Co Family Reunion 2013

I have a lot of things that I look forward to during our Christmas breaks and here’s another one from my long list – family reunion with my side of the family. I know after 2 years of blogging, it’s just now that am sharing photos of them. As you may have known by now, am really not a good a lazy photographer. I would rather absorb and enjoy the moment than taking pictures. heheh… I always leave that job – taking picture – to Dino or to my nieces (when it come to my side of the family). But my niece lost our files twice! First, her bag was snatched then 2nd time her memory card was corrupted. Talk about luck! Oh well, this time around I really did not stop texting her (read: everyday!) to upload our pics in FB. 🙂

So last December, we all agreed to do it in my 2nd brother’s house again. His house kasi is nearer to de Leon’s abode and they are the one who always cooks, I got it from them actually.  I always bother help them in cooking as early as 8 years old.   Anyway, sayang lang, 3 of my brothers were not able to go.  2 of them works abroad and the eldest have a late shift that day. Same goes with his kids (except his youngest son) and his wife, they were also not able to come.

Anyway, without further ado, here’s they are – My Family

The Adults (L to R) BIL, Ronel (sis' hubs); "favorite' sister, Judz; 2nd Bro, Mao; our beloved Mother; me and Dino, SIL2 (2nd bro's wifey), Beth; and SIL3 (3rd bro's wifey), Irene
The Adults (L to R)
BIL – Ronel (sis’ hubs); ‘favorite’ sister – Judz; 2nd Bro – Mao; our beloved Mother; me and Dino, SIL2 – Beth (2nd bro’s wifey); and SIL3 – Irene (3rd bro’s wifey)
the kids
The kids (L to R; T to B)
Karen, Liam, DineDine, Caloy, Yanyan, Guia, D’An, AJ, John and Kristine

Hopefully, next time all the other Apo’s will be able to join us.  Anyway, Liam loves going to his diku’s (that’s what he calls my 2nd bro) house.  He’s the youngest kasi among his cousins kaya super baby nila si Liam.  Ako naman, pag andito ako, relax ako, since I can leave Liam with all her achi’s and ahya’s. hehehe.. So while the bagets are playing, the oldies naman kanya kanyang kwentuhan.  We usually play exchange gifts but this year, nobody remembered to initiate! hahaha..

'attitude' My sis is laughing so hard, my mom and ate irene can't help but joined her
the girls with ‘attitude’
My sis is laughing so hard, my mom and ate irene can’t help but joined her
Boys chatting while drinking outside the kulambo. hehe
Boys chatting while drinking outside the kulambo. hehe
My mom's version of 'Attitude' hehehe.. kenkoy kenkoy din pag may time..
My mom’s version of ‘Attitude’ hehehe.. kenkoy kenkoy din pag may time..

One of my favorite gifts that Liam got last Christmas came from my sister.  She gave me all the Chinese paraphernalia (books, flash cards and writing papers) that yanyan used since she was in preschool. Cool no? My sis kasi is Ms. keep it all.  Walang tapon sa kanya. hehe

Liam 'scaring' his cousins with the Chinese flash cards.
Liam ‘scaring’ his cousins with the Chinese flash cards.
Selfie with Dichi and Sachi
Selfie with Dichi and Sachi

Oh yeah! there are 2 more reasons why Liam loves visiting his Diku’s house.  First is to see Kong kong (my 2nd SIL’s nephew), his playmate and also because, I let him indulge whenever we are here. Since I know he’ll be given candies and junk food there, I made sure that he had his dinner first before we left Kumati.

Huli! Someone gave him 'spicy' drink.
Huli! Someone gave him ‘spicy’ drink.
Introducing Kong kong
Introducing Kong kong

Sorry this is the only foto he has that night.  A little boy made him cry. hehehe…  Kong kong’s current Favorite toy is his ‘plane’ made of blocks.  He doesn’t want anyone to touch or borrow it, not even Liam.  He is not madamot naman, he lends everything to Liam except for the plane.  While playing, kong kong put the toy at his back so Liam can’t reach it. After a while, Liam saw it and get it from his back.
Kongkong:  WAAAAAAH!!! Mama Beth! Mama Beth!!
Liam:  What happened?? (patay malisya ang loko)
Everyone burst into laughter.. hahahaha

See how they love my son, they allow him to use their cam. Me at the back, scared that he might drop it. kow!

