Commute Day

Holiday is L O V E!

Don’t we just all love holidays. For most, this will mean more me-time, Travel time, relax relax, and more time to do personal stuff.  But for us, this means more time with Liam.

Since we transferred to our new home, Liam was not able to ride the padyak (pedicab here in Cebu) and Jeepney anymore.  So Dino and I decided that it will be our commute day yesterday.

We started walking from our house to the padyak terminal (as per Dino, it’s about half km).  We think this is the farthest Liam had walked in his life (hehe).   Sa layo, he asked us in the middle of walking.. “Mom, Where is Kumati (Makati)??”  hahahaha..


Taken inside the Padyak.. :)
Taken inside the Padyak.. 🙂

Liam is really a big boy na. He don’t want to sit on my lap anymore and wants to be seated at the estero side.  Poor Daddy have to sit at the front seat (facing us).   When we’re still staying in the office, Liam used to ride padyak every morning when he gets up and every afternoon after his afternoon nap.

in the jeepney.. i had to sit at the back as the front seat is too small for the 3 of us.. :)
in the jeepney.. i had to sit at the back as the front seat is too small for the 3 of us.. 🙂

We rode the padyak upto the jeepney terminal and like before, Liam wants to sit in front.  Now it’s mommy turn to sit at the back. When Liam got a little older (before he turned 2), instead of padyak in the morning, Dino used to take him on jeepney rides every morning as part of their bonding. They will buy bread and look at the fishes along the park.  They did this for a while too, that Liam recognize the place even upto now.  He knows that he is in IT Park and where he can the fishes.

Oh and yes, another thing, this trip also proved that Liam is really a good listener.  This is his conversation with his dad while in the jeep.

Liam: Dad, kuya is using kambyo..
Daddy: Yes.
Liam:  Pajero don’t need kambyo, because it’s automatic na.
Daddy smiles knowing that he got it from him.  (they had the pajero gear conversation 2 weeks earlier and never did Liam mentioned it until yesterday)

Anyway, we watched the fishes and play a little with the fountains and had breakfast in Jollibee, We used to do this during weekends before he turned 2.  Lately kasi, we just drive thru Jollibee for weekend breakfast.  After that, as a bonus….

Taxi going home..
Taxi going home..

..we rode the taxi going home.  One of his requests din for the longest time is to ride a taxi. A bit weird, kasi there are times when he will tell us that he don’t want to ride Hi-Ace anymore and he wants to ride taxi instead.  He was ecstatic when we told him that we’re riding taxi going home!

Thank you mommy and daddy! :)
Thank you mommy and daddy! 🙂

We let Liam swim in his pool after our mini trip and played all day.  Now, we are looking forward to our long weekend together.


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