Liam’s Ice Cream Party

As promised, my sis-in-law, Leah, of The Bright Spot, is my guest blogger today.  Since it was her bright idea to do an ice cream party for Liam ( not to mentioned, she also put so much effort researching for a theme, preparing the props and did not join us for dinner so she and Donna can set  up the table while we’re out).  I asked if she could be so humble to write a post here… and we’re so lucky she agreed!! yey!

Without any further ado.. Here’s her story.. 🙂

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When Juvvy told me that she wanted an ice cream party for Liam, to be held at The Ranch Resort and Farm (or Gaite Ranch) in Toledo (because it was decided that Liam’s birthday will be spent out of town with the family, instead of holding a party here in Manila), my first consideration was: can we get ice cream inside the resort?  You see, the city of Toledo is a 2-4 hours drive (by land) from the city and that depends on the route you will take.  I have no idea how far will the first grocery be from the resort.

But anyway, we figured we would be able to find ice cream there so Juvvy and I proceeded with the planning for the party essentials to bring to the resort.  I took charge of the party props and Juvvy took care of the ice cream toppings.

We decided on a blue/green/brown color theme because I realized that most of the craft and party items I have at home are in these colors.



Also, Liam’s birthday cake (with bugs and insects as theme), is done in blue and green fondant icing!  Here’s a sneak preview of his cake:


Alas, our trip going to The Ranch took longer than we thought and we arrived there late in the afternoon already.  So we decided to postpone the ice cream party to the following day, and to have it at home instead.

The challenge now was how to keep it a secret from Liam.  We wanted to surprise him with that.

It was decided that the whole family will have dinner outside, and I will be left at home (with Ate Donna) to prepare the house for the ice cream party.

Here was Liam’s reaction when he saw his ice cream table (sorry, lousy pic hehe!):


The birthday boy was super happy!

Here’s the ice cream bar in cool colors of blue, green and white, with hints of brown:


Liam’s stuffed dog toy, Aw-Aw, was a last minute addition to the ice cream table because I can already hear Liam running towards the door, and I am not yet done putting away Liam’s toys, including Aw-Aw.  So I placed him at the table to guard the food, hihi!

There weren’t much food stuff, actually, just the ice cream toppings, some macarons and the kalamansi and carrot cupcakes that Juvvy baked earlier.  However, I made sure that everything in the table followed our color theme and are neatly arranged (para maganda sa picture, di ba? Hehe!)



The buntings were made the day before I left to Cebu.  I printed and cut the letters, and had my officemate stick them in these colored construction papers that I have on stock at home.  I used the baker’s twine I bought from Paper Chic Studio to hold the flags.

The ice cream toppings were served in plastic containers that are resealable.  Better this way para all left-overs can stored right away cos nasa plastic containers na sila.


You’ll noticed that I also used blue and green pens and washi tapes for the labels.  Ganyan ako ka-OC hehe!

Here’s Liam making his own ice cream ‘art’.



I asked Juvvy to buy macarons from Vanille Cafe and Patisserie (click here for my blog post on this patisserie), and specifically requested for macarons in shades of blue, green, white and brown.   So aside from ice cream, we had these heavenly macarons in peppermint, vanilla and chocolate flavors, among others, added to our dessert.



I brought with me this cupcake stand that I got from 168 Mall in one of my trips there.  Na-cute-an lang ako kaya binili ko hehe!   Super cheap, I think it’s just P200.00.  Tamang tama ang color (blue), perfect for Liam’s ice cream party.  So Juvvy baked 2 batches of cupcakes (in kalamansi and carrot flavors), which I arranged in the cupcake stand.


Sorry for the weird icing patterns on top of the cupcakes, I failed big time in using the ready whipped cream in spray can.

The cupcakes and the macaroons completed the ice cream bar.


The green paper cups and plates are also from 168 Mall in Divisoria, while the white paper cups with pastel colored lines are from Shopwise (I brought them to Cebu as ‘buffer’).


The paper straws are from Paper Chic Studio and because I forgot to bring the spoons and forks with me, we just used plastic ones bought from a nearby grocery.   Blue washi tape was wrapped around the plastic spoons, and green for the plastic forks.

We are pleased with how everything turned out, given the very short time in which we planned this party.