I saw a post in FB before – what makes holidays (Christmas) special. For me, this definitely is it! 🙂


Marriage and Happily Ever After

Today, am letting you in a little secret.  Earlier last year, my marriage went through a little bump. Nothing too serious naman, no 3rd party, no drugs and no physical abuse naman. Pure Misunderstanding lang that came from stress and adjustment.

Funny as it may sound, it’s just now that we are going through our ‘adjustment period’.  Our relationship was more of a relaxed one.  Being a couple for almost 8 years before getting married helped us know each other very well.  We do have petty LQs , but that only last for 5mins then we’re back to our old loving self na. That’s how we started.

Well, a lot has been going on beginning of 2013, both with work and our family life, when we experienced the ‘bump’.  I personally have a lot of things planned out for the year that sometimes stresses me out if things did not went my way.  For sure you guys know what stress can do to us.

Anyway, I won’t bug you with details anymore, to keep it simple Dino & I talked it over and we started really working on our marriage.  A bit effort lang at first, pero with true love everything is easy and everything simply falls into place. 🙂

I also had some tools that helped us understand each other a bit more.  First was the love language test.  I first heard about this from my High School friend.  She shared this with us after she and her hubby learned it in a marriage seminar (I think it’s the seminar they attended prior their wedding).

It’s how we show our love for another individual.  It says that every individual has different ways of showing/feeling love for/from our loved ones.  We all have different love languages. That’s why sometimes we and our partners misunderstood each other, kasi we don’t have same love language.  There are 5 love languages – Words of affirmation; Acts of Service; Receiving Gifts; Quality Time; and Physical touch. I won’t be elaborating each anymore, I encourage you to try the test.  (click here)

After taking the test, it came out that my love language is Gifts and words of affirmation.  It’s not that am materialistic.  It’s knowing that my the other person remembers while we are apart.  Kesihodang maliit lang ang gift or mura lang.  Kahit nga ipitas lang ako ng bulaklak sa garden, kikiligin na ko. It’s the thought and effort that really counts for me.

As for the words of affirmation naman, I think this came about since that is one of the issues I had during the ‘bump” stage.  I felt so unappreciated.  So maybe while taking the test, nag reflect to.  Lucky for me, I was able to persuade Dino to take the test too.  It turned out that his naman were Acts of service and Time.

Knowing his love languages made me realize that he was showing his love for me na pala when he tries to help me and every time  he asks me to wash or help him clean the car.  Cleaning the car kasi became his pass time after we acquire his our new car.  While he does it, I usually do some of my chores then take a nap not knowing maybe my husband also wants to spend some time with me doing what he likes.  Anyway, after knowing that, I don’t really helped him clean kasi he’s a bit meticulous about it too, so I made it a point to bring him juice or ice cold water while I bake naman in the kitchen. I don’t take naps na or if pagod talaga ako, I ask him to nap with me instead.

There are also 2 articles that helped me realize my own faults and how to change the way I think. First was the blog post that became viral from Mr. Seth Adam Smith.  (You can see the post here) This post really got me, I even shared it in my FB account.  It says that marriage is not for us.  We marry for the one we love and the family we want to have with him/her.  I really encourage everyone to read it.  It’s really nice.

Another was an article that my dear friend posted in her FB page.  (see here) This is a long list, but what hit me the most was #4 – Don’t Interrupt!  I think I do this quite a lot to him, since most of the time, I know how he’ll react to things already and I know what he thinks na.  Pero it’s still important that we let them know that we value their opinions.  The rest on the list naman, I took note of.

