Liam’s 3rd Birthday Party Prep

I would say this is the most indecisive moment for me.  I have changed my mind over what we will do for Liam’s birthday for thousand times.  That’s how indecisive I was.  Wanting it to be perfect for him.  I changed from school party – to a party in an orphanage – to Jollibee party – to a party with the neighbors – back to Jollibee party – then to a party at the garage – Finally!! to an intimate out of town party! YEY!!

We have decided of this 2 weeks before the actual birthday! Ang galing lang no?!!? hehehe.. Anyway, what’s important is that the celebrant will have a blast on his day!  So final plan includes a tradition (not  done), out of town trip, cake blowing, presents and a DIY Ice cream or Pizza party (definitely ice cream, since Liam loves this).

Tradition:  Liam already is in the stage where he knows what Christmas is.  So I wanted to start the Christmas Tree tradition, where we will put up our Tree on his birthday. I’ve looked for a peg and canvassed already, but with all the craziness the earthquake has brought, we were not able to buy and put up one.  no worries, there will always be next year.  Though, am still planning for us to put up some decors (this will be a project after we get back from our Manila trip)

I wanted a simple tree with simple ornaments lang.  Important is that top decor is a star. :)
I wanted a simple tree with simple ornaments lang. Important is that top decor is a star. 🙂

Out of Town Trip;  We initially agreed to book in Best Western Sandbar here in Mactan, but unfortunately they are fully booked.  Am so glad I’ve had a chat with one of my friends here in Cebu and she mentioned “Gaite Ranch” to me in Toledo. Luckily, they are open and have available rooms.  I checked with them after the calamity, they are doing good, so on we went.

Cake Blowing:  Usually, I would have a cake ready in the morning, but this year, am really super disorganized I was not able to buy even a small cake for the morning.  But, I was able to order a cake for Liam’s out of town party naman. So ok pa din. 🙂  By the way, this is what he wished for his birthday – A Birthday Cake!  Sana every year yan lang request nya.. hehehe

For the cake, I wanted a Bug themed cake just because our not so little boy is into bugs and insects nowadays. So I printed out these pics for his cake.


Presents:  I just wanted Liam to open presents, kahit pa mumurahin lang na items inside. So I bought some toys and wrap them individually.  And I knew my SIL bought Liam books as presents already and for sure my MIL and FIL  have something for our boy too.

Ice Cream Party:  This one, I will let Leah of The Bright Spot, share with you guys what we did.  Yes, she will be my guest blogger here. Excited much!  She hosted an ice cream party for her friend’s family last August and I was so inggit.  We are both sure that Liam will super like this, so we decided to do it for him.  Well, what is a party without invitations diba?!?!  I tasked Liam to prepare the invitations for his guests.

Pouring the "mallows" on the table...
Pouring the “mallows” on the table…
Busy putting the mallows
Busy putting the mallows
Then he asked for a marker, he wants to write on it daw (this is unplanned, but I let him mark his creation)
Then he asked for a marker, he wants to write “sign” it daw (this is unplanned, but I let him mark his creation)

Liam personally gave these invits to his guest – Lolo, Lolo and Ninang Penpen.  We weren’t able to take pics as we are in the office when he guest arrive our home.   He immediately asked Donna to get the invits so he can give it to them.  kakatuwa.

Can’t wait for Leah’s post. Stay tuned guys! 🙂


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