Shocked and Speechless

Last night, while playing with Liam, he stepped on my legs and he slipped intentionally…

Mommy (with a loud voice): OUCH!! Liam! Please stop stepping on mommies legs!

Liam (with a loud voice too): DON’T SHOUT!

WHOAH!!!! Did my son just scold me?  How do I react to that!?? I was caught off guard and didn’t know what to say. But Dino and the yaya were laughing at the incident, while Liam was hugging me..  Dino, realizing he needs to do something..

Daddy (changed to serious tone):  Liam, say sorry to mommy..

Liam: Sorry Mommy..

Mommy:  Sorry too, Mommy won’t shout anymore, but you have to stop stepping on us. ok?

Liam: OK..

Then we all laughed again..

Haaay.. tell me, how do you react to a 2 year old boy scolding his mommy?

This was taken while waiting for Luisa's party to start..
This was taken while waiting for Luisa’s party to start..

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