Aw Aw’s Bath Time

It’s been crazy here these past 2 months.  We’ve experience calamities left and right.  I really didn’t want to write any of it down in the blog, but thought that it’s still part of our  (Liam’s specifically) history – that we were able to experience these calamities and we were able to survive it.

Between the earthquake and the typhoon, am more stricken with the earthquake.  Since I was here in the office when in struck and the fact that we are still experiencing aftershocks until last week (a strong one at that), this is really nakakatakot.  With Typhoon Yolanda naman, all offices were closed that day, so we were able to stay home with Liam.  Though it is really depressing since Yolanda was really so powerful that thousands of people are now homeless.   We, ourselves were also busy tracking down our staffs in Tacloban.  Glad to announce also that we were able to track all 8 of them.  We are now working on relocating them.  This is a better problem, diba?!

Anyway,  back to my topic, as introduced before (see my post here), Liam has 2 dalmatian stuff toys, Aw Aw (ok, I conceive, his original name is doggy, but for some reason, mas kilala sya sa pagiging Aw Aw) and Raf Raf.  Among the 2, he always favor Aw Aw.  Lately, I thought magka-level na silang 2, since he likes bringing both dogs along and even agreed to bring Raf Raf sa plane instead of Aw Aw who slept in the luggage. Well, mas presentable kasi si Raf Raf (colorwise, hehe). 

After that trip, both dogs are suuuper dirty that I already talked to him to let Ate Lilia wash them both.  I specifically asked Donna to have Aw Aw washed first, since he is super Putim na.  That night, I saw the almost black Aw Aw in our room and I asked Donna what happened.

Donna:  Ayaw po ni Liam palabhan e. Si Raf Raf na lang daw.

When I asked Liam how come he don’t want Aw Aw to be washed, he smelled Aw Aw and said “di pa bantot!” hahaha ang kulit lang ng anak ko.

So with the determination to have Aw Aw washed, I asked Liam to give him a bath that weekend which he willingly obliged.

Liam happily giving Aw Aw bath
Liam happily giving Aw Aw bath
Mommy teaching him how to blow bubbles
Mommy teaching Liam how to blow bubbles
Checking his bubbles
Checking his bubbles
sya din daw dirty na..
sya din daw dirty na..
nainggit kay Aw Aw...
nainggit kay Aw Aw…
A clean Aw Aw and a happy little boy.. :)
A clean Aw Aw and a happy little boy.. 🙂

Hitting 2 birds with one stone ika nga! hehe..Have a nice week ahead everyone! 🙂


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