Before We Got Wed – Anniversary Post

I’ve recently discovered a mommyblog that I like and am stalking her site now. Going back through her old entries, I stumbled upon this post. Sakto for today since it’s our anniversary (well, that was last Friday – April 25, As usual late posting).. Yes, 5 years and counting. 🙂

Anyways, Jhanis joined a 7-days blog challenge and I’ll go with her by putting them altogether in 1 post. 🙂  So here goes..

before-we-wed1. Share the first picture taken of you and its story.

  1. Nov. 2002 He still have hair then..

I really can’t remember our first photo together but here’s one from 2002.  This was taken after their adventure race (yes, he’s adventurous), thus a sleeping Dino.  Being his ever supportive girlfriend and number one cheerleader, I cannot miss this event.  I remember telling my brother a made up work related event just so I can be there. Hope my brother is not reading this now, but I think he had ideas of my white lies before.  In fairness to me, I never lied about my whereabouts.  I always tell the truth where I am, just in case (knock on wood 3x) something went wrong.  AND, my sis-in-law always knows the real reasons – I think he knows this too.. hehe.. Super defensive ba?! hehe

2. Share a story of the first homemade meal.    I’ve been part of the de Leon’s household for so long that my weekend meals are always spent with them.  I remember Dino and I prepared veggie pizza (something we learned from our trip to Batad) for dinner one time and everyone liked it.  Once, we planned to do this again, but forgot to buy the pizza crust, we ended up tweaking it and we had vegetable curry instead.

I can’t remember what we had during our first meal as husband and wife.  But there were a few times where he was the one who cooked our Saturday night meals.  I still have Saturday work then and would not get home until 7:30.  His first dish was Adobong Manok and it was really good (he still brags about it until now).  I asked him the other day about it and he complained that it’s not only adobo that he cooked, his Chicken curry is also very good and I have to agree. 🙂

  1. This is not his chicken curry, this is the best curry we had though.. :) We had in Koh Samui..
    This is not his chicken curry, this is the best curry we had though.. :).

    Trivia, Dino never had any experience in their kitchen when he was still a bachelor (that’s daddy’s – my inlaw’s turf) and I don’t consider mountain cooking as cooking. hehe.. I bet he’ll be a better cook than me, if he just have patience for it. 🙂

3. Share your favorite present received before marriage.    Am very easy to please that even a bag of chocolate sends me chills all over.  I also love receiving flowers from Dino but this stopped when we realize that if we add a little more to the cost of those bouquets, we can dine in fine dining restaurants already.  So when he came to my office with a bouquet, V-day of 2008, I was super kilig. (Didn’t I tell you am easy to please?)

There’s another thing I learned from Dino that I would say I appreciate the most.  It’s the love of nature and outdoor.  It was with him that I experience travelling – leisure and hardcore.  My first ever climb was in Tarak ridge (Mariveles).  Dino said that this is a beginner’s climb, but everybody said that it’s not.  Ang saya diba?! I did not regret going though. I also have this bad habit of promising myself not to join them, next time they invite me for another “beginner’s climb” but always ended up climbing with them.  hehe..

  1. Rapelling in Batangas, I was so scared of letting go.  Dino always push me try stuffs.  He's right, I loved it.. :)
    Rapelling in Batangas, I was so scared of letting go. Dino always pushes me to try stuffs. He’s right, I loved it.. 🙂

4. Share the moment you knew he was the one.    Those times when all his flaws does’t seem to matter anymore. Hep hep hep… Before you get all carried away, am not a saint, I still get pissed off irritated with it at times. (until now? Yes!) Since I’ve learned to accept them, I can easily shrug it off. If I do mention it to him, more often than not, he’ll make fun and laugh at it doubling my irritation. Arrgh!!! So better best option is to just shake it off!! Hehe.

