Our School Boy

Time really flies…

Just last year, Liam doesn’t like to wear his school uniform.  I think it was due to the collar as he’s not used to wearing collared shirts (my bad).  He cried and begged us not to let him wear it.  But once he got to school, I think he forgot that he’s wearing his uniform and it was all smooth sailing after that.  (We have a video of it, if I could just grab it from my iPhone.. haay.. no techy mom here).  He was still bulol then, speaks in word and para kameng nag chacharade pa.

Fresh from crying
First time to wear his uniform and fresh from crying…

Now, he looks all so grown up. (WAAAH sniff sniff..)  Maybe it’s because of the big sizes we got for his uniforms din. Last year, we got exact sizes for him and end up wearing civilian clothes at the end of school year. That’s why this time around, I made sure that uniforms are 1 size bigger. He also talks in sentences na with clear words and VERY GOOD in reasoning (translation: may dahilan sa lahat ng bawal.. kow!)

Our big boy in uniform
Mowdel (Real Story: Doesn’t like to bring his own bag)

Hmm.. I think it’s the hair.. What do you think of our school boy!?





2 thoughts on “Our School Boy

  1. Akala ko grade 1 na sila Liam dito! Hehe! I swear, naluha ako when I saw these pics =) Big boy na si LIam =) I’m happy to know that he’s enjoying school so much =)

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