Liam’s First Report Card

Last week, I was wondering how Liam is doing in school.  Well, I know he’s learning naman but I want to know his social development. Eto naman kasi ang main objective namen ni Dino when we decided to put Liam in school.  I was already planning to go to Liam’s school and talk to their Preschool head mistress.  I plan to ask for a narrative report then Donna gave me a notice from the school that we will have our first PTC (Parent – Teacher Chat).  Meron naman palang ganun. Excited lang ako masyado.

This morning was our scheduled meeting with Maju marj (Teacher Marj, that’s how Liam calls her lang 🙂 ) Well, it was an informal meeting lang and T’ Marj started by giving us Liam’s report card.

Liam’s report Card

Kakatuwa diba? Play Group lang may report card na, I was expecting a narrative one, but when I saw this, I like this better, as I don’t have to read a lot to know how my son is doing. Tamad mode.. hehehe

Ang cute ng report card nila diba?  Anyway, the legend goes like this:

  • Star sign means “I can do it.” this means that he is good at it already.
  • Heart sign is for “I’m getting there.” It shows that the child is trying to do it, but not yet good at it.
  • Last is the Smiley Face sign which says “I will do it soon.”

Liam only got 1 smiley face for tracing broken lines and T’ Marj was fast to explain that they haven’t tackled this yet. That this activity is not up until 2nd term.

She told us that she’s only having a hard time with Liam letting him play with his classmates. Liam prefers to play with her or Donna (adults) than playing with other kids. Thus, Liam got all hearts in the Social category.  As per T’ Marj, this is normal for his age (especially Liam is the youngest among the group) and he will eventually learn to play with them too.  Dino and I also thought this might have something to do with the fact that he is our only child (for now, that is) and the fact that he only plays with adult at home.

T’ Marj also mentioned that Liam is a fast learner and very observant that even if he is not paying attention in class (he sometimes run around the class during lessons) he knows what is happening and knows how to answer when asked. He is also compassionate and knows how to share his toys.

Lastly, she commends that Liam’s sense of security is very strong.  He doesn’t get jealous easily even if Donna plays or tries to carry other kids.  He knows he is well loved.

Dino and I made sure to tell T’ Marj our expectations as well.  We told her our objective is for Liam to learn to interact with kids his age, as this is impossible at home and that we want him to be independent. I hope that she keeps that in mind and helps us improve Liam’s sociability.

Some side notes:

  • notice where Liam got all stars? Motor skills and Music. Music!! Singer talaga tong anak ko pag laki! AHEM!!
  • notice where Liam got hearts naman?  (except for the social ha), scribbling, poems, doing art activities by himself.. Naku! tamad mag sulat ang anak ko! May pinag manahan.. (diba Judz? hahahaha)


Liam Says Part II

Barely 2 years old and Liam’s vocabulary is expanding profoundly. Comparing it to my old list, there are lots of improved and new words. The mommy can’t catch up jotting down.  I need to post this down na before I forget his ever changing dictionary.  Yes, it changes.. kasi his speech is improving.  He learned how to say multi syllable words already.

Anyway, enough with the intro.. here’s his new dictionary:


  • iyam – Liam
  • maameee – Mommy (this is improved, he calls me mymy before)
  • daaddeee – Daddy (also improved from Dad)
  • wawa – Lola (he calls his lola wawa, I think he got it from wowo – Lolo)
  • kaka – Kuya Willy (the Driver)
  • maju marj – Teacher Marj (improved, he used to call her marj only and usually he pertains this to his school too)
  • ispaydeman – Spiderman (another improvement, he use to call him maan before)
  • ten – Ben Ten
  • tan – Lucio (the pedicab driver, Donna calls him Lucio Tan, thus Liam’s version)
  • ching – Monching (one of our colleague – IT rep)
  • sha – Essa (colleague)
  • tor – Victor (colleague)
  • rel – Cyrel (colleague)
  • bel – Bel (colleague)
  • wudy – woody
  • buz – buzz