Those times when you are fighting and you’re in the ‘don’t talk to me’ mode, then you remembered something and you talk to him without remembering that you’re in the ‘don’t talk to me’ mode. Then both acting as if nothing happened. (this often happen in less than 30 mins)
And that time when he showed me respect. Not pushing me to do the thing am / we’re not ready to do. I knew then that this man is worth keeping. 🙂

Pictorial at Baywalk (Roxas Blvd.) after our church wedding..
Pictorial at Baywalk (Roxas Blvd.) after our church wedding..

5. Share the first song he dedicated to you.    Fallen by Lauren Wood.  He sang this over the phone when he was still pursuing me.  (kilig much)

6. Share your family’s first impression of him.    Among the guys I dated, it was only Dino that I did not hear any negative reaction from my brothers.  (I think this is another sign to #4).

My relatives was a different story.  I came from a Chinese family that is a bit traditional.  When they learned that am dating a Filipino guy, my aunts and uncles became instant match makers.  Well, they didn’t know Dino personally then.  When I brought Dino to his first Hao family reunion experience (he was amazed, I guess, if that’s the right term) and all the match making came to a stop. It came to a point that they want Dino present in reunions even if am not available.  Do they like him?  Be the judge! 🙂

7. Share with us a typical date.    A typical date of our un-wedded version would always include eating and lots of eating.  We love street foods especially.  One of our most memorable date was our 120 peso date.  We had Shawarma Rice, Pao Tsin Rice with toppings (forgot which we got, but am guessing it’s the fried shark’s fin dumpling, it’s Dino’s fave) and 2 glasses of gulaman at SM Manila food court then before bringing me home, we stopped by Ate’s kiosk nearby to eat Fish balls, fried tofu and hotdogs.  We are happy that way. 🙂

  1. one of our stop overs going to Koh Samui
    one of our stop overs going to Koh Samui

8. Write a letter to your freshly engaged self with tips on living with your husband today.
Dear Juvs ver. 2009,
Try to discourage buying Pajeyow if you can.. hehe..
Anyway, you made the right choice in marrying him… Stay happy.. 🙂
— Juvs ver. 2014

To my Bobe, Happy anniversary!! Looking forward to more adventures with you.  Love you. 🙂


There you go, I hope you enjoyed this entry as much as I enjoyed writing it.  Jhanis is right in saying, it’s nice reminiscing those times.. 🙂


Advance Valentine Gift

One of my 2014 resolution is “magtipid”. Well, am not really magastos, but I have a few weaknesses too.

1. Groceries and eating out
I never think twice when it comes to my cravings, cooking and baking. Every time I want to try a new dish and it calls for a new spice or ingredient, kaching! Walang isip isip!

When am out naman, I always make it a point to buy Dino’s and Liam’s fave food, kahit sang damakmak pa ang pagkain sa bahay. I just can’t help it, I want to make them happy lang naman.

I also have a bad habit of treating our staffs, especially if am the one who initiated where to eat and if i knew that it’s out of their budget na. Kaching!

2. FitFlop
Ever since Dino gave me my first pair, I never stopped loving and owning another pair. In total, I already have 10prs – 5 of which are still with me.  Yeah, I give my old ones to my nieces and once to my MIL. 🙂

Now, I’m eyeing 3 more designs – Flora, Chada and Flare Slide.  I already told myself that I don’t need it. Dino agreed to buy me 1 na nga pero am really controlling myself. Ok pa ung 5prs ko. Ahem ahem very good ako (thanks!)

3. Maldita
I never came out of this store empty handed. Ewan ko ba, there’s always something I like in this shop. Kaya last that I went out, I really did not drop by this store! Ahem again.. applause naman dyan.

4. Last is our stores (not ours like Dino and mine but stores we’re handling here in VisMin)
I also have this bad habit of buying stuff from our stores even if I don’t need them. Ganun kagagaling mga staffs namen, pati ako nabobola.. O ganun lang talaga ako ka-gullible. Hehe

That’s just what I really spend on. Pero bigger percentage of all my spendings is in food talaga.

