Holiday 2013 Pictorial

It has now become a de Leon tradition to have a pictorial while we wait for the New Year to come in.  We started doing this last 2011 when Liam was only 1.  I bought red Angry Bird shirts for the 3 of us and since we are in red na, my MIL decided that we all wear red for the night to bring in luck and para maganda din ang pics. Last year, we decided to wear green, since this is the feng sui color for 2013. (see our 2011 and 2013 year end pictorials here)

This year,  feng sui color is still green, and we want it to be different from last year, so I checked the net what  the color trend for 2014 is and that decided what our motif  will be.  Am glad naman that everyone was so game and even bought their shirts just for the pictorial.

We always start with the family portrait
de Leon family portrait
Liam with Ninang Tita and Tito AJ
Liam with Ninang Tita and Tito AJ (and yes, my SIL is Leah of the Bright Spot! ahem ahem!)
Liam with Lolo and Lola
Liam with Lolo and Lola
and here's our family portrait this year.
and here’s our family portrait this year.

and some bonus shots….

de Leon girls...
de Leon girls…
2013 xmas others 001
Liam is asking when will his turn to take pictures be..
2013 xmas others 004
Now it’s my turn.. 🙂

Liam’s now starting to get interested in taking shots.  Sana matuto and maging magaling like his dad.  Yun lang, sayang ang kagwapuhan if he’ll always be behind the cam lang. hehehehe.. just saying..

Am hoping to have more pictorials this year.  Am planning to have an outdoor pictorial.  Sana matuloy.

Stay tuned pala for our Picture company experience.  (I have yet to go back and choose which pics to buy – oh my!!)

Holiday Pictorial

I was browsing through our photos in my iPhone when it suddenly hit me that time really flies so fast.  Looking at our Holiday Pictorials (2012 and 2011) there’s not much change except for the colors of our shirts and the most striking change that hits me… Liam grew up very fast! He looks so different already from the past year.


de Leon clan 2011
de Leon 2011 (Liam struggling, he wants to play and show off rather than pose for the camera)
de Leon Clan 2012
de Leon 2012  (Liam knows how to smile for the camera already)

Here’s our Family portrait naman.  As a portrait, I would say 2012 is better, pero personally, I like 2011 kasi candid sya.. 🙂

Our Family 2011 (yes, this is our family portrait last 2011)
Our Family 2011 (yes, this is our family portrait last 2011)
Our FAmily 2012 (diba matino na) hahaha
Our Family 2012 (diba matino na) hahaha

Of course photo opt with Wowo and Wawa should not be missed…

With Wowo and Wawa 2011
With Wowo and Wawa 2011 (Again, Lolo has to hold on Liam or else, nakakawala)
With Wowo and Wawa 2012
With Wowo and Wawa 2012 (Some things never change, kahit bigger na si Liam, Wowo still has to hold him tight, para di makawala.. haha)

I was so happy to see this din pala.. Dino was able to take our photo both years outside waiting for “pineworks” (Fireworks)…

Mommy and Liam 2011
Mommy and Liam 2011 (I have to hold him like this because he wants to go down and run, at wala syang shoes!)
Mommy and Liam 2012
Mommy and Liam 2012 (Liam’s behaved here, mejo tired na kasi and sleepy.. hehe)

Last!! Liam solo pic.. mawawalan ba naman si Liam ng solo shots? Not on Dino’s watch…

Liam 2011
Liam 2011 (goofing around with Wawa’s pillow)
Liam 2012
Liam 2012 (still goofing around, hehe)

Ang bilis ng panahon no!?? parang kailan lang I was just carrying Liam in my tummy, now.. haaay..

Anak, I won’t ask you to slow down for mommy, instead I pray to God that he make me fast so I can catch up with you.  I love you..