  • kat – cut (improved from aak)
  • hayding – hiding (when he says this, Dino and I will say “nooo!” kasi this is the part where he will get all our pillows and throw it to the floor, then he will hide his head under the pillows, with his butt showing.. haha)
  • wayt – write
  • wiking – walking
  • khun khun – sleep (improved from unk unk)
  • mish – swim
  • piks – fix
  • yosh – ayos
  • kuk – cook
  • shing – sing
  • ba  – laba
  • pacha – plantsa
  • tamp – stomp
  • dyam – jump
  • bay – buy
  • get – get
  • dyink – drink
  • nom – inom
  • kish – Kiss
  • hak – hug (improved from aak)
  • kot – ikot
  • shayd – slide
  • upo – upo (upo)
  • shit – sit (sounds like a bad word no?!)
  • pen – open
  • cosh – close
  • off – off
  • gow – go
  • topsh – stop

*he already know that green light is for go and red light is for stop.  Once the traffic light turns green, he will ask his daddy to move by saying GOOOW!!

* he also knows the difference of open and cloe


  • byidge – bridge
  • peydoh – Play Dough
  • meni – money (when he wants to go out and ride padyak, he knows how to extend his hand upward and ask for money from me or Dino.  Liam don’t like bills, he wants coins only. 🙂 )
  • cam – camera (he also calls his dad’s tripod cam but uses it as mic)
  • bed – bed (he also calls pillows bed, better than when he still call his pillows unk unk)
  • jeep – jeep
  • bet – tablet
  • chu chu ten – choo choo train
  • buk – book
  • wersh – flowers
  • weyn – rain
  • bon – ambon


  • yakudo – Yakult (this one is not an improvement, he used to say this correctly but in two words “yak kult”. then he learned to put them together but with an “o” at the end. everybody laughed at  him, so it stayed with him.. hehe)
  • ding – Pudding
  • egmant – eggplant (improved from just “eg’
  • krots – carrots
  • pachay – pechay
  • shroom – mushroom
  • tow – tomatoe
  • oyon – onion
  • hatchiyi – hot chili
  • pol – apple (improved from “arks” – sound of eating crunchy apple)
  • weynge – Orange
  • mon – watermelon and lemon
  • kowp – cantalope
  • klim – Ice Cream
  • keyk – cake
  • kat – Kit Kat
  • nips – Nips and M&M’s (he calls everything M&M like candies nips even the jelly beans, pang local ang anak ko.. 🙂 )
  • leyt – chocolate
  • ter – water
  • geti – spaghetti


  • mosh – small (and yes, he can identify big from small already)
  • meny – many
  • kabiya – kabila (other room)


  • weynge – orange
  • yed – red
  • bown – brown
  • bet – violet
  • yow – yellow


  • wan – one
  • tuu – two (improved from chu)
  • tee – three
  • po – four
  • payb – five
  • sik – six
  • eben – seven
  • eyt – eight
  • nay – nine
  • ten – ten (sometimes he pronunce this as pen.. hehehehe)


  • sheyp – shape
  • kel – circle
  • gon – pentagon and hexagon
  • cros – cross
  • gul – triangle
  • bal – oval
  • kuwayre – square


  • haaay – hi
  • yun oh – ayun oh!
  • oh no – oh no!
  • no no – no no
  • kam in – Come in (when someone knocks at the door)
  • shok – pasok (when someone knocks too)
  • nyi – nye


  • duwan duwan – another one
  • tu tee dyam  – one, two, three, jump! (he counts before he jumps off his toy car)
  • yeyaw – ayaw
  • karsh ap ap byidge – Cars go up the bridge
  • waya, get kabiya – toy is not here, get at the other room

Our new bed time routine now includes telling our daily stories, like what we did for the day.  His story always includes his morning routine with his dad, where they ride the jeep and go to IT Park to buy bread and pudding then they watch and feed the fishes.

Whew! Ang dami and ang hirap mag spell ng pronunciations nya.. Makes me wonder how I will spell his words out later on when I teach him to speak Chinese na.. hahaha.. Oh well.. I think I missed out a lot of words, I should update every time may maalala ako. 🙂


P.S. On second thought, I will just post a part III. 🙂