No Fuss Birthday Prep

Since we decided for a small party, preparation was an easy breezy.  Ang naging problem ko lang is ang theme, being the  fickle minded mommy that I am, hehehe.  At first, I want to have a Pororo themed party, kaso ang hirap mag hanap ng Pororo items here in Cebu.  So second option was Woody and Buzz.  But then again, we already had cowboy themed party during Liam’s first birthday. (Ang laki ng problema ko no!? e 7 kids lang naman sila) Then, a light bulb moment for mommy!! Why not a dalmatian themed party?  Liam looooves his dalmatian stuffed toy so much (I’ve blogged about Doggy here).  So ayun!!

Anyway, let me start with the invitation. As usual, this task was cordially accepted by Liam’s Ninang Tita, Leah of  The Bright Spot,  She is also the one who made Liam’s Cowboy invitattion when he turned 1.  This year, she made Dog Bone Invitations for Liam. She also blogged about it here.  Anyway, we loved the invitations.  Simple yet so into the theme and so cuuute!

Fun Bone Invitations! Thanks Ninang! :)
Fun Bone Invitations! Thanks Ninang! 🙂

The Cake!  Whew, with only a week left and no cake ordered or confirmed, I tried my colleagues suggestion to order from Angelica’s Bakery (see contact details below).  Buti nalang they have a branch in BTC, so I went and checked if they have a dalmatian themed cake.  Unfortunately they don’t,  BUT!, buti nalang they can customize designs, just give them the artworks.  So I checked out the web for dalmatian photos, printed them out and VOILA!!! Liam’s Dalmatian Cake!  I was super happy with the outcome, kasi ang ganda at ang sarap ng cake nila!!

Simpleng handa..
Simpleng handa..

By the way, for the handa, we just cooked some hotdogs and put them on sticks with marshmallows, ordered Red Ribbon Spaghetti (that we learned that day lang na masarap pala! hehe), prepared some sandwiches and bought Zest-O juices for drinks! Simple but everyone enjoyed it!! 🙂

For the loots, we just bought some goodies, toys and some supplies and put them all in prepared paper bags!

photo 04
Toys, stickers, coloring books and more toys.. 🙂
photo 03
to have the dalmatian feel, we included a Dalmatian squeeky toy inside.. isn’t he cute.. 🙂

Last but not the least, the highlight of the party.  We have hired a bubble show from my friend’s supplier. To my dismay, they forgot to bring the big loop where kids can be inside the big bubble. Hay naku!! na-stress ako dahil dun, kasi naman, I specifically requested for that ‘tas sabihin nila na di nadala!! Aside from this, they were so unprofessional to talk to.  Ang gulo gulo ng mundo nila!! Iba iba ang time na alam nila.  Di naman iba iba ang sinabi kong time! wah!!

Bubble Show
Bubble Show

In fairness, the kids enjoy this a lot!  Pero dahil nastress ako ng dahil sa kanila, I won’t share their contact. Actually, I did not keep their details.  Sa inis ko, binura ko after I paid.  hehehe..

Oh diba! Fun and easy. Oh well, this year one of my targets is to bring Liam out of the country na, if not his 3rd birthday, sa Christmas Vacation. Si MIL ang kakampi ko dyan! hehehehe.


Angelica’s Bakeshop
Banilad Town Center, Cebu City (inside Robinson’s Supermarket)

(032) 416.2271