Anyway, back to my topic.. With this resolution in mind, I stayed away from Maldita and did not let my staff talk me into buying any of our products. BUT! out of curiosity lang, I dropped by Yosi Samra store. They just opened a branch here in Ayala Cebu last November 2013.  Kakatawa pa, I really don’t know this brand, I asked my staff pa, ano benta nila puro cigarettes? She told me, “No, Ms. Juvs, I think they are selling ballet flats.’  Shunga lang talaga. hehehe

So before even stepping in the store, I was very firm not to buy anything.  The store supervisor was very nice and accommodating. Pero kahit na I kept on telling myself not to be fooled. Hahaha

I first tried their snake skin line and it was really nice. Insole was super soft and di masakit sa paa.  I checked the price, GULP! 2795.  A bit pricey for a ballet flats.

Samara Serpent in Beige (photo taken from their official website)
Samara Serpent in Beige

Pero firm ako, so I gave the pair back to Josh (the sup).  I am so firm that I even went around.  Next, I saw their slippers. The footbed was soft also and it looks nice on my feet.

Roee Metallic Leather in Rose Gold
Roee Metallic Leather in Rose Gold (1,995 pesos if I remember it right)

I even tried 2 prs since the first was too big for me. I almost lost my will power pero again, firm ako, so I returned both pairs to Josh and went further and checked their Croco collection (as per Josh, these are their new arrivals).

Orly Embossed Croco Loafer (with Tassle)
Orly Embossed Croco Loafer (with Tassle) in Moss

Oh no!!! All my will power went missing when I tried this one!  I checked the price P3,795 Oh my gulay! Too pricey for a pair of ballet flats but it did not help my will power to come back.  I just really LOVE this pair!!

Ang ganda diba?!?!
Ang ganda diba?!?!

Am glad I did not give in to Dino’s FitFlop gift, I was able to ask him to give me these shoes instead! YES!!!  hehehe.  Thanks to my Bobe for the early Valentine’s Day gift and date (of course I wore my new pair to our date! 😉 )

Disclaimer:  All product shots were taken from YS’s official website.  

Marriage and Happily Ever After

Today, am letting you in a little secret.  Earlier last year, my marriage went through a little bump. Nothing too serious naman, no 3rd party, no drugs and no physical abuse naman. Pure Misunderstanding lang that came from stress and adjustment.

Funny as it may sound, it’s just now that we are going through our ‘adjustment period’.  Our relationship was more of a relaxed one.  Being a couple for almost 8 years before getting married helped us know each other very well.  We do have petty LQs , but that only last for 5mins then we’re back to our old loving self na. That’s how we started.

Well, a lot has been going on beginning of 2013, both with work and our family life, when we experienced the ‘bump’.  I personally have a lot of things planned out for the year that sometimes stresses me out if things did not went my way.  For sure you guys know what stress can do to us.

Anyway, I won’t bug you with details anymore, to keep it simple Dino & I talked it over and we started really working on our marriage.  A bit effort lang at first, pero with true love everything is easy and everything simply falls into place. 🙂

I also had some tools that helped us understand each other a bit more.  First was the love language test.  I first heard about this from my High School friend.  She shared this with us after she and her hubby learned it in a marriage seminar (I think it’s the seminar they attended prior their wedding).

It’s how we show our love for another individual.  It says that every individual has different ways of showing/feeling love for/from our loved ones.  We all have different love languages. That’s why sometimes we and our partners misunderstood each other, kasi we don’t have same love language.  There are 5 love languages – Words of affirmation; Acts of Service; Receiving Gifts; Quality Time; and Physical touch. I won’t be elaborating each anymore, I encourage you to try the test.  (click here)

After taking the test, it came out that my love language is Gifts and words of affirmation.  It’s not that am materialistic.  It’s knowing that my the other person remembers while we are apart.  Kesihodang maliit lang ang gift or mura lang.  Kahit nga ipitas lang ako ng bulaklak sa garden, kikiligin na ko. It’s the thought and effort that really counts for me.