Juvvy told me that up to this day, Liam still remembers that ice cream night.  So much so that when she asked Liam if he wanted some ice cream, my smart nephew replied: “It is my birthday again?”

Liam’s happiness that night was truly priceless. Although we all forgot to take proper pictures of him when he first saw the table, that big smile on his face will be forever etched in my mind.

Belated Happy Birthday, Liam!   =)

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Oh yes!! it was a success!! Seeing Liam’s excitement and bright smile are all proof to that!  Thanks again Ninang Penpen for helping us with the prep and for blogging it here too.. sa uulitin.. hihi.. Hugs! Mwah! 🙂

Liam’s 3rd Birthday Party Prep

I would say this is the most indecisive moment for me.  I have changed my mind over what we will do for Liam’s birthday for thousand times.  That’s how indecisive I was.  Wanting it to be perfect for him.  I changed from school party – to a party in an orphanage – to Jollibee party – to a party with the neighbors – back to Jollibee party – then to a party at the garage – Finally!! to an intimate out of town party! YEY!!

We have decided of this 2 weeks before the actual birthday! Ang galing lang no?!!? hehehe.. Anyway, what’s important is that the celebrant will have a blast on his day!  So final plan includes a tradition (not  done), out of town trip, cake blowing, presents and a DIY Ice cream or Pizza party (definitely ice cream, since Liam loves this).

Tradition:  Liam already is in the stage where he knows what Christmas is.  So I wanted to start the Christmas Tree tradition, where we will put up our Tree on his birthday. I’ve looked for a peg and canvassed already, but with all the craziness the earthquake has brought, we were not able to buy and put up one.  no worries, there will always be next year.  Though, am still planning for us to put up some decors (this will be a project after we get back from our Manila trip)

I wanted a simple tree with simple ornaments lang.  Important is that top decor is a star. :)
I wanted a simple tree with simple ornaments lang. Important is that top decor is a star. 🙂

Out of Town Trip;  We initially agreed to book in Best Western Sandbar here in Mactan, but unfortunately they are fully booked.  Am so glad I’ve had a chat with one of my friends here in Cebu and she mentioned “Gaite Ranch” to me in Toledo. Luckily, they are open and have available rooms.  I checked with them after the calamity, they are doing good, so on we went.

Cake Blowing:  Usually, I would have a cake ready in the morning, but this year, am really super disorganized I was not able to buy even a small cake for the morning.  But, I was able to order a cake for Liam’s out of town party naman. So ok pa din. 🙂  By the way, this is what he wished for his birthday – A Birthday Cake!  Sana every year yan lang request nya.. hehehe

For the cake, I wanted a Bug themed cake just because our not so little boy is into bugs and insects nowadays. So I printed out these pics for his cake.


Presents:  I just wanted Liam to open presents, kahit pa mumurahin lang na items inside. So I bought some toys and wrap them individually.  And I knew my SIL bought Liam books as presents already and for sure my MIL and FIL  have something for our boy too.

Ice Cream Party:  This one, I will let Leah of The Bright Spot, share with you guys what we did.  Yes, she will be my guest blogger here. Excited much!  She hosted an ice cream party for her friend’s family last August and I was so inggit.  We are both sure that Liam will super like this, so we decided to do it for him.  Well, what is a party without invitations diba?!?!  I tasked Liam to prepare the invitations for his guests.

Pouring the "mallows" on the table...
Pouring the “mallows” on the table…
Busy putting the mallows
Busy putting the mallows
Then he asked for a marker, he wants to write on it daw (this is unplanned, but I let him mark his creation)
Then he asked for a marker, he wants to write “sign” it daw (this is unplanned, but I let him mark his creation)

Liam personally gave these invits to his guest – Lolo, Lolo and Ninang Penpen.  We weren’t able to take pics as we are in the office when he guest arrive our home.   He immediately asked Donna to get the invits so he can give it to them.  kakatuwa.

Can’t wait for Leah’s post. Stay tuned guys! 🙂

Our Little Biker

This is already a late post. This was supposed to be posted 2 weeks ago.  Things got crazy here in the office with so much to finish and whole Cebu got crazier with the earthquake and all the intense aftershocks!!! Oh well, will not dwell on that anymore.  Here goes..