And last but not the least is an advice I got from my dear friend – Prayers and changing one’s mindset.  In my case, it’s more of  knowing how he shows his loves.  Maybe, he’s not the type who sings and writes poems for you (just a sample), but it does not mean that he loves you less right??  E ako nga pinili nya pakasalan diba?!?!  And of course, lots and lots of Prayers.  Putting all my faith in Him.  Am not super religious but I make it a point to talk to Him and always ask for guidance especially when it comes to my family.

Lastly, am not sure what “Happily Ever After” really means.  But I do believe in this.  I believe that we work on our marriage and our family so we can have a our own “Happily Ever After”.  Maybe not early on the marriage but when we get older, when sex won’t do the trick or when dating becomes hard and impossible and when all your kids have their own lives na.  You will still have your partner beside you, reminiscing your love stories and telling silly jokes.  Or pwede ding holding hands while walking on the beach ang peg. Ang sweet isipin no?   I know that day will come for me and Dino.  Maybe not HHWW but our Happily Ever After will come.  If there’s one important thing Dino have taught me that is it’s normal for couples (married or not) to fight but our love will always prevail and we can always work things out.

How about you guys? Do you believe in “Happily Ever After”?

2013 xmas portrait 008
Happy New Year!

PS:  These are just my thought, others may think otherwise.

A Day at Shangri-La Mactan

One of my wish list for 2013 is to be able to travel with Liam and we did just that this year.  We were able to travel a few times 2nd half of this year 2013 (yan nagagawa ng delayed post).  First was the trip to Moal Boal with Ninong Ken and Ninang Bonch. ( you may see my post about it here, here and here).

After that, we were able to have 3 more weekemd escapades. One was our trip to Toledo on Liam’s 3rd birthday (see post here) . But before that we flew to Boracay last August (separate post for this) and as a pre-bora trip we checked in Shangri-La Mactan without Ate Donna.  Yes just us 3.  We left Donna at home to help Ate Lilia clean the house.  I was able to convince Dino to buy vouchers when Shang had their Paradise Sale earlier this year.

This was the first time we had an overnight stay somewhere without Donna.  Actually, I know naman na we can do it.  Liam’s big and can understand na pero syempre, mas comfortable and hassle free if we have Donna with us. 🙂

Anyway, we were not able to take much photos then, since kame nga lang and my head ached the first day, so it was just Liam and Dino in the pool.

This is the view from our room..
This is the view from our room..
shangrila mactan 004
Enjoying the pool
shangrila mactan 006
Liam and Daddy’s bonding time

Bumawi ako the second day.  We went swimming after our breakfast and Liam enjoyed the slide so much we went back and forth. Pero napapaso na puwetan ko so I told him to stop na. 🙂  We let him run around by himself the whole stay that he scraped his knees. Both knees, the left knee twice. He did not cry, instead he said “Again!?’  as if he’s asking himself why he fell down again.  Silly brave boy.

shangrila mactan 011
my turn at the Aquaplay.
shangrila mactan 016
Tickling mommy with the dried leaves he got…
shangrila mactan 020
my not little man getting out of the pool by himself.
see the knee? Yeah, we let him be, kaya ayan.. tsk tsk! bad parents.. hehe
shangrila mactan 026
The sllde that burned my bottoms.. Ouch!

What I love best about this trip is that it made Dino realize that he wants to this with us more often.  Maybe not in Shangri-La again, since it’s really steep since we can’t enjoy all the amenities pa with Liam with us.  Pero definitely, this trip set the pace for us.  For sure, there will more weekend getaways to come on this site. 😉


2013 Noche Buena

Merry Christmas everybody! 🙂 Hope you all had a nice one together with your loved ones.  We had a simple celebration here in Cebu. Dino and I decided to spend Christmas here in Cebu for a change.  We invited my in-laws to come over but air fare was too high already (since we decided to stay here the last minute na din)  so everyone decided to stay put in our own cities.  This is the first time we will spend it na kame lang.  A bit nervous at first that Liam might not enjoy it, he might not have gifts to open and what I’ll prepare for Noche Buena. Pero everything turned out well naman.