As for the words of affirmation naman, I think this came about since that is one of the issues I had during the ‘bump” stage.  I felt so unappreciated.  So maybe while taking the test, nag reflect to.  Lucky for me, I was able to persuade Dino to take the test too.  It turned out that his naman were Acts of service and Time.

Knowing his love languages made me realize that he was showing his love for me na pala when he tries to help me and every time  he asks me to wash or help him clean the car.  Cleaning the car kasi became his pass time after we acquire his our new car.  While he does it, I usually do some of my chores then take a nap not knowing maybe my husband also wants to spend some time with me doing what he likes.  Anyway, after knowing that, I don’t really helped him clean kasi he’s a bit meticulous about it too, so I made it a point to bring him juice or ice cold water while I bake naman in the kitchen. I don’t take naps na or if pagod talaga ako, I ask him to nap with me instead.

There are also 2 articles that helped me realize my own faults and how to change the way I think. First was the blog post that became viral from Mr. Seth Adam Smith.  (You can see the post here) This post really got me, I even shared it in my FB account.  It says that marriage is not for us.  We marry for the one we love and the family we want to have with him/her.  I really encourage everyone to read it.  It’s really nice.

Another was an article that my dear friend posted in her FB page.  (see here) This is a long list, but what hit me the most was #4 – Don’t Interrupt!  I think I do this quite a lot to him, since most of the time, I know how he’ll react to things already and I know what he thinks na.  Pero it’s still important that we let them know that we value their opinions.  The rest on the list naman, I took note of.

And last but not the least is an advice I got from my dear friend – Prayers and changing one’s mindset.  In my case, it’s more of  knowing how he shows his loves.  Maybe, he’s not the type who sings and writes poems for you (just a sample), but it does not mean that he loves you less right??  E ako nga pinili nya pakasalan diba?!?!  And of course, lots and lots of Prayers.  Putting all my faith in Him.  Am not super religious but I make it a point to talk to Him and always ask for guidance especially when it comes to my family.

Lastly, am not sure what “Happily Ever After” really means.  But I do believe in this.  I believe that we work on our marriage and our family so we can have a our own “Happily Ever After”.  Maybe not early on the marriage but when we get older, when sex won’t do the trick or when dating becomes hard and impossible and when all your kids have their own lives na.  You will still have your partner beside you, reminiscing your love stories and telling silly jokes.  Or pwede ding holding hands while walking on the beach ang peg. Ang sweet isipin no?   I know that day will come for me and Dino.  Maybe not HHWW but our Happily Ever After will come.  If there’s one important thing Dino have taught me that is it’s normal for couples (married or not) to fight but our love will always prevail and we can always work things out.

How about you guys? Do you believe in “Happily Ever After”?

2013 xmas portrait 008
Happy New Year!

PS:  These are just my thought, others may think otherwise.

Daddy and Me (Sari Saring Kwentong Mag-Ama)

Who needs television when you have Dino and Liam to keep you entertained?  Here are some compilations of their daily conversations.

Welcome Home Daddy
One morning after Dino’s manila trip, Liam woke up and saw his dad…
Liam:  Daddy is here na!! (with a wide smile)
Mommy:  Yes, daddy came home last night
Liam:  Daddy, you rode taxi?
Daddy:  Yes
Liam:  You done na ride airplane in the sky?
Daddy:  Yes
He then rolled to his daddy’s side and have him a hug and a sweet smile.
Kakataba ng puso..

Dino usually wakes up first then Liam will asked for his dad and follow him outside with all his pillows and sit with him while watching TV... :)
Dino usually wakes up first then Liam will asked for his dad and follow him outside with all his pillows and sit with him while watching TV… 🙂

The Juice Story
One night, we bought Liam his favorite juice from Bubbletea as pasalibong.  He was so excited and drink it agad once we gave it to him.  Halfway thru his cup, he got busy playing and dancing and forgot about his juice.  Dino has a habit of eating Liam’s leftovers (drinking for this matter), and drank the juice as he thought Liam don’t like it anymore.  After a few minutes, he saw the glass empty and instantly he knew it was his dad who finished it.  He almost cried, but I put water in the glass and he was happy saying ‘Water juice’ and drinking it too.  I thought the story ends there.  After his night bath…
Liam:  Daddy, you ubos my juice.
Daddy:  No, it was Donna who finished it
Liam;  Ikaw yun!!
My son is so smart his dad can’t fool him..

