Kumati (Makati) Trip

Ever since the hubs handled Columbia Sportswear brand, he goes to the US for sales meeting twice a year.  One of which always falls on my birthday.  2010 was an exception (not the meeting date, but Dino did not attend since I just gave birth to Liam then.  This year, Dino was able to fix his schedule so he can fly back to Manila night of my special day.  At least for 2 hrs he will be able to celebrate it with me.  Unfortunately, his flight was delayed and he was home few hours after midnight.  Talk about irony.

Day before our trip, knowing that we’ll be out of town for my birthday, our Cebu staffs sent me a cake for my birthday.  To Liam delight.. 🙂 As usual, my little helped blow the candle and he helped himself with a slice. 🙂  Ever since we came here to Cebu, our staffs never failed to make our day more special. I feel loved. 🙂

grabbed from my IG.. Thanks again to my Cebu family. :)
grabbed from my IG.. Thanks again to my Cebu family. 🙂

Morning of our flight, we decided to bake Calamansi cupcakes and Carrot cupcakes as pasalubong.  I was so organized then, preparing one after the other.  That’s why when the oven decided to break down on me, both recipes were half baked. GRRR!!!  Anywya, Liam had fun doing it naman.  Will just bake some more for Christmas. 🙂

Baking for Lola, Lolo, Ninang Tita and Tito AJ
Baking for Lola, Lolo, Ninang Tita and Tito AJ

Liam, Donna and I flew to Manila 31st of October for my MIL’s birthday.  We were picked up by Lolo and Lola and dinner was waiting for us at home.  My SIL, Leah, and his hubby, AJ prepared their famous Yogurt Chicken, Pesto Pasta and their luscious Chocolate Cake for Lola.  To my son’s delight, he loved the Chocolate Ganache!

My little boy now wants his own seat...
My little boy now wants his own seat…
Loving his pork bbq. :)
Loving his pork bbq. 🙂 – photo by Leah de Leon
Happy birthday LOLA!! :)
Happy birthday LOLA!! 🙂 – photo by Leah de Leon
hmmm.. yummy!! :)
hmmm.. yummy!! 🙂 – photo by Leah de Leon
Liam scraping the choco ganache.  He got all the ones at the top, now scraping from the sides)
Liam scraping chocolate Ganache from lola’s birthday cake… – photo by Leah de Leon

Every all saint’s day, I always help my mom out with the offering and all the rituals.  But since I moved to Cebu and had Liam, I wasn’t able to this anymore.  Even now that we are in Manila, I begged off since we don’t like bringing kids to such places.  I’ll wait for Liam to grow a little more older before introducing him to that.

So what do we do on a free day. Leah and I decided to go to Ace Water Spa in Pasig.  It was really nice and fun there.  Liam loved it so much that he is still asking me if we can go back there until now. the water is warm so it’s ok to stay there for hours without worrying that the little one is getting cold na.   There are so many babies there, even saw a new born in the kiddie pool with the yaya of course.  We had a great time but not much pics since they don’t allow picture taking from time you get into the shower area until you are done.  I appreciate this policy though.  🙂

Waiting for our lunch after our relaxing swim
Waiting for our lunch after our relaxing swim – Photo by Leah de Leon
A glimpse in the facility
A glimpse in the facility (taken from the restaurant) – photo by Leah de Leon
Wonderful time at Ace Spa
Souvenir shot para may proof na pumunta kame.. 🙂 – photo by Leah de Leon

On my birthday, we only stayed home to prepare for dinner.  Liam, on the other hand, played and make himself busy.  Since we are only staying for 4 nights, the in laws decided not to take all the toys out.  This made me realize one thing, it’s true when other mommies say that imagination and creativity comes out naturally with kids when they have only few toys.

Lolo brought out the toy gun Liam got last Christmas, after playing with the gun (as a gun), it then became a horse, which later became an iron.  hehe  Liam loves (understatement) playing cars – REAL cars.  He likes the steering wheel, the gear and now he met the pedals.  Anyway, we were not able to bring any of his driving toys, so made use of the drawer handles.  He said it’s his steering wheel and he has an imaginary kambyo (gear).  Oh, by the way, there are 3 drawers on Lolo’s bed, one drawer is Hi Ace, the other is Pajeyow and the last one is Starrex.  Funny little boy. 🙂

Aw Aw and Raf Raf galloping away.  See the drawer with round knob at his back!??! That's his Pajeyow.. hehehe.. :)
Aw Aw and Raf Raf galloping away.  See the drawer with round knob at his back?  That’s his Pajeyow.. 🙂
His turn to ride the "horse"
His turn to ride the “horse”

Before lunchtime, Ninang came down and do the stamp project with Liam, which later became their Tattoo.  At the end of the session, Liam looked like a battered child with all the purple ink on his arms and legs.  Ninang and I were not spared and have a lot of “tattoo’ on our arms as well.

Tattoo time with Ninang Tita
Tired of stamping. Better daw to use it as “tattoo”

That night, my in laws prepared some ‘handa’ for my birthday.  noodles, chicken and pork spring rolls.  My cousin dropped by to see Liam and of course celebrate my birthday with us. 🙂

Thanks cuz for my yummy cake. :)
Thanks cuz for my yummy cake. 🙂
My cousin, Jane and her lovely family celebrating my birthday
My cousin, Jane and her lovely family celebrating my birthday

The following day, we drove to Tagaytay and visited Leah’s friend’s farm to see the horses and the piggies. Liam just got up but he had fun seeing the plants and the animals there.  We then had lunch at The Dining Room, Gourmet Farms.  (see Leah’s post about it here).  We then visited Lola Sexy’s (Ate Caro, Leah’s officemate) house and check out her Christmas decors.

A visit to the farm...
A visit to the farm…
Reason why we now have our own Christmas tree
Reason why we now have our own Christmas tree

After his afternoon nap, we went to see my side of the family.  We went to Pandacan (my second brother, Jerry’s house) where my mom agreed to meet with us.  You see my mom lived in very Farview (Fairview) and she usually stays with my bro.  (hehe disclaimer agad).  He enjoyed our stay there since he have a new playmate – Kongkong (my SIL’s – Jerry’s wife – nephew).  They played from the time we stepped foot there til before we said our goodbyes.  Sayang lang, since am not very good at taking pics, wala nanaman kameng pictures.  Haist!!

Oh forgot to mention, Liam was so happy when he saw the tree being set up at Lola sexy’s home,  Dino then agreed to buy one here in Cebu.  This was already part of my plan, but was pushed back with all the happening here. But again, as my new matra goes, I refuse to live in fear, there are indeed a lot of reasons to love and life to the fullest.

All in all it was another well spent vacation in Manila. Til our next trip. 🙂

6 thoughts on “Kumati (Makati) Trip

  1. Ouch! eto na ba yung sbi mo Mommy juvs na nagbreak down na si Kyowa. ang sarap pa naman sana nang ibi-bake mo. I hope I can taste your product,,hehehe… nakaka inggit kayong tingnan ng SIL mo na si Ms. Leah! ang galing nyo na mag bake. How I wish I can do that in my spare time. I only have oven toaster eh. i tried baking with it but all failed. iba talaga cguro ang effect ng toaster ano?

    • Hi Donna, oh yes, this is it! hehehe.. 2 recipes ang nasayang.. haha.. Si Leah, mas dami time lately to cook and bake. Tas hubby nya enjoys baking and eating too.. so super sulit nila ung convection Oven nila.. not sure what brand they are using though.. they also use it for main courses.. kaya sulit talaga nila. 🙂
      ung si kyowa namen, pang toast na lang ng breads now. hehehe.. 🙂

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