So for the first time in my 34 years of year of life, I prepared Noche Buena all by myself.  Sorry, did not do it by myself pala, I had Donna and Ate Lilia to help me pa din.  When I was younger, I do help my sis in law (bro’s wifey) in preparing, but it’s always her who has the final say on what we’ll have. This past years naman, we always spend it with Dino’s family, so it’s my in-laws who takes care of the Noche Buena. 🙂

Anyway, here’s what we had for Noche Buena…

I baked Flan cake for the occasion, after all, it’s Baby Jesus’ birthday we are celebrating, right? and what’s a birthday celebration without a cake!? 🙂  (see the recipe here)

Flan Cake for Papa Jesus
Flan Cake for Papa Jesus

For our appetizer, I prepared my SIL’s bacon wrapped asparagus, she prepared this for everyone last year (see her post here).  This is sooo yummy that I don’t want to share these with them, pero it’s Christmas and it’s the season if sharing.  hehehe..

Bacon Wrapped Asparagus for appetizer
Bacon Wrapped Asparagus for appetizer

For our main course, I cooked Chicken and Seafood Paella paired with Lumpiang Shanghai.  If there’s one thing I don’t like here in Cebu, that’s the salty lumpia warpper.. 😦  I think they do it to make the wrappers last longer.  Pero we still finished everything. hehehe..

Chicken and Seafood Paella
Chicken and Seafood Paella (photo here was taken half way of cooking the paella)
As requested by Dino - Lumpiang Shanghai
As requested by Dino – Lumpiang Shanghai

For dessert, I asked Donna to prepare Buko Lychee Salad.  She’s been preparing this quite a number times this year already.  That’s why I called this her specialty na.  She knows the timpla already, not too sweet, not too bland and not too creamy din! 🙂

photo 3
Buko Lychee Salad

We had a blast.  They all loved the food prepared.  Liam opened a lot of gifts too (will have a separate post for this).  Of course, we won’t forget to blow a candle for Jesus. 🙂

photo 2
Here we are, Singing happy birthday to Papa Jesus
photo 1_3
Happy Birthday Jesus!
photo 2_3
Liam blowing the candle.. 🙂

A Blessed Christmas to all!! 🙂

Daddy and Me (Sari Saring Kwentong Mag-Ama)

Who needs television when you have Dino and Liam to keep you entertained?  Here are some compilations of their daily conversations.

Welcome Home Daddy
One morning after Dino’s manila trip, Liam woke up and saw his dad…
Liam:  Daddy is here na!! (with a wide smile)
Mommy:  Yes, daddy came home last night
Liam:  Daddy, you rode taxi?
Daddy:  Yes
Liam:  You done na ride airplane in the sky?
Daddy:  Yes
He then rolled to his daddy’s side and have him a hug and a sweet smile.
Kakataba ng puso..

Dino usually wakes up first then Liam will asked for his dad and follow him outside with all his pillows and sit with him while watching TV... :)
Dino usually wakes up first then Liam will asked for his dad and follow him outside with all his pillows and sit with him while watching TV… 🙂

The Juice Story
One night, we bought Liam his favorite juice from Bubbletea as pasalibong.  He was so excited and drink it agad once we gave it to him.  Halfway thru his cup, he got busy playing and dancing and forgot about his juice.  Dino has a habit of eating Liam’s leftovers (drinking for this matter), and drank the juice as he thought Liam don’t like it anymore.  After a few minutes, he saw the glass empty and instantly he knew it was his dad who finished it.  He almost cried, but I put water in the glass and he was happy saying ‘Water juice’ and drinking it too.  I thought the story ends there.  After his night bath…
Liam:  Daddy, you ubos my juice.
Daddy:  No, it was Donna who finished it
Liam;  Ikaw yun!!
My son is so smart his dad can’t fool him..

Like Father like son, Pan de sal saw saw sa kape.
Like Father like son, Pan de sal saw saw sa kape.

Bad Words
Dino was playing with a crumpled paper and shot it in our trash bin, when he missed…
Dino:  Punyemas!
Liam:  Tunemas!
Dino:  No, daddy said, Pamunas
Liam:  Pamunas..  (with a sly smile)
Sarap lang batukan ng asawa ko diba?!