Like Father like son, Pan de sal saw saw sa kape.
Like Father like son, Pan de sal saw saw sa kape.

Bad Words
Dino was playing with a crumpled paper and shot it in our trash bin, when he missed…
Dino:  Punyemas!
Liam:  Tunemas!
Dino:  No, daddy said, Pamunas
Liam:  Pamunas..  (with a sly smile)
Sarap lang batukan ng asawa ko diba?!

As I mention in my previous post, Liam is in a stage now where he says he wants to say bad words.  one time..
Liam:  Put…. (stopped because I gave him an angry green)
he smiled sweetly at me and said..
Liam:  Put a little more..
Now, he usually say this line and I will laugh silently since I know what’s really in his mind.  My gulay!!

My bad boys..
My bad boys..

Daddy the Joker
One night, while preparing for bed time…
Liam:  Daddy is angry.. he said “LIAM, don’t do that!”  (imitating Dino’s angry voice)
then he smiled…
Liam:  Daddy you are joke joke lang?!?!
Sino naman magagalit sa batang ito!!?

Helping daddy blow out his candles. :)
Helping daddy blow out his candles. 🙂

What Goes Around Comes Around Part 1
Liam has this habit of closing the room doors when we are inside.  Actually, may pag ka OC sya, he wants all doors closed lagi whether we’re inside o not.  Dino, on the other hand, is a bit claustrophobic.  He wants doors open naman or else he feels suffocated.
While they are playing inside the playroom, Liam stood up to close the door..
Daddy:  Liam, don’t close the door
Liam:  I want to close it
Daddy:  No na bacause it’s hot, so the air can come in
Liam learned to play with the doors opened na with the thought that it’s hot if it’s close… one time, Dino have to use the toilet and Liam goes inside with him.. Naturally, Dino will close the door..
Liam:  Open the door
Dino:  Don’t open the door Liam
Liam:  But it’s hot!

First cotton candy ever.. It's always Dino who introduces him to new food (not so good food that is.. )
First cotton candy ever.. It’s always Dino who introduces him to new food (not so good food that is.. )

What Goes Around Comes Around Part 2
On our way home, Liam asked if he can drive with daddy.  We are already in the village, so Dino agreed and let Liam sat on his lap.  Liam honked the horn and it was around 2pm where most of the neighbors (well, we feel) are having their siesta.
Daddy;  Liam, don’t use the horn na
Liam;  I want to use the horn
Daddy:  It’s noisy, everybody will wake up
he obediently followed and stopped honking then.  the following week, on our way to SM, Dino used his horn..
Liam:   Daddy! Don’t use the horn! Everybody will wake up!!
BOG!!! hahahahah

Another favorite bonding time.. :)
Another favorite bonding time.. 🙂

Am really happy that Liam is growing to be like his dad every single day (pati looks, nawawala na ko, hehe)  Well, except for the madaldal part. That’s all me! hehehe.. 😉

Happy 34th Birthday! (Late post)

To the man who always got my back.  To the one who stood by me through my worst.  To you who always brings out the best in me.


Happy 34th Birthday Bobe! Thank you so much for always being there and for pushing me to do my best. You’ve gotten my back even before, I wouldn’t have made it on my own if not for your support (all aspects, yes. hehehe).  Thank you for taking time to play with Liam (kahit nag 2Fuse lang ako sa iPhone ko).

We love you very much! 🙂  I hope you had a blast! 🙂

Happy Heart’s Month

Happy Heart’s Month guys!

Before I start writing about how we celebrated our hearts’ month, I just want to share a little something about Dino and me.  Well, we are not the usual couple who give gifts and make reservations for dates during special occasions.  We don’t wait for occasions to do these.  We give each other gifts anytime we can, and we make sure that we go out on a date once a week.  Especially now that Liam is hoarding all our time, not that we are complaining.  🙂  Fancy restaurants are not our thing either.  Though we still do this once in a blue moon.

