Vacation Projects

As the whole world may know, er encountered 2 major calamities here in the Visayas.  It’s really scary and I was out of my wits for a few days. Kayo ba naman yanigin (at patuloy na yanigin) at bagyuhin ng bongang bonga…

But despite all these, we are still thankful that we are all safe. No damage was encountered naman. As for our sraffs in Tacloban, all were accounted for and were safely tranaferred here in Cebu.

During the hype of the dubious earthquake, all schools here in Cebu were suspended until after the holidays (all saint’s day).  It was 2 weeks of no school for Liam.  I was worried he might get bored at home or he might enjoyed free play so much that he might get lazy when it comes to school stuffs. So I instructed Ate Donna to still read, sing and count with Liam and do new projects at home. 🙂

Mr. Bee project
With the use of a tissue roll core, they paint it yellow and pasted black stripe on it.  Ate donna even cut out small feelers for the bees.  Liam’s favorite part is putting the googly eyes. (source here)

Mr. Bee
Mr. Bee

In the sea project
Another thing I like about Ate Donna is that she is matyaga. This project was her idea and she cut everything out night before.

In the Sea (Can't say under the sea since we don't like the boat sinking, right?)
In the Sea (Can’t say under the sea since we don’t like the boat sinking, right?)

Balloon project
Another one of Donna’s bright ideas.  She cut out the balloons using construction papers and used the excess strings Ninang Tita used during Liam’s Ice cream party. They first paint the paper blue so it will look like the sky.  During these times, Liam loves singing “Ako ay may Lobo”.  Maybe that’s how Ate Donna thought about this project.

Ako ay may lobo, lumipad sa langit.. :)
Ako ay may lobo, lumipad sa langit.. 🙂

Rubber Ducky
Remember the Chinese lantern project we made? We had lots of gold sequins left and Ate Donna thought of doing this with Liam… Cute no?

Rubber Ducky Project
Rubber Ducky Project

Ladybag project
I got this inspiration from this post and thought that Liam would love this since he’s into bugs.

Instead of using a paper plate, they cut out red construction paper and used black markers to give it shape and feet.  Donna also punched holes on a black paper and use it as the bug’s spots and don’t forget the googly eyes.

Mrs. Ladybug
Mrs. Ladybug

Playhouse project
I bought Liam some popsicle sticks to make the popsicle sticks with velcro (I don’t know what’s the right term for it, kung meron man).  I saw it online (clikc here for the source) and wanted Liam to have some.   but I cant find any pre-cut velcro, so this is what Ate Donna thought of doing instead.


After Liam got tired of squirting his sticky glue and tap tapping with all the projects, he requested for a paint project and here’s what they did.

Print hands - as Liam calls it.
Print hands – as Liam calls it.

This is another reason why we love Ate Donna.  She is very resourceful, matyaga and ma-abilidad.  We just tell her what we want Liam to learn or do, she follows and does it more than what we requested and expected her to do.

Liam’s vacation was not boring and unfruitful after all. 🙂

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