As I mention in my previous post, Liam is in a stage now where he says he wants to say bad words.  one time..
Liam:  Put…. (stopped because I gave him an angry green)
he smiled sweetly at me and said..
Liam:  Put a little more..
Now, he usually say this line and I will laugh silently since I know what’s really in his mind.  My gulay!!

My bad boys..
My bad boys..

Daddy the Joker
One night, while preparing for bed time…
Liam:  Daddy is angry.. he said “LIAM, don’t do that!”  (imitating Dino’s angry voice)
then he smiled…
Liam:  Daddy you are joke joke lang?!?!
Sino naman magagalit sa batang ito!!?

Helping daddy blow out his candles. :)
Helping daddy blow out his candles. 🙂

What Goes Around Comes Around Part 1
Liam has this habit of closing the room doors when we are inside.  Actually, may pag ka OC sya, he wants all doors closed lagi whether we’re inside o not.  Dino, on the other hand, is a bit claustrophobic.  He wants doors open naman or else he feels suffocated.
While they are playing inside the playroom, Liam stood up to close the door..
Daddy:  Liam, don’t close the door
Liam:  I want to close it
Daddy:  No na bacause it’s hot, so the air can come in
Liam learned to play with the doors opened na with the thought that it’s hot if it’s close… one time, Dino have to use the toilet and Liam goes inside with him.. Naturally, Dino will close the door..
Liam:  Open the door
Dino:  Don’t open the door Liam
Liam:  But it’s hot!

First cotton candy ever.. It's always Dino who introduces him to new food (not so good food that is.. )
First cotton candy ever.. It’s always Dino who introduces him to new food (not so good food that is.. )

What Goes Around Comes Around Part 2
On our way home, Liam asked if he can drive with daddy.  We are already in the village, so Dino agreed and let Liam sat on his lap.  Liam honked the horn and it was around 2pm where most of the neighbors (well, we feel) are having their siesta.
Daddy;  Liam, don’t use the horn na
Liam;  I want to use the horn
Daddy:  It’s noisy, everybody will wake up
he obediently followed and stopped honking then.  the following week, on our way to SM, Dino used his horn..
Liam:   Daddy! Don’t use the horn! Everybody will wake up!!
BOG!!! hahahahah

Another favorite bonding time.. :)
Another favorite bonding time.. 🙂

Am really happy that Liam is growing to be like his dad every single day (pati looks, nawawala na ko, hehe)  Well, except for the madaldal part. That’s all me! hehehe.. 😉

Our Little Biker

This is already a late post. This was supposed to be posted 2 weeks ago.  Things got crazy here in the office with so much to finish and whole Cebu got crazier with the earthquake and all the intense aftershocks!!! Oh well, will not dwell on that anymore.  Here goes..

Couple of weeks ago, Dino and Liam started the day “detailing” Liam’s rides.  Liam showed interest with cleaning, way back after seeing his dad clean Pajeyow.  Good that Dino found a way how they can do this together (bonding time na din for the boys).

Bonding Time
Bonding Time
Liam busy "detailing" his bike after his afternoon nap.. :)
Liam busy “detailing” his bike after his afternoon nap.. 🙂

We’ve been planning to buy service bikes for the office for short trips and finally decided to visit our friend’s shop who sells secondhand folding bikes.  We found good items for our office had them reserved and bought Liam a new bike on impulse.  We fell in love with the bike and since we’ve been planning to buy him a bigger one, Ka-ching!! 😉

Just want to share, our African Daisies started blooming again.  We had this plant during our outreach program last 2011.  The school principal gave us a pot and now we have almost 10 pots of these beautiful flowers.  I snipped these 2 and placed them at our counter. (mental note: buy a better vase.)  Aren’t they wonderful?!!?