It’s always nice to reminisce how we used to date before.  We usually go back to our cheapest yet sweet and memorable date spending only 120 for our dinner.  I wanted to eat lugaw that night and with Manila’s hustle and bustle, we opt to go to SM and eat at the food stands beside the supermarket.  We ordered lugaw, shawarma rice and 2 sago’t gulaman.  Eating while standing, talking and laughing all the same time.  Saya lang to be carefree.

We also have this habit, when we still use to commute, to stop by manang’s place where we have tuhog tuhog.   This is not the usual fish ball cart, Manang has a store and she sells fish balls, kwek kwek, hotdogs, fried tofu and squidballs outside.  We never fail to stop by her store to buy and eat some before Dino would walk me home. One of the things we look forward to when Dino is on color coding.   Haaay, those were the days.

Anyway, this year, Dino made our Valentine’s a little extra special and hmm.. a bit long. 🙂

A week before V-Day,  he asked me on a date (ehem!! yes, he did in his not-so-sweet ways, hehehe. Pero for me, it was kilig! haha). He made reservations in La Maison Rose, a french restaurant here in Lahug.   Lunch was okay.  What amazes me was their menu book.  They use iPad’s where you can browse their menus and place your orders at the same time.  You can even add remarks for your special requests.  Cool no!?  For food photos and comments, do check out Dino’s blog.

Parang bridal photo shoot lang no!?  I love the fresh flowers.. so nice! :)
Parang bridal photo shoot lang no!? I love the fresh flowers.. so nice! 🙂
while waiting for our lunch...
while waiting for our lunch…


Feb. 14, 2013, V-Day!!  Knowing that all couples will be crowding the road, we opt to celebrate it at our favorite Mexican restaurant.  Aside from the great food, it’s just walking distance away from our home. 🙂 Yes, we walked to and from La Lagrima.  Had a little chit chat while we are walking.  Looking back at 11 years of togetherness. 🙂 We weren’t able to take photos na, but you may check what Dino have to say about this authentic Mexican food in his blog.

Just the other day, before February totally says goodbye, Dino asked me out again! Knowing that I wanted to go back to David’s Steak House, he invited for a dinner date.  We tried this first with our boss, where I shared an eat-all-you-can cowboy steak with our boss.  Dino on the other hand ate a Steak Sandwich that was also ohhh so good!

This time around, since it was just me and Dino, we did not get the eat-all-you-can.  Dino ordered the same sandwich and I had a rib eye steak.  Sarap!

For our drinks, Dino had a Dalandan Slush and I got Strawberry Shake
For our drinks, Dino had a Dalandan Slush and I got Strawberry Shake
Dino's Steak Sandwich with Fries..
Dino’s Steak Sandwich with Fries..
My 500gram Rib Eye Steak! (before you all say am matakaw, I shared this with Dino, hahaha)
My 500gram Rib Eye Steak! (before you all say am matakaw, I shared this with Dino, hahaha)
Photo Opt while waiting for our dinner
Photo Opt while waiting for our dinner


There!! We had 3 dates this month to celebrate our love. 🙂 If you will ask me which of the 3 is the best, I would say (and I bet Dino would agree with me) it was the Mexican date where we were able to walk to and from our home holding hands and talk about some sweet and not so sweet stuffs. (but if it’s the food, David’s hands down! hahahaha)



Well Spent Holiday Vacation

With only eight (8) full days for holiday vacation in Manila, I would say that we spent it well.  With the “to do” list Dino insisted for me to do.  Oh well, it’s only a few and most of it is in my head lang. hehehe  Anyway, we plan for Liam to enjoy this vacation and meet most of our family and friends.

