Conquering That Stressful Haircut

Remember my old post about Liam’s stressful haircut?  My SIL, Leah, also wrote about Liam’s stressful haircut here.  This is really one thing we dread to do every time the need arises.  Well, am happy to report that we are “slowly” conquering this fear.

Before 2013 ended, we brought a long haired Liam to the salon. As always, I talked to him beforehand that we are going to see Kuya Eduard. He agreed and I took advntage of his good mood and told him that we need to go inside the salon. (You see, past haircuts, we do it outside the salon so as not to disturb other customers…) I even ask him if we could sit down. Nakahalata ata at di na pumayag… Hehe

No more crying! :)
No more crying! 🙂


1. We are now inside the salon (still carrying him and standing)
2. We wore the “blanket” (tunic) this time
3. No more crying, no more struggles, no more bites on my shoulders.. Hehe

Excitedly waiting for Kuya Eduard to put gel on his hair.. ;)
Excitedly waiting for Kuya Eduard to put gel on his hair.. 😉

Last Sunday, Liam had his 2 weeks delayed haircut. Again, we talked to him. I really thought he’ll back out when he learned that his ever trustful Kuya Eduard is not available. Fortunately, the gel trick did it for us. 🙂  It was Kuya Michael who did his do.  Because he’s behaved, the haircut took us 30 minutes.  Yes, he sat still for 30 minutes, kahit kame ni Dino di makapaniwala. hehe..

Ang bait diba?
Ang bait diba?
concentrate… panunuod.. hehe
…sa panunuod.. hehe

1. He now agreed to sit on the chair (on ate Donna’s lap)
2. He now wore his own “blanket”
3. He is more relaxed now

Gel time!! :)
Gel time!!  He was the one who requested for Kuya Mike to put his hair up. 🙂

I’m so happy that we finally beat this fear.  Next stop is for him to sit on his own na. 🙂

Good job Liam!! Mommy and Daddy are so proud of you. 🙂


Haircut and Fish & Chips

Last weekend was a relaxed one. Like our usual weekend, we stayed home last Saturday, a little couple’s time while Liam was taking his nap last Saturday and our usual family day on Sunday.

As I mention on my last post, I deleted the Wipeout Video clips from Liam’s tablet.  As expected we had a morning drama fest after he realized that it’s not there anymore…

Liam:  Where is the Wipeout?
Mommy:  It’s just there (kuno)…
Liam:  Wala here. You tanggal it?
Mommy:  Baka nabura, we will download it again…
Liam:  Waaaaaah.. wala na Wipeout! I want Wipeout! Waaaah.. Waaah… Waaah..
After about 5 minutes, he asked for Yakult and wala na! nakalimutan na si Wipeout. Yesterday, he mentioned it again, but he said it in a “matter of fact” way.. “Wala na tayo Wipeout”.  Then proceeded to watch his Pororo Sing Alongs. 🙂

After that, we had breakfast and played around. We let him swim in his inflatable pool and played some more before he take his nap. The real highlight of the day was his forever pending haircut. (remember Leah’s post about Liam’s Stressful Haircut?) He was due for haircut 2 weeks earlier, but schedule with barber does not meet lagi.  Dino and I decided to go to Kuya Edward lang of Salon de Rose, since he is fast, tall and he has a way with kids.  Anyway, yun nga, after his afternoon nap, we asked Donna to go to the salon and check Kuya E’s sched.  Sakto, he don’t have a customer, so off we went to the salon..

This is how we do it... I carry Liam, Donna holds the white fabric tight so Liam can't escape, while barber is cutting his hair... now you know why we need a tall barber?
This is how we do it… I carry Liam, Donna holds the white fabric tight so Liam can’t escape (and so hair won’t get to Liam’s arm), while barber is cutting his hair… now you know why we need a tall barber? and did you notice? We are outside the Salon! Nabubulabog kasi buong salon if we do it inside.. hehe
Did you see Kuya E’s face?? mukhang hirap din sya diba?

This time, it did not take so long, mas mabilis, as Liam did not move, cry nor complain for the first few minutes of his haircut. He started acting out last 2 minutes na ng haircut, I think he can feel the itch na then.   He stopped na din once I set him free and removed his shirt.  He even gave us a broad smile after Kuya E gave him his prize – Skittles (we brought this of course).  I look forward for the day that he will calmly sit on the barber’s chair and have his haircut.

