Conversations with Liam

So many posts hanging in my head.  But this one I need to do now while I have the “free” time, or else, makalimutan ko na lahat.

Anyway, if there is one thing am sure Liam got from me, it’s his being madaldal.  He’s now talking endlessly and sometimes he has words we can’t decipher.  But he has his way to explain them to us. Acting them out, getting the item he wants or translating them.  Pag di nya maexplain, better luck next time nalang.  Below are some dialogues we had with him

Dialogue 1: SM

After a week of sem-break, Liam saw me preparing his uniform for school:

Liam:  Nooooo… (putting back his uniform in the drawer)

Me: Liam, you have school today

Liam: No, no marj… S.. M… huuuuhuuuu (fake cry)

KOW!! lakwatsero na anak ko!!

diba ako ang kamukha? 😛

Dialogue 2: Umbrella

One rainy morning..

Daddy:  Liam, it’s raining outside

Liam: no jip?

Daddy: Yes, we can’t go out

Liam: no da? (no isda?)

Daddy:  Yes, we can’t go to fishes

Liam: Payong? (looks for