We arrived Manila a day before Christmas.  I wanted Liam to rest for the day to recoup and be ready for the 8 days.  But my dearest boy not wanting to spoil the day by resting and not wanting to dismay his expecting audience, he showed off whole afternoon by dancing, acting, running  and playing guessing games with his Ninang Tita!

Opah Gangnam Style!!
Opah Gangnam Style!!

We let Liam open his gift after dinner, alam ko kasi na di na kame makakasalubong, since we are all tired na.

Liam opening Ninong Rene and Ninang Jane's Birthday Gift na naging 2nd Christmas gift! :)
Liam opening Ninong Rene and Ninang Jane’s Birthday Gift na naging 2nd Christmas gift! 🙂

Christmas day was spent at Lola Pasig’s (Dino’s Grand Aunt who lives in Pasig and stands as their Grandmom since Inay passed away).

Liam agreed to this pic with the promise to drive the new car! :)(de Leon family in blue, with Lola Pasig's family in red and Aguinaldos in Green.  )
Liam agreed to this pic with the promise to drive the new car! 🙂
(de Leon family in blue, with Lola Pasig’s family in red and Aguinaldos in Green. )

Dinner was courtesy of Ate Pen, she bought us Pizza and Clam Chowder Soup from S&R.

Either he was so hungry or he really loved the clam chowder.  Whatever it is, we're all happy that he liked and it and he ate a lot! :)
Either he was so hungry or he really loved the clam chowder. Whatever it is, we’re all happy that he ate a lot! 🙂

Dec. 26, Shopping Day for me and Ate Pen. We went to 168 and boy oh boy did I miss it!! Sayang lang, sa sobrang excitement, we forgot to take photos of us being there and we weren’t able to take photos of our loots too. Next time!  Liam, on the other hand, enjoyed his day driving new car (Lolo’s car; our van here in Cebu is the old car for him…), playing his alphabet mats and swimming in his inflatable pool.  That night we went to Paranaque to visit my sister and had dinner with them.

Lliam driving his "new car"
Lliam driving his “new car”
After Lolo pile his alphabet he will go to the stack and shout "kalat aten! Kalat aten!" ang bait no!?
After Lolo pile his alphabet he will go to the stack and shout “kalat aten! Kalat aten!” ang bait no!?

Following day was a slow one.  I dropped by my brother’s house in Pandacan.  Did not bring Liam since almost everyone there is sick.  I just dropped off our gifts and had a little chit chat with my SIL and my mom while Liam enjoyed his swimming time in the garage (again). (thanks Wowo and Wawa for the new inflatable pool.:) )

Having fun while waiting for his pool to be filled...
Having fun while waiting for his pool to be filled…
My little swimmer. :)
My little cute shokoy. 🙂

We went to Rockwell after that and was suppose to have dinner at Chili’s, kaso mahaba ang waiting list and we don’t like other restos there that night, so we drove back and ate at Buddy’s instead.  (another check sa to-eat list! hehe)

Ken, Liam’s ninong, met with us there and we had a long chit chat at home after dinner. As usual, being the best host that he is, Liam did not disappoint his ninong and showed off his fore talents! hehe (wala nanamang pictures!! tsk!!)

Dec. 28, a little me time.  I met with my friends, Joy, Mar and Kim in Rob Ermita for Lunch and movie date! We watched ‘One More Try” at nakakahiya lang ako at magang maga ang mata ko when we got out! I won’t say the plot was that nice, but the story was so touching. Oh well, kasi nga nanay na din ako! hehehehe

Left to right: Mar, Me, Joy and Kim
Walang katapusan na kwento! Oh well, it’s been a year since we last saw each other

On the other hand, Dino and Liam had a father and son bonding same day. They went to MOA with Ate Donna and Wawa.  After which, they went to Manila Zoo.  We initially planned to bring Liam to Avilon Zoo, cleaner but farther but with the unpredictable weather, mahirap bumyahe with a baby.  So Dino decided to bring him to Manila Zoo instead.  They fetch me up from Rob Ermita after and he was so excited telling me about the animals he saw.  Hipopopopopothamus!

photo 10

Next Day, Dino decided to treat me to a date so off we went to GB5 where we had lunch at Krazy Garlic before we head to Ocean Park. (2 check marks on our to-do list).