Couple of weeks ago, Dino and Liam started the day “detailing” Liam’s rides.  Liam showed interest with cleaning, way back after seeing his dad clean Pajeyow.  Good that Dino found a way how they can do this together (bonding time na din for the boys).

Bonding Time
Bonding Time
Liam busy "detailing" his bike after his afternoon nap.. :)
Liam busy “detailing” his bike after his afternoon nap.. 🙂

We’ve been planning to buy service bikes for the office for short trips and finally decided to visit our friend’s shop who sells secondhand folding bikes.  We found good items for our office had them reserved and bought Liam a new bike on impulse.  We fell in love with the bike and since we’ve been planning to buy him a bigger one, Ka-ching!! 😉

Just want to share, our African Daisies started blooming again.  We had this plant during our outreach program last 2011.  The school principal gave us a pot and now we have almost 10 pots of these beautiful flowers.  I snipped these 2 and placed them at our counter. (mental note: buy a better vase.)  Aren’t they wonderful?!!?

African Daisies.. :)
African Daisies.. (sorry poor lighting)

The following day, we let Liam swim after having breakfast and went to JCenter Mall for lunch.  We really planned for him to play in one of the playroom in the mall that have a zip line for kids.  But our little boy refuses to go in.  he cried when I tried going in by myself.  Not sure how this started, but he suddenly have phobia going in closed door facilities like Gymboree and the salon.   Hmm.. will try the “Wipe Out” trick next time.  Hope it’ll work.  Anyway, since he doesn’t want to play, we went to the arcade instead and spend time with their machines which is not a lot and a bit boring. 😦

Mommy:  Can I swim with you? Liam:  no, you are big na, small lang here...
Mommy: Can I swim with you?
Liam: no, you are big na, small lang here…

While waiting for our lunch to be served Liam played with the fish bowls containing rolled up Bible passages.  After lunch we decided to go home and let Liam rest.

reading his passage for the day.. Kala mo marunong talaga mag read no?!!? baliktad naman ang hawak.. haha
Reading his passage for the day.. Kala mo marunong talaga mag read no?!!? Baliktad naman ang hawak.. haha

it’s been a while since I really cooked  and baked, I made it a point not to sleep-in that afternoon and make my time fruitful while Liam’s napping and Daddy is busy at the garage.  I baked Calamansi Cupcakes that afternoon and prepared dinner too.  I decided to try Mommy Sha’s  Sizzling Tofu.  I tweaked it a little since Dino don’t like mayo.   Will share my version in a separate post. 🙂 We paired it with Lechon Kawali and a glass of Aloe Vera juice.  yum yum.. 🙂

Our little Picasso busy with his art
Our little Picasso busy with his art after his nap time
Liam acting sleeping when we announced dinner time...
Liam acting to sleep when we announced dinner time…
borrowing daddy's box and pretend to be a robot. Partner in crime - mommy. :)
borrowing daddy’s box and pretend to be a robot. Partner in crime – mommy. 🙂
Liam:  What is this mommy? Mommy:  That's my cute little baby...
Liam: What is this mommy?
Mommy: That’s my cute little baby…
Using his new bike before we cap the night off..
Using his new bike before we cap the night off..

I really don’t know why I called this post / series (not sure if this will be constant thing) when it always contains our weekend (2 days) together. Oh well, it just sounds good, right!??!   Anyway, just an update, comes Monday, Dino and I decided to buy the bikes for ourselves na.  So, presenting our new rides.. 🙂

our new rides. :)
our new rides. 🙂  We often ride around the village before hitting the sack. 🙂

Oh yeah, before I forgot, like my previous One Fine Day post, there’s one thing that is not fine that weekend.  Liam is acting up again during meal time.  Haaay..  This is really making me frustrated.  I might dedicate a separate post for this alone.

Anyway, have a lot of pending posts pa, Boracay trip, Shangri-La trip, Liam’s birthday celeb and a lot more. Stay tuned guys. 🙂

Moal Boal Day 2

We started our day 2 early.  Well, as you may have already read before, Liam is an early riser (another trait he got from his dad, definitely not mine.. hehe).  Pati ang ninong at ninang nagising ng maaga. hehe Since our room does not come with free breakfast, the godparents bought bread, spreads and some snacks too.  I brought some instant noodles naman for all.  And for Liam, we ordered pancakes and omelet from the restaurant.