African Daisies.. :)
African Daisies.. (sorry poor lighting)

The following day, we let Liam swim after having breakfast and went to JCenter Mall for lunch.  We really planned for him to play in one of the playroom in the mall that have a zip line for kids.  But our little boy refuses to go in.  he cried when I tried going in by myself.  Not sure how this started, but he suddenly have phobia going in closed door facilities like Gymboree and the salon.   Hmm.. will try the “Wipe Out” trick next time.  Hope it’ll work.  Anyway, since he doesn’t want to play, we went to the arcade instead and spend time with their machines which is not a lot and a bit boring. 😦

Mommy:  Can I swim with you? Liam:  no, you are big na, small lang here...
Mommy: Can I swim with you?
Liam: no, you are big na, small lang here…

While waiting for our lunch to be served Liam played with the fish bowls containing rolled up Bible passages.  After lunch we decided to go home and let Liam rest.

reading his passage for the day.. Kala mo marunong talaga mag read no?!!? baliktad naman ang hawak.. haha
Reading his passage for the day.. Kala mo marunong talaga mag read no?!!? Baliktad naman ang hawak.. haha

it’s been a while since I really cooked  and baked, I made it a point not to sleep-in that afternoon and make my time fruitful while Liam’s napping and Daddy is busy at the garage.  I baked Calamansi Cupcakes that afternoon and prepared dinner too.  I decided to try Mommy Sha’s  Sizzling Tofu.  I tweaked it a little since Dino don’t like mayo.   Will share my version in a separate post. 🙂 We paired it with Lechon Kawali and a glass of Aloe Vera juice.  yum yum.. 🙂

Our little Picasso busy with his art
Our little Picasso busy with his art after his nap time
Liam acting sleeping when we announced dinner time...
Liam acting to sleep when we announced dinner time…
borrowing daddy's box and pretend to be a robot. Partner in crime - mommy. :)
borrowing daddy’s box and pretend to be a robot. Partner in crime – mommy. 🙂
Liam:  What is this mommy? Mommy:  That's my cute little baby...
Liam: What is this mommy?
Mommy: That’s my cute little baby…
Using his new bike before we cap the night off..
Using his new bike before we cap the night off..

I really don’t know why I called this post / series (not sure if this will be constant thing) when it always contains our weekend (2 days) together. Oh well, it just sounds good, right!??!   Anyway, just an update, comes Monday, Dino and I decided to buy the bikes for ourselves na.  So, presenting our new rides.. 🙂

our new rides. :)
our new rides. 🙂  We often ride around the village before hitting the sack. 🙂

Oh yeah, before I forgot, like my previous One Fine Day post, there’s one thing that is not fine that weekend.  Liam is acting up again during meal time.  Haaay..  This is really making me frustrated.  I might dedicate a separate post for this alone.

Anyway, have a lot of pending posts pa, Boracay trip, Shangri-La trip, Liam’s birthday celeb and a lot more. Stay tuned guys. 🙂

Moal Boal Day 2

We started our day 2 early.  Well, as you may have already read before, Liam is an early riser (another trait he got from his dad, definitely not mine.. hehe).  Pati ang ninong at ninang nagising ng maaga. hehe Since our room does not come with free breakfast, the godparents bought bread, spreads and some snacks too.  I brought some instant noodles naman for all.  And for Liam, we ordered pancakes and omelet from the restaurant.

Breakfast is fun with the Bugoys and our Bugoyito.. :)
Breakfast is fun with the Bugoys and our Bugoyito.. 🙂

After our hearty breakfast, we decided to have an early swim.  Liam scrutinized and ransacked the cabana first before we hit the pool.  being the praning mommy that I am, I forced asked him to wear his floating vest which took me a while to convince him and to which, I also agreed him to remove after a while.  Not sure if it’s really like that or maybe because I bought the cheap kind, the hems are rubbing his skins causing his skin to redden.  Mas takot ako magka blisters anak ko, so I allowed him to remove na.