At first, Liam did not enjoy it and got a bit overwhelmed.  But after a bit of cajoling from Dino and after the underwater aquarium, he was running about, back and forth, back and forth. Until kame na ni Dino sumuko at kumarga sa kanya palabas ng aquarium! hahahaha..

Sharks!! :)
Liam enjoying the Sharks!! 🙂
On the way out, Liam suddenly scrambled off from his daddy. Yun pala, he saw this little arcade.  Mas naenjoy pa nya to kesa sa mga isda!! hahaha
On the way out, Liam suddenly scrambled off from his daddy. Yun pala, he saw this little arcade. Mas naenjoy pa nya to kesa sa mga isda!! hahaha

Dec. 30, I was suppose to meet with Hyziel and Baby, my sisters way back from my dormitory time.  But my cousins decided to have a family reunion on this day.  I have to cancel my Antipolo trip with the girls and we all drive to Escolta Binondo to see my mother side of the family.

YES!! I know we are a bunch.. partida, this is only half. :)
YES!! I know we are a bunch.. partida, this is only half. 🙂
Liam's first Kalesa ride in Binondo.. :)
Liam’s first Kalesa ride in Binondo.. 🙂

We had dinner at CPK that night. I don’t know what’s with Chili’s laging puno! 😦  Before we end the night, we went to Cuts for Tots in Glorietta to have Liam’s hair cut.  Dino and  I decided not to go with them, so Liam won’t make arte.  Thankfully, all is well naman. Pero as my SIL said, it was a Stressful haircut.

Day before New Year, we had our annual Family picture.  This time around we all wore green. 🙂  Medya Noche was again courtesy of my SIL.  She prepared Bacon wrapped Asparagus and Pesto Pasta and ordered Sanwiches from Earl’s. YUM!!!

After 30 minutes of setting up.. hahahaha.. Happy New Year!! :)
After 30 minutes of setting up.. hahahaha.. Happy New Year!! 🙂

New Years Day, we  had lunch with Charles and Dinah Lim with their Kids.  Charles is one of Dino’s best buddies and Dinah is the first person I’m with during my dorm days. 🙂  That afternoon, we just relaxed at home and started packing Liam’s mini toy store. hehehe.. dami ng laruan e!! 🙂

Jan. 2, 2013, with a bucket of tears, we flew back to Cebu.  Can’t wait for the holy weeks.  Now that Liam’s 2, it’s easier for us to bring Liam back and forth na.

I know it’s too late to greet you happy holidays now. But definitely not late to greet you guys “Happy Chinese New Year!!” hahahahaha

From my family to yours! :)
From my family to yours! 🙂

Whew!! Finally I can post this long overdue entry.

Note to self:  Always take pictures, use iPhone if Cam is not readily available! 🙂

Bobe’s 33rd

Dino de Leon.

Outdoor Enthusiast.  Photographer.  Bossing.  Masungit. Artistic. Hard working. Passionate. Bading magnet.

These are what most people would describe him.

For me, he’s more than all of the above.

First, he is a thoughtful son. He might not talk about his parents that much, but the love and respect he has for them is immeasurable.

Second, he is a proud brother to his sister. They may not be that close as to talk and chika everyday but Dino have high regards for his sister. Always proud of her achievements and always ready to pound whoever will hurt or bully his sister.

Third, he is a very dedicated husband, putting all my and Liam’s needs on top of his priorities. A one-woman-mam who works hard to provide us a good and comfortable life.

Fourth, a loving and caring daddy to Liam. Making sure to spend quality time with his son. Taking Liam out every morning for a walk. Giving Liam bath. Washing Liam after his ‘deed’. Hehe..

Lastly, he is mine. Hehe.. Haba lang ng hair ko..

To my bobe, happy birthday. Liam and I loves you so much.

PS. Photos to follow… Want to post this before the day ends.. 🙂