Moal Boal Day 3

We really went back to the city on the second day, but can’t think of better title for this post.  This is actually Day 3 for Ninong and Ninang’s visit. 🙂

Anyways, that morning, we let the godparents sleep in a little.  A little lang, kasi Liam still woke them up for breakfast and walang katapusang panggugulo at pagpapasikat…

drinking or more good memories :)
drinking for more good memories 🙂
showing off..
showing off.. he also went up the ladder, ran around and showed his guests the millipedes that wonders around

After our morning preparations, we all trooped to SM City Cebu. and as usual, ang pinakabulinggit ang nasunod where we will have our lunch – Tokyo Joe.  After lunch and some store rounds (yes, we went to SM so Ninong can visit TNF and do store rounds), we all went back home for Liam’s nap time while the adults went to Carbon to buy Liam a pet.

Dino and I have been planning to buy Liam a pet for a while now, we just couldn’t agree what to get.  I want fishes (pero nakakatamad mag linis ng aquarium) and Dino wants a Guinea Pig.   Anyway, Ken learned that we want to buy Liam a pet and volunteered to pay for the pets as his gift for his inaanak. double yey for mommy.. hehe.  When we got to Carbon, we all agreed to have..

Can you see the look in Ninong’s face? Looks like he wants to take the hamsters back to Manila. hehehe

We hurried back home so Liam will not wake up without us there, naku! Disaster yun! He agreed to nap with the promise that we will wait for him outside. hehehe.

S U R P R I S E ! !
S U R P R I S E ! !
Checking the hamsters out
Checking the hamsters out

After playing with his new pets, Liam decided to show his godparents the village playground where we all played with him and looked for some bugs too.

Going to the park...
Going to the playground…
Swing with the girls
Swing with the girls…
Seesaw with ninong
Seesaw with ninong…
run with daddy..
run with daddy..
and dance… (he’s imitating Fely’s stunt in Hi-5’s Dancing Bus Song)
liam LX513 068
Firebug!? I think, it looks the same as the bug in Liam’s app.. Anybody can tell us what bug this is!?
liam LX513 069
Dragonfly resting on a branch.. after a minute of 2 of our probing, he flew away as if nakulitan na sobra samen.. hehehe 🙂

How time flies! This post is more than a month late and I still have 2 more adventures to post. Oh well, easy lang.. darating din ako sa kanila.  Am so looking forward to more family outings with my boys.

By the way, before I end this post, some hamsters update and facts about our cute pets:

– They were named Popo (male) and Pipi (female) after the aliens in Pororo & Friends series
– Pipi went missing after 2 weeks with us (the tunnel was dis-aligned and she escaped).  When we are already accepting that we can’t find her na, Ate Donna suddenly shouted and saw Pipi going in the neighbor’s gate.. Whew!
– After 3 weeks with us, Pipi gave birth to 7 pups, none of them lived. (bad masters. we don’t know how to breed them yet)
– Pipi’s mane is darker than Popo’s
– Popo’s mane is always wild (parang laging mahangin sa labas!)
– Pipi likes to be fed, Popo gets his food from the bowl

Hmm.. I think madadagdagan na ang pets come December, someone’s asking for a Guinea pig from Santa. hehe Let’s see if Santa will grant his wish.. 🙂


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