He was his cheerful self na when we get to the car.  At home, he took a bath then requested us to open his bag of skittles.  here’s our conversation..

Mommy:  Liam, can mommy have 1 skittle?
Liam:  I will buy for you later. okey? Cut hair ka muna..
TOINKS!! hahahaha. Funny little boy.

Here's his new look.. Ang gwapo no!?!
Here’s his new look.. Ang gwapo no!?!

Yesterday (Sunday), we had breakfast at McDo where Liam ate pancakes with butter and blueberry syrup and devoured his hashbrown without help and asked for 2nd serving pa. KOW! Anak, kung tinapay lang yan, binigyan na kita walang dalawang isip. hehehe.. Since, it’s not that healthy naman, we did not give in to his request.  We took the same route as last time – walk, padyak, jeep and taxi.

We asked Liam to walk and not to be carried anymore which he obliged.  I carried him lang when we are crossing the street na..

Mommy:  Liam, poh poh (carry) kita, we will cross the street
Liam, kunwari pa di nagets, pero after crossing the street…
Mommy:  Anak, go down na, walk ka na ulit
Liam: No, not yet finish cross street!
NAKUPOW!!! hahahahaha.. ang galing dumiskarte! haha

We let him swim again yesterday and prepared to go to SM for lunch and a little errand.  We dropped by Book Sale too and bought a few activity books.  I really am looking for the Flashkids activity book that Maqui gave Liam. It was effective as Liam is the one who always ask that we do it.  Kaya nga malapit na din maubos ung pages hehehe. (will post some photos of it later).

Unfortunately, those are not available in BS SM.  Will try again in Parkmall. Sana makita ko na sila.  Bought some activity sticker book instead and saw the “When You Give a Mouse a Cookie” book making us have 14 out of 100 na from the list, hehehe.  Oh by the way, when we got to BS, he kept on saying, kwakwoach book, kwakwoach book.. wah, di pa din nya nakalimutan si cockroach book! (note to self, go to parkmall and pray that it’s still there. hehe)

While looking for a bug book:
Me:  Donna, may nakita kayo bug book?
Donna:  Wala ate e..
Liam:  Here! Bug book!!

Tama nga! he was holding this spine-tingling bug book.  He liked it so we bought it, kahit nakakadiri. We read it while in the car going home, before he took his nap and when he woke up.  Diba obvious gusto talaga nya?!?! (mental note: make a special post on the book)

getting his pic taken at TK.  :)
getting his pic taken at TK. 🙂

Lately, we always eat out for Lunch (and dinner) on Sundays, it’s very hard to cook when you have a toddler.  As in, nakakataranta, kasi he will call you and look for you.  Ok lang naman if he wants to help out, kaso ayaw nya kasi hot daw.. hahaha.. So instead of cooking and maharass, we dine out nalang.  sakto din, after our trip to the mall, it’s time for Liam nap time na din.

Last night, I decided to cook dinner instead of eating out.  I sometimes ask ate to cook our meal day before, para iinitin nalang, pero since the recipe is new and it calls for frying, so di pwedeng init init lang.  we had fish and chips for dinner (recipe from  Outcome was good though it lacks crispiness and I forgot to buy/prepare Tar sauce.  Yan lang kulang as per bobe.  The recipe don’t go too well with catsup.   Sabi nga ni Liam – “don’t sawsaw this (pertaining to his fish) sa catsup ”  hehe.. marunong talaga anak ko..

I also prepared Leche flan pala for dessert.  For the egg whites, nakupow! Tried doing the meringue kisses again, but failed on both batches. Wonder where I went wrong.. haist, sayang..

Meringue kisses - FAIL!!!  Eto ang hindi fine sa One Fine Day namen.. haha
Meringue kisses – FAIL!!!
Eto ang hindi fine sa One Fine Day namen.. haha

And last, we played hide and see and shooting the marble before we cap the day!

Can somebody help me find my son?? hehe
Can somebody help me find my son?? hehe

Ang sarap ng weekend!! 🙂

Liam’s New Look

This is how Liam looks hours before his dramatic haircut..


After a bucketful of tears and a broken hearted mommy, here’s my little boy..


Mukha ng walang gagawing matino anak ko. 🙂  Pero in my and Dino’s eyes, you’ll always be perfect. 🙂

PS.  At long last, we were able to transfer to our new house already.  After all the transferring, fixing, swiping of credit cards and this haircut, my stress level is officially sky high! hehe