Tracing Fun

This is a super duper late post again. I almost forgot about this, if I didn’t check photos in my phone last night.  Anyway, last August, we received early birthday gifts from Maqui of Familia kiki.  I posted about it here.  One of the books they sent was the tracing book.  Maqui also blogged about this book here.

This book made it!  He was the one who asked his ate Donna to do the pages.  He grabbed the book, sat on his table and took a market.  I think the graphics and colors interested him.  Here are some of his in action pics.  As you will notice, he is still having a hard time how to hold his pen (marker) properly.  As Donna told me, he initially held it properly, but got tired and don’t want to listen na when asked to change how he holds his pen.




He showed me his previous works, and I think his favorite was the crane.  he kept on going back to it and showed it to me at least 3x. 🙂







I can say this book was so effective that it did not last a week.  Ubos na.  there were some pages left at the back, pero super complicated na for him to even try.

As of writing, we are not pushing him to practice writing anymore.  We are happy if he will initiate writing.  Pero we just let him be.  So far so good, he knows how to hold his pen properly na.  He sometimes intentionally holds his pen wrongly to tease us.  Then he will give us his sweet smile!

To Maqui, thanks again for this superb book!! 🙂


PS sorry about the photos posted sideways, tried to changed it, but still came out that way… hehe

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