Liam Meets Aki

Oh yes!! At long last, we were able to meet Familia Kiki during the holidays when we were in Manila (yeah, this is another late post.  Sowee).  Leah, my SIL, was the one who introduced me to their blog, and  I got hooked to their site ever since.  I even wished that we’re neighbors. Hehe

With only a few days in Manila, I was glad that they are also available on the date we set.  I’ve let Maqui do the planning (Thanks Maqui! :)) as this was the first time Liam (we) will have a playdate.  We agreed to meet in Book Sale MCS, since it was books that made us bond on the first place.

Am doubly glad that Leah is also available and offered to be the photographer that day (Thanks Ninang!!). hehe  I will not make this text heavy and will let the photos tell the story. 🙂

Liam and Aki exchanging Christmas Gifts
Liam and Aki exchanging gifts..(Thanks again for the wonderful gift – wish come true – will have another post for it) 
Photo Opt before starting our night.


Inside the store, Aki showing Liam his Bey Blades (Bem Bem as per Liam, hehe)


Feeling at home in Book Sale, the kids played while the moms chika and the dads chika too (outside). Not sure what we’re talking about, why is my face like that?!!? hehe


Kuya Aki is really sweet, lending and teaching Liam how to use the Bem Bem. 🙂

After the staffs shooed us out of the store (nakahalata na tambay lang kame, hehe) – this is a joke, we walked across the street and had Dinner in Amizi.  It’s an Italian resto beside Don Bosco Makati that have super nice Gelato and oh! their pizza and pasta were also so great. YUM!


Liam tasting the Parmesan Cheese.. (Gutom na ata!)


Aki’s turn to try it. (gutom na nga ata sila)


While waiting for our orders and to divert their attention from the cheese, the kids busied themselves with an episode of Power Rangers (which Franco also loved, shhh.. I hope he’s not reading this.. hehe)
Funny little boys, posing for Ninang Tita.. 🙂
Since they are good boys who finished their meals, they had Gelato for dessert. Here, they are choosing what flavors they will get.
Cheers to new friends…
Group pic after dinner

After our filling dinner, we all walked to Waltermart where we dropped by Japan Homes and let the kids play in TimeZone.  We don’t have that much photos anymore, as Leah has to do some wifely duties.  hehehe  Liam and Aki don’t play the same games, but there is one game they loved – Go Go Balls!

Having fun with Go Go Balls – not only the kids enjoyed it.. Mommies and Yaya too.. hehe

Liam and I really had fun that night.  Liam was still talking about Aki and Bem bem til now (mental note: buy Liam Bey blades.. hehe) Enjoyed good company, new friends and the chit chats!

Maqui, Aki and Franco

To Familia Kiki, thank you so much for taking time out to meet us and for the dinner too.  Hope to see you guys again soon.  Wish ko makasama kame sa mga playdates nyo. 🙂

thank you kuya Aki., ’til we meet again..  😉






My First Blogger Meet

Last December, I was still able to fly to Davao to do my rounds (work related) before the holiday break.

Before the trip I was able to make friends with one blogger, Ms. Donna Ocon – Juezan (she’s the blogger behind “The Sound of Life”) from Davao.  It started with her dropping by this site.  I then shoot her an email and we’ve been exchnaging emails since then.  Parang modern pen-pal lang ang peg namen.

At the start I didn’t realize that she also blogs, until I saw her reply in Leah’s IG.  I started stalking her blog and found out that she’s from Davao. With the planned trip, I asked her if we could meet and thankfully, she said yes naman.

We’re both nervous at first, it’s both our first ‘blogger’ meet and greet. Hehe  We met at Abreeza after work and had dinner at Dong Juan.  Dinner was really good especially with a lot of kwentuhan.  They’re very warm and welcoming.  I felt at ease naman agad once we started talking.  I learned a lot about her hubby’s job and what it is all about.  Parang I feel it’s fulfilling what he is doing. 🙂

I’m really glad that Leah introduced me to the world of blogging.  Am still not considering myself a real and full time blogger, but am enjoying the perks of meeting new friends here.

That's me, Donna and her hubby Marlon. :)
That’s me, Donna and her hubby Marlon. 🙂

It was nice meeting you Donna & Marlon! Thanks again for the nice dinner.  ‘Til our next meeting. Dito naman sa Cebu?  Hehe

Teaser: if there’s a first, there’s always a second… Stay tuned for Liam & Aki’s meet & greet. 🙂