Breakfast is fun with the Bugoys and our Bugoyito.. :)
Breakfast is fun with the Bugoys and our Bugoyito.. 🙂

After our hearty breakfast, we decided to have an early swim.  Liam scrutinized and ransacked the cabana first before we hit the pool.  being the praning mommy that I am, I forced asked him to wear his floating vest which took me a while to convince him and to which, I also agreed him to remove after a while.  Not sure if it’s really like that or maybe because I bought the cheap kind, the hems are rubbing his skins causing his skin to redden.  Mas takot ako magka blisters anak ko, so I allowed him to remove na.

Checking the different shapes, sizes and surface of the shells
Checking the different shapes, sizes and surface of the shells
cuddles with mommy
cuddles with mommy
Liam's thought bubble:  "Matatakasan ko din tong si Ate...
Liam’s thought bubble: “Matatakasan ko din tong si Ate…
"Yahoo!! Free at last!!"
“Yahoo!! Free at last!!”
Huli ulit.. hehe
Huli ulit.. hehe
See, he's really enjoying the pool...
See, he’s really enjoying the pool…
mas enjoy pa sya, after I allowed him to remove his vest..
mas enjoy pa sya, after I allowed him to remove his vest..
am so glad that ninong was there, may isa pang taga buhat at bantay.. thanks ninong!
am so glad that ninong was there, may isa pang taga buhat at bantay.. thanks ninong!

If you’re wondering where his ninang is, nag solo sa beach trying to find a “catch” hehe.  We joined Tin sa beach after 2 hrs in the pool (longest for Liam).  But I felt Liam is cold na, so we decided to troop back to barracks and relax a bit before our lunch.  We had our lunch there again (one thing I don’t like here is having very few choices for our meals).  Liam and Tin enjoyed the trampoline after lunch before we head back to the city.

Chi-cha muna after taking his bath..
Chi-cha muna after taking his bath..
toma toma din pag may time..
toma toma din pag may time.. not participating sa photo opt.. hehe
He first tried the kiddie trampoline...
He first tried the kiddie trampoline…
then transfer to the bigger one with his ninang. 🙂 
oh.. we also stayed here for a while.. :) swing swing din pag may time ang nanay.. :)
oh.. we also stayed here for a while.. 🙂 swing swing din pag may time ang nanay.. 🙂
checking out..
checking out..
last photo opt before we finally head back to the city
last photo opt before we finally head back to the city

Again, Liam was sleeping all the way back home.  we all played (and drank a bit – Liam drank pineapple juice of course) before finally calling it a day. 🙂

moalboal family 055
Til our next trip Bugoys!! 🙂


Last July 25, before going to office, I noticed that Liam is a bit feverish. Instructed Donna not to give him bath and to do sponge bath lang muna.  Texted our pedia to consult if need medicine, she advised sponge bath as well and no paracetamol muna.  I also instructed them not to go to school anymore, but Liam cried as he wants to go to school, so off to school the went.

After an hour, I got a call from the pre-school head mistress telling me that she sent Liam home already, as he was very matamlay and not participating anymore.

After lunch, I instructed Donna to shut the windows since it was raining and raindrops are going through the window. after a few minutes, I got a call from Ate Lilia, my heart almost stopped as Liam had a seizure.  Oh Freak!! I really did not know what to do. As if it’s not enough that am super worried and crying, it was traffic going home. I really wanted to jump out of the car and run home.

When we got home, Liam was still crying but he was better, as Ate Lilia knew what to do.  She put ice pack on Liam’s head so that his fever will go down.  Some of our neighbors were also in there to help, massaging Liam’s arms, holding towel on his forehead while the other one is washing the other cloth.  (Yeah, our yaya almost went crazy when she saw Liam’s lip turned blue, eyes rolling and salivating mouth, she shouted at the top of her lungs, making all our neighbors come – which am also thankful for).

He stopped crying after he realized it was mommy carrying him...
He stopped crying after he realized it was mommy carrying him… Daddy not knowing what else to do, took a pic instead to keep his sanity… Mommy is still crying non-stop..
after a few more minutes with the TV on..
after a few more minutes with the TV on..

