What He Wore

I’ve posted about Liam’s costumes last year and as you can see am a bit pasaway. Anyway, this year, I will try my best not to be pasaway. But comfort will still be top of my priority.

Here’s what he wore last Linggo ng Wika celebration…

Here's our star looking for us.. hehehe
Here’s our star minutes before his performance… ūüôā¬†

One thing I like about Liam’s school is that they send out memos weeks before actual event. ¬†This gives parents more time to prepare and plan their trips to the mall. ¬† So walang cramming.

3 weeks before their program, their required costumes was announced РCamisa Chino, Khaki tokong pants, scarf, buri hat and any thong slippers.  Easy lang yan!! hehe

Buri hat was needed the following day so we bought that one first.  Good thing we found one in the nearest mall at only 25.  I just asked Donna to sew a lining inside para di makati for Liam or else he might not wear it.

Scarf was also easy as we decided to let him use his “unused” scarf last year. ¬†He did not wear it last year as he don’t want anything on his neck. ¬†This year, ayaw pa din nya, but I did not give in to his pleas and cries. (read: ¬†“Tanggal this, please”) Snob ang beauty ko. He obediently wore those din whole time. ¬†Yun lng pala ang technique! ūüôā

Khaki tokong pants was a bit hard. Initially, I plan to buy a soft khaki fabric and have 1 sewn for him.  Unfortunately, did not find anything I like, so I decided to look for a ready made one.  While painstakingly looking, I remember Liam having a Beige Columbia (mosquito repellent) pants.  So I just asked Donna to fold and saw. Voila!! Tokong na sya!! ok naman diba?!?!

Last was the camisa, this was the easiest but dito ako muntik sumablay (hehehe). ¬†Another good thing about Liam’s school, days before the program, they require all kids to bring their costumes for checking. ¬†So we chose Liam cleanest white shirt (this is what he wore every night to sleep) When we got home that night…

Donna:  Ate, mali ang damit ni Liam
Me:  Anong mali?! e Camisa Chino lang naman ang need
Donna: ¬†Kailangan po pala may kulay.. Bright color po sabi ni T’May…
Me:  Di naman nakasulat sa memo un ahh..
Donna:  Nakasulat po ate.
Me (checking the memo again):  ok, will buy colorful camisa chino..
TOINKS!!! di nagbabasa ng mabuti ang nanay!! It was clearly written – Bright colored camisa chino! hehehehe

Thanks to our ever reliable Gaisano Countrymall (2mins walk away from office or from home), we were able to buy Liam a blue one. ūüôā

Watch his performance here.  Enjoy!


Linggo ng Wika 2013

Last week, my in-laws were here to celebrate Dino’s birthday with us. Sakto din, it was Liam’s Linggo ng Wika presentation.

We were all expecting him not to dance, like last year, since he was not participating during practice. Tuloy, T’May placed him at the back of the formation, nasa side pa.

Liam was acting up when we got there. Since it’s very rare that we go with him na to school. It’s their new policy that parents and yaya cannot go inside the school na so kids will be more independent.

Anyway, am a bit positive na kahit he is not in the mood, he will participate naman. I talked to him that we will all watch him, kaya he needs to dance.  Tama nga ako, when his group is in queue na, he obediently joined them and went up to stage. And, siya lang ang sumayaw sa klase nya. hehehehe.

Well done Liam! We are all so proud of you. ūüôā

Linggo ng Wika 2012

Late post for August..

As Dino put it in FB, we expected Liam to stand out during his Linggo ng Wika performance.¬† They danced (or make should have danced) itik itik.¬† During class practices and up to their final rehearsal, Liam was one of the only 2 kids who listened and followed their teacher dance. He is not a good dancer but he tries his best to follow the steps. (Sayang, yaya wasn’t able to take video of their practice, since she is afraid that Liam might run off the stage, so tutok sya kay Liam).¬† Wowo and Wawa flew in pa that morning to watch him dance. haha

Here’s why I say “Should have”…

“Tyan ng Wika”

He even covered his ears.. kasi during practice, they only used the stereos.¬† During the program proper, they used full sound system. Kaya nabingi ata ang anak ko. Isa pa, he can’t hear T’ Marj’s instructions na. (Palusot na nanay)

Liam: Ang iiiingay!

Even di sya sumayaw, we still treated him to his favorite McDo Sundae for doing a good job! ūüôā

Thanks Wowo and Wowa…

Sino ba naman ang di matutuwa dyan diba?