Sari Saring Kwentong Liam: Simbahan

If there’s one good thing the earthquake has brought to my family, it’s that we were able to go back to church and hear mass every Sunday. Well, the earthquake was just half of it, it was also Liam’s birthday.

You see, Dino and I are not too religious. But we made it a point to go to church every Sunday to hear mass, say our thanks and ask for forgiveness. This stop lang, when we had Liam na.  We tried going back when he was 5mos, but it’s a bit difficult since he can’t understand what it is pa.

So last October, we heard mass as a family. Okey, it was just the 3 of us adults (including ate Donna) who really understood, but I think this is the best way to introduce the idea/concept to Liam. As expected, he was not super behaved.  He asked a lot of questions like what the nuns are doing, who is talking, is it finish na ba, and a lot more.

I first introduced Liam to church, the structure, earlier this year on our way to the mall.
Mommy: Liam, that’s a church, you see there’ a cross and at the window there is a big bell, blah blah blah (i went on describing the sound and what it’s for)
Liam did not say word.  Kala ko wala na intindihan.  After a few meters…
Mommy: Liam, that’s also a church
Liam: where’s the bell?
Ayun, nakikinig naman pala…

The first time we brought him to church, he kept on asking questions at the start, then he started to get bored.
Liam: mommy, are we done na? Go home na tayo?
Mommy: we can’t pa, we have to wait for the priest to finish
Liam: who is the priest?
Mommy: the one in green (habit)
After a few minutes..
Liam: mommy is the green one finish na?
Sa isip ko.. Wala namang green sa Bioman ah!?

One afternoon, ate donna gave liam choco flakes in a bowl..
Liam stood up, got a piece and went to his ate, gave her one on her hand..
Liam: you say amen
Communion ang peg..

Liam really got intruiged with the host that we take, one sunday at mass…
Liam: mommy, i want to eat host
Mommy: you can’t pa. You’re still a little boy. When you’re big na, you will have your first holy communion
I think he understood, since he did not ask me about it again.
One night when I stepped into the house coming from work, he ran to me excitedly and said…
Liam: Mommy! ate said am big boy na!! Can i eat host na!?
Toinks!!! Naintindihan nga nya sinabi ko! Hahaha

There are a lot of things pa that got his interest like the holy water and the offerings.  One way to persuade him to change and go to church is when I tell him I will let him dip his hand in the holy water which we do last (before going out ) so he’ll have something to wait for and look forward too.  Yun lang, he keeps on asking if we’re done na.

He also likes the singing part pala. He usually hums with us. There’s this responsorial psalm that caught his attention and several times he asked me to sing it for him. Kaso I forgot the line na.  So the following week, i made it a point to remember, kow ung nauna pa din ang gusto nya.

Well, hopefully soon, he will understand na din what this is all about.  Since I can’t take photos during mass (mapapagalitan ako ni Bobe), eto na lang share ko sanyo..

Since I can't take picture inside the church, magagalit si Daddy.. Am sharing his airport photo. :)
Photo taken at the airport.  Love the smile and the dimples… 🙂