After his fever was contained, Dino and I decided to see his pedia.  This time stars are on our side, as doctora have an afternoon clinic that day. Her usual clinic hours is only upto 2pm.  That day, she decided to have late afternoon check up.  She prescribed paracetamol already and taught us the right way of giving sponge bath! Kow! mali pala ang punas punas lang and it should be every 30 mins as long as your patient’s fever is high.  Haist, I feel so tanga that time.. kakaiyak lang..

When we got home, we gave him a sponge bath and paracetamol.   I think he felt a lot better after this, kasi he was playing around and very active again even with a fever. We were not able to take pic na kasi we were just happy that he is feeling better.

No sleep for me that night and the following night, as i kept on checking his temp and sponged him even in his sleep.  The next day, he kept on complaining that his mouth is ouch ouch. We also noticed that he is having a hard time to swallow.  So we decided to visit his pedia again, though he was all active na and acting like himself already, a mommy wants to be doubly sure.  Besides, his temperature is not yet normal. I also thought that it was tonsillitis causing his ouchy thought.

While waiting for his turn, Liam found a new friend.. :)
While waiting for his turn, Liam found a new friend.. 🙂

I also realized na there is nothing wrong sa pagiging sigurista at praning ng mga nanay.  When doctora saw me sitting at the waiting area, she asked me how Liam was and I told her that I think Liam may have tonsillitis. She laughed at me and said that kids his age don’t experience tonsilitis pa.  ooops… So what is it?!?!

Herpangina is an acute, virally induced, self-limited illness often seen in young children during the summer months. Affected children usually complain of mouth sores and fever. It is caused by a number of viruses, all part of the enterovirus family, coxsackievirus being the most common. Most children develop a high fever and complain of a sore throat. They then develop vesicles (blisters) or ulcers (sores) at the back of the throat and palate (called an enanthem). Children, especially younger children, may refuse to eat or drink because of the pain and are at risk for developing signs and symptoms of dehydration. (source:

Good thing, Liam was cooperative that day and showed his throat to doc.  Doc saw the blister near his throat that’s causing the ouchies.  As per Doc, there is no cure for this infection and that it will heal by itself in 4 days.  “ok lng paliguan yan” she says.  And what’s good with these viral infections is that when we have them, our systems form anti-bodies that we need to fight other viruses pa.  Na when the time comes an you will meet this virus again, di ka na talaban, kasi may antibody ka na to defend you.  Oh diba!?!? Ang galing!! may natutunan pa ko. 🙂

a proof that he is all better na..
a proof that he is all better na..

Am just so glad that he is all better. It was also a relief to know that it’s nothing serious and that it’s normal for kids his age to have this.  Pero ang seizure!! kow! Sa dami daming pwedeng manahin sa tatay at lolo nya.. hehehe.. I really pray na di na mangyari ulit un.

By the way, since am in the health section na din, I saw this FB post from my friend about vaccines that are not good for kids.  What do you think about that1?!? Praning mode nanaman ang nanay!! kaloka lang!!


Liam’s Books Wish List

ever since I read Maqui’s Someday post, I have planned to write about the Top 100 Children’s Books of All Time too.  (4 months ng delayed ang book post ko. hehehe)  But busyness and laziness attacked and this was almost history. hehehe..

Oh well, since I’m still not able to take pics of Liam’s books, I’ll share books Liam I want to have (for Liam of course) from the Top 100 list.  (by the way, just want to share, I think we only have a dozen from the list. hehe.. ang layo ko pa!)