Checking the different shapes, sizes and surface of the shells
Checking the different shapes, sizes and surface of the shells
cuddles with mommy
cuddles with mommy
Liam's thought bubble:  "Matatakasan ko din tong si Ate...
Liam’s thought bubble: “Matatakasan ko din tong si Ate…
"Yahoo!! Free at last!!"
“Yahoo!! Free at last!!”
Huli ulit.. hehe
Huli ulit.. hehe
See, he's really enjoying the pool...
See, he’s really enjoying the pool…
mas enjoy pa sya, after I allowed him to remove his vest..
mas enjoy pa sya, after I allowed him to remove his vest..
am so glad that ninong was there, may isa pang taga buhat at bantay.. thanks ninong!
am so glad that ninong was there, may isa pang taga buhat at bantay.. thanks ninong!

If you’re wondering where his ninang is, nag solo sa beach trying to find a “catch” hehe.  We joined Tin sa beach after 2 hrs in the pool (longest for Liam).  But I felt Liam is cold na, so we decided to troop back to barracks and relax a bit before our lunch.  We had our lunch there again (one thing I don’t like here is having very few choices for our meals).  Liam and Tin enjoyed the trampoline after lunch before we head back to the city.

Chi-cha muna after taking his bath..
Chi-cha muna after taking his bath..
toma toma din pag may time..
toma toma din pag may time.. not participating sa photo opt.. hehe
He first tried the kiddie trampoline...
He first tried the kiddie trampoline…
then transfer to the bigger one with his ninang. 🙂 
oh.. we also stayed here for a while.. :) swing swing din pag may time ang nanay.. :)
oh.. we also stayed here for a while.. 🙂 swing swing din pag may time ang nanay.. 🙂
checking out..
checking out..
last photo opt before we finally head back to the city
last photo opt before we finally head back to the city

Again, Liam was sleeping all the way back home.  we all played (and drank a bit – Liam drank pineapple juice of course) before finally calling it a day. 🙂

moalboal family 055
Til our next trip Bugoys!! 🙂

A de Leon Trait

Proofs of Liam being a true blue de Leon…

photo 40
Dino and Liam’s morning bonding.. (so saan naman ako uupo nyan?)
photo 1_2
At dahil di pa nadeliver ang couch… si Mommy muna ha..
photo 5
at least now, they realized mommy also has to sit.. 🙂
liam LX513 027
minsan relax din sa mat lang.. 🙂

Oh yes, my son loves watching TV like his Wowo and Daddy. Wowo and Daddy sleeps with the TV on.  They will also turn TV on once they are awake. That’s why I insisted not having a TV in our room.  Or else, TV all night and TV all morning ang mag-ama ko.. KOW!!

Though, we are not that bad naman, we still control what he watch, hmm.. or is it the other way around? Liam controls the TV, as we are always tuned in Disney Jr. or Disney Channel.  Once his dad will check NBA, someone will shout “Change TV” or he’ll say “watch, Jake the Pirate” (or whatever he is currently watching).  hehe.. sorry daddy..

What really amazes me is his body clock! at night, he knows when it is time for Mickey Mouse Clubhouse already.  He will tell us, watch Mickey Mouse, once we open it, it’s indeed MMC on the Disney Jr.  I don’t know how he do it, pero wala talagang palya. Maybe dahil din sa daily routine nya?

Hmm.. speaking of routines, Liam is at the stage now where he knows what will happen next. Like if I will take a bath in the Morning it means I will go to office after.  So he will make all excuses not to make me go take bath. At night naman, he knows that after taking bath, it’s time to sleep, so he delays his bath time. Or after Lunch, it’s nap time, he will shout, “sleep with mommy only”.   Now we are already teaching him to look at the clock at night. That once long hand points to 6 (9;30pm) it means lights off time. Medyo effective naman. Though, there are tawad moments talaga with him lagi.  He’ll say “Last One!?” or “7 nalang?” or “No turn off light”.

Naku! He is really growing up fast! I really pray to God that he gives us the wisdom to guide Liam in his growing years.

Oh last note, it’s Liam’s first day of class yesterday..  Bad mommy moment. I wasn’t able to go with him to school, wala pang pics. pero told Ate Donna to take his pic today. Sana nagawa. hehe

liam LX513 037