Sari-saring Kwentong Liam

Yeah, I know, it’s been a long time since I really blogged and a lot have happened since.  Thus, the title..


Play school have ended last April for Liam and on their last day, the teachers decided to have their own Culmination Day and we are very proud to announce that he got the Academic award.  They are only 5 in the class, but he is the only one who really learned all the alphabets, numbers, colors and shapes.  Teacher often tells me that Liam is very observant and good in listening. Even he’s running around during lessons, he sure knows how to answer when asked.   He was even exempted from Evaluation day.  Oh, did I mention that he is the youngest?  🙂

My first "medal"
My first “medal” Thank you T’ Marj


One of the main reasons we enrolled him to play school was for him to learn how to interact with others (adults and kids his age alike). We saw a big improvement in the confidence with adults category but really failed in the playing with other kids side.  Though his teacher said that there was a big improvement since Liam agrees to hold hands and let his classmates hug him (yes, he let’s only 2 favorite classmate hug him, but he never hugs them back) during their circle time. But while all his classmates run and tag each other or throw balls at each other, he would rather play by himself or with the teachers.   We are starting to feel bad about it and check where we went wrong.

Since I don’t know any moms here in Cebu with kids at Liam’s age,  I asked Ate Lilia (our helper) to bring his grandson, Michael with us when we go to Family Park. To my delight, he started playing with him na. They ran around and kicked balls together.  Looked at animals in the Zoo and feed fishes and ducks in the pond.  I learned that I need not worry and hurry, Liam will learn all these when he’s ready.

Funny side story, Michael is well versed in Bisaya, while my son can only speak in Tagalog and English. Go figure how they were able to play… hahaha.. 🙂

taken during our day at the park with wowo and wawa.  Sorry no pic with Michael.. :( will be posting their video instead..
taken during our day at the park with wowo and wawa.
Sorry no pic with Michael.. 😦 (mental note: post video)


Please and thank you, they’re called the magic words… (from Barney)

No, Liam is not watching Barney Dino have banned Barney from our household.. hahaha.. no purple dinosaurs for Liam. hehehe

Anyway, Liam learned to say thanks already and yes at the right context of it.  No need to remind him, it comes out naturally.  He usually uses “Thanks!”  whenever we help him or when we give him something.

As for the Please word, he also uses this once in a while and needs some reminding at times. But for the basic like asking of water, milk or a little help, he will say “water, please” or “milk, please”..

Like his daddy, Liam loves his new toy car.. :)
Like his daddy, Liam loves his new toy car.. 🙂


Am really thankful having a loving and good yaya (Ate Donna).  She is very patient with Liam (sometimes I think she is more patient than me). She is also very supportive of Dino and my ways of nurturing Liam.  Last, she is very dedicated in teaching Liam.  After Liam’s classes, she will be playing with Liam and review (in a fun way) all the things they learned in school.

Since it’s summer and Liam have no classes, meaning no new lessons, Donna will still play alphabets with him and best part is she is teaching Liam to count and read numbers (numerical).  As of this writing, Liam can count from 1 to 30 and can recognize them too.

Funny counting stories…

Liam counting from 1 to 30..
Liam: one, two, three, four, …….. twenty-seven, twenty-eight, twenty-nine, twenty-ten

Mommy: Liam how may stars do we have… please count…
Liam:  one, two, three, four
Mommy: very good, so how many stars do you have?
Liam: TEN!!
Mommy: ‘di kaya!! Count again
Liam: one, two (pause)  nine, ten!!!  See??

Liam making lambing kay Ate Donna.. :)
Liam making lambing kay Ate Donna.. 🙂

PREFERENCE  (update)

Liam is in a stage now where he shows and voices out his preferences.  Usually this happens with food. Like what flavor of juice (his favorite is Blueberry), what flavor of ice cream (usually ube), what color to use in writing, who will he sleep or sit with (always ends up with mommy) and where to sit in the car (we always end up riding at the back of Pajero).

Some funny food stories…

One night after dinner..
Liam: Mommy, am hungry, Liam want to eat brown bread
Mommy: huh!? brown bread?
Liam: Yes brown bread..
Mommy: What is brown bread..
(Thinks for a while..)
Mommy: do you mean Pan de Sal?
Liam: Yes, I want Pan de Sal

Just the other day.. while having breakfast, I gave Liam “brown bread” with butter
L: please put spinach
M: Huh? what do you like?
L: Spinach!
M: Donna! anong hinihingi ng alaga mo na Spinach?
D (puzzled): ‘Di ko po alam dyan kay Liam
Liam not knowing how to explain further did not purseu the spinach issue…
Yesterday, while having breakfast, I was eating spanish bread and gave some to Liam..
L: please put butter on spinach!
AYUN!! nadale mo!!! Spanish bread pala ang gusto ng anak ko! (and so this morning, we had spinach bread again)

Liam eating his favorite Ube ice cream.. He actually knows how to eat by himself na, basta lang gusto nya kinakain nya. :)
Liam eating his favorite Ube ice cream.. He actually knows how to eat by himself na, basta lang gusto nya kinakain nya. 🙂


Am also glad to announce that we are one step closer to potty training.  As I’ve said, Donna is very patient with Liam, during their nap time, she will wake Liam up to pee and then put him back to sleep.  So for the day, Liam is diaper free already.  Okey, except when he needs to poop.  We need to put him on nappies so he can poop, or else he won’t go.  (Mommies, out there, any suggestions?)

Also, as of this writing, we don’t need to stand on the bowl anymore to pee, Liam is tall enough to reach the toilet while he pees. 🙂

Kudos my son, you never fail to make Mommy and Daddy happy and proud. :)
Kudos anak, you never fail to make Mommy and Daddy happy and proud. 🙂