The Giving Tree
The Giving Tree

I would like Liam to have this as I think this will be a good example of pure and unconditional love. Did not see this yet, pero I feel Liam will like this. 🙂 This is number 2 in the list. 🙂

The Very Hungry Caterpillar
The Very Hungry Caterpillar

Number 7 on the list, I think Liam will love this as he’s into worms nowadays.  And as the description goes, this  is a delightful tale with a lesson. This is an interesting story about the caterpillar since he was a egg until he became a beautiful butterfly.  Teaching our young ones numbers and days of the week. 🙂

I Love You Forever
I Love You Forever

This one I’ve been requesting about a year now. Di ko malunok to buy at Powerbooks.. hehehe.. Calling Ninang Tita and Aco Juddy. hehehehe…


Everyone Poops
Everyone Poops

23rd on the list, Everyone Poops by Kane / Miller.  One of our dilemma now is how to train Liam to use the toilet.  We already tried several ways – potty trainer, ate sitting on toilet with him, sitting on toilet converter, etc.  But none really worked.  Problem is, nandidiri si Liam sa poo poo nya.. 😦 Well, I hope this one will help.  Super sayang, as I already saw this book last year in booksale, but did not buy it as I did not see the need pa. Now, can’t find this here in Cebu na.. haist.. sayang..

Once Upon a Potty

Well, for the same reason as above. Will be hunting for these books.. 🙂

Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs
Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs

Oh another book I would like to have is Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs.  I loved the movie version of this and I think Liam would love to have this too and hopefully this will introduce him to try eating other food.

As for the other books in the list, I haven’t really scrutinized the plots pa, pero for sure there are more books that would interest our little boy. 🙂

On the side, am really worried today and wants to go home na as our little boy is sick.  We asked him to skip school today so he can rest but he cried and told Donna that he wants to go to school. So as not to break his heart, we allowed him to go.  after an hour, he was sent home na din kasi he was already matamlay.  Haay.. Ganito pala ang feeling, I want to be there beside him, to be the one taking care of him. Oh well, mommy will be home soon anak.





Costumes! Costumes!

Ako na siguro ang pinaka-pasaway na nanay when it comes to costumes. hehe.. One of the things The only thing I hate about Liam’s school is their open air auditorium.. Yes, it’s not air-conditioned.  They always hold their activities there and I feel sorry for those Kids who wore “costumes”. You know all the works, wool, synthetic, polyester materials. I bet Liam will complain if he wears those.

Anyway, just want to share some of Liam’s activities where they have to wear costumes..


This was an easy one.  They were required to wear Kamisa de Chino (easy, this is Liam’s staple sleepwear) and checkered pajama pants and a matching scarf to be tied on the neck.  Since this was his first school program, medyo nag-effort pa ko. I bought a good clothe na checkered and had it sewn.

During practice Liam danced with his teacher and he was the only student following. On the program proper, nanibago ata with the loud sound system.. kaya eto sya..

Dino's dub for the event:  "Linggo ng Tyan" ahehehe
Dino’s dub for the event: “Linggo ng Tyan” ahehehe


What’s wrong with this event!? They require one of the parents to wear costume with their Kids and walk sa stage! Ang Saya! Para di doble gastos, I decided to let Liam wear his old Tiong Sam, so I have to look for a chinese top na lang though I know that for sure there will be lots of kids wearing same costume…

The pants is a bit bitin already. Thanks to my cousin who gave Liam this set when he turned 1 :)
The pants is a bit bitin already. Thanks to my cousin who gave Liam this set when he turned 1 🙂
photo 1_1
Do you now believe me when I said many will wear the same costume? I even end up wearing same piece as the other mom.. APIR kame 🙂


For some reason, Liam is not in the mood this day and end up wearing civilian clothes.  They were requested to wear their favorite characters.  Thinking that Liam would be the only one without costume, I asked my office mate to buy a Spiderman costume for Liam. Buti na lang din, he did not wear it, cause it really was a hot day and for sure double irritation for him, if he will wear it. 🙂


This is when I started to be a pasaway. For their Christmas presentation, boys were required to wear a snowman costumes and girls were to wear snow fairy costumes. Pasted in their journals are these pegs…
imagesimages (1)

Ang init ng peg diba!?!? I don’t have the heart to let Liam wear this knowing na open air ang auditorium. Kawawa sobra! so.. I bought him white muscle top, white pajama, red Santa hat and a piece of red clothe. Sew big black buttons (courtesy of T’ Marj) on the shirt… and here’ my little snowman.

cutest snowman if may say... AHEM! :) Okey in our eyes.. :)
cutest snowman if may say… AHEM! 🙂 Okey in our eyes.. 🙂


