It’s Okay, Mommy

Short post before I go on my super Busy Day!!

Liam really is growing so fast.  Everyday he grows to be more lovable, generous, and mabait… and makulit… and malikot… hehehehehe

Whenever he hurts himself or gets scared, I will always hold his hand or hug him and tell him “It’s okay Liam, it’s just thunder”. There are also times when he’ll wake up crying in the middle of the night and I’ll scoop him up, hug him and tell him “It’s okay Liam, it’s just a bad dream.”

This past 2 days my right wrist is acting up again.  I first had this problem after I gave birth. I can’t close my hand into a fist as all my finger joints are malutong and both wrists hurts badly.  (Anyone out there had the same dilemma?  You might know a remedy to this, please share.) Anyway, am having this pain again in my right wrist and decided to put Salonpas last night.

While putting the patch, Liam saw me doing it and asked to help.  While Liam’s patting on the patch, I told him that mommy’s wrist is hurting.  He touched my patched wrist gently and told me “it’s okay, mommy!” then gave a sweet smile.


Liam, thank you for always making mommy’s day brighter and more meaningful everyday. I love you..


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