other times pa na he fell asleep.   Every time we’re on our back home, for sure he’ll fell asleep within 5 minutes.

Naku! Taking photos should be one of my biggest resolution this year. 🙂