Beef and Cheese Quesadillas

Been a while since I really prepared breakfast for Dino. (and yes, may parinig na din sya on the side, hehe) We usually have bread for breakfast. Brown bread saw saw sa kape, or ham and cheese sandwich. After one of Dino’s long trip and since we both are missing our authentic Mexican Resto, decided to make quesadillas for him for breakfast. Well, it’s more of a welcome home meal na din.. hehehe


Beef and Cheese Quesadillas
Beef and Cheese Quesadillas (photos from IG)


  • Ground beef
  • Garlic (grated)
  • onion (finely chopped)
  • Jalapeno (optional) or Cayene Pepper
  • Cumin Powder (used McCormick)
  • Oregano (used McCormick)
  • Tortillas (Village Gourmet)
  • Mozzarella Cheese (bought the shredded ones in resealable packs)
  • Grated Parmesan Cheese (used the ones bought in containers)

How to:

  • Saute Garlic and Onion until fragrant
  • Add in the jalapeno pepper if you’re planning to use some
  • Add in the beef and saute
  • Once half cooked, season with oregano, cumin, cayene and salt
  • Mix well until beef is cooked thoroughly and set aside
  • Place one tortilla on a non stick pan
  • Arrange mozzarella, cooked beef, parmesan and more mozzarella
  • Fold the tortilla (you may also opt to cover with another tortilla – sandwich effect) and flip til both sides are toasted enough
  • Serve with Salsa and Enjoy with the family




Happy Heart’s Month

Happy Heart’s Month guys!

Before I start writing about how we celebrated our hearts’ month, I just want to share a little something about Dino and me.  Well, we are not the usual couple who give gifts and make reservations for dates during special occasions.  We don’t wait for occasions to do these.  We give each other gifts anytime we can, and we make sure that we go out on a date once a week.  Especially now that Liam is hoarding all our time, not that we are complaining.  🙂  Fancy restaurants are not our thing either.  Though we still do this once in a blue moon.

It’s always nice to reminisce how we used to date before.  We usually go back to our cheapest yet sweet and memorable date spending only 120 for our dinner.  I wanted to eat lugaw that night and with Manila’s hustle and bustle, we opt to go to SM and eat at the food stands beside the supermarket.  We ordered lugaw, shawarma rice and 2 sago’t gulaman.  Eating while standing, talking and laughing all the same time.  Saya lang to be carefree.

We also have this habit, when we still use to commute, to stop by manang’s place where we have tuhog tuhog.   This is not the usual fish ball cart, Manang has a store and she sells fish balls, kwek kwek, hotdogs, fried tofu and squidballs outside.  We never fail to stop by her store to buy and eat some before Dino would walk me home. One of the things we look forward to when Dino is on color coding.   Haaay, those were the days.

Anyway, this year, Dino made our Valentine’s a little extra special and hmm.. a bit long. 🙂

A week before V-Day,  he asked me on a date (ehem!! yes, he did in his not-so-sweet ways, hehehe. Pero for me, it was kilig! haha). He made reservations in La Maison Rose, a french restaurant here in Lahug.   Lunch was okay.  What amazes me was their menu book.  They use iPad’s where you can browse their menus and place your orders at the same time.  You can even add remarks for your special requests.  Cool no!?  For food photos and comments, do check out Dino’s blog.

Parang bridal photo shoot lang no!?  I love the fresh flowers.. so nice! :)
Parang bridal photo shoot lang no!? I love the fresh flowers.. so nice! 🙂
while waiting for our lunch...
while waiting for our lunch…


Feb. 14, 2013, V-Day!!  Knowing that all couples will be crowding the road, we opt to celebrate it at our favorite Mexican restaurant.  Aside from the great food, it’s just walking distance away from our home. 🙂 Yes, we walked to and from La Lagrima.  Had a little chit chat while we are walking.  Looking back at 11 years of togetherness. 🙂 We weren’t able to take photos na, but you may check what Dino have to say about this authentic Mexican food in his blog.

Just the other day, before February totally says goodbye, Dino asked me out again! Knowing that I wanted to go back to David’s Steak House, he invited for a dinner date.  We tried this first with our boss, where I shared an eat-all-you-can cowboy steak with our boss.  Dino on the other hand ate a Steak Sandwich that was also ohhh so good!

This time around, since it was just me and Dino, we did not get the eat-all-you-can.  Dino ordered the same sandwich and I had a rib eye steak.  Sarap!

For our drinks, Dino had a Dalandan Slush and I got Strawberry Shake
For our drinks, Dino had a Dalandan Slush and I got Strawberry Shake
Dino's Steak Sandwich with Fries..
Dino’s Steak Sandwich with Fries..
My 500gram Rib Eye Steak! (before you all say am matakaw, I shared this with Dino, hahaha)
My 500gram Rib Eye Steak! (before you all say am matakaw, I shared this with Dino, hahaha)
Photo Opt while waiting for our dinner
Photo Opt while waiting for our dinner


There!! We had 3 dates this month to celebrate our love. 🙂 If you will ask me which of the 3 is the best, I would say (and I bet Dino would agree with me) it was the Mexican date where we were able to walk to and from our home holding hands and talk about some sweet and not so sweet stuffs. (but if it’s the food, David’s hands down! hahahaha)