January is the much awaited Sinulog Festival here in Cebu.  They had a little program din in school to celebrate it.  Eto sorry, pero we got the advice a day before lang. They were required to wear any Sinulog or Black shirt to school instead of their PE uniforms.  No time for me to buy him a Sinulog shirt and Liam don’t have a black shirt. Sorry this is one Chinese trait that was retained with me. I don’t let my little one wear black.  Pero buti na lang, one of my office mate gave Liam a black shirt as pasalubong from Singapore. Yes, you read it right, Singapore.. malapit naman sa Sinulog diba?! ahehehehehe

with T'Noemi (top), Luisa (left, his partner, hehe) and Ate Raine (right)
with T’Noemi (top), Luisa (left, his partner, hehe) and Ate Raine (right)

In fairness, Liam looks good in black, kaso ayaw ko talaga.. sorry, perhaps when he gets older? hehe


Naku, when Donna texted me about this, I was all problemado, isip ako ng isip what to let him wear. Buti na lang I asked Dino and he was the one who came up with the idea.. The shirt, Dino got it from BKK 2 years ago, I bought him the pants and the cap..

a.k.a. "MAJOR HUNK"
a.k.a. “MAJOR HUNK”

Sorry for the low res file, Ate Donna forgot to bring the camera, thus used her phone to take his pic.  Will be getting more pics from T’Marj (sana maalala ko na magpadala ng USB)


During Liam’s summer class, one of their activity was planting. They were requested to wear white long sleeves kamisa de chino, folded pants ala magsasaka, hat, scarf the work. Oh no! not for my son. Ang init kaya nung May! I told Donna to let him wear a sando and the folded pants he has and put some sunblock on Liam.

Our farmer boy
Our farmer boy

O diba!? E di ang presko ng anak ko. 🙂 And by the way, his plant is still at home may bunga na!  Ang galing lang. 🙂

Well, that’s it for Last school year.  Not looking forward to this year.. hehehe.. Oh well, I still promise to support all your school activities, anak. Pero I also promise not to let you wear anything uncomfortable. 🙂

On Why We Love Ate Donna

The other day, we promised Liam that we will go home early, true to our words, we left office exactly 5:30.. and this video is what we went home to. Donna is teaching Liam how to count 1 to 100 without us telling her to do so.

In one of my recent posts, I’ve mentioned being thankful having Donna as Liam’s yaya. She may not be the best out there and may have some shortcomings too. But in general, you can feel her love and concern for Liam. Paano ko nasabi yun?!?!

Before Liam even started his school this year, I think Saturday ito before Liam’s first day..

Donna: Ate, kelan nga po ulit ung Linggo ng Wika?
Me: Sa August pa yun.
Donna: Yung bookworm po?
Me: Ahh.. parang October ata un or November?
Donna: Kasya pa siguro ung Spiderman costume ni Liam no? Sana suotin na nya..
Me: Waah! mainit un! ayaw ko na pasuot saknya un!
Donna: Sa bagay….

See!!?? It’s still July and there are still 2 days before school officially start, she’s already worried about what will her alaga wear for the school programs. hahahahaha

Meron pa yan.. All students are supposed to bring their required supplies which should be labeled one by one on second day of school. While I have already bought all of Liam’s stuff, am procrastinating labeling. so Monday night comes..

Donna: Ate, nakaprint na po kayo sticker ni Liam
Me: ‘di pa, hayaan mo na, late nlng naten padala mga gamit nya
Donna: ok po (with a sad face)

Donna: Ate, need din pala ng story book sa school
Me: Ayaw ko nga pamigay mga books nya
Donna: Kahit ung pinaka luma na lang po..
Me: Ayaw ko nga.. binili ko yun para kay Liam, di para sa school.
Donna: Nagbabasa basa na po kasi sila sa school, sya lang walang dala…

Following day…
Me: Dons, eto na stickers, eto pa ung mga kulang na gamit. At eto na ung libro na dadalhin nya.. ikaw na mag label.
Donna: ok po.. (with a wide smile, sabay lipat sa room nya to do all the labeling..
Aba! kinalimutan na di pa naligo alaga nya!!

There are more of these stories, baka mapuno ang post ko. Basta, we are really thankful that we got her to be Liam’s yaya. She may have shortcomings but her love for Liam is all worth shrugging those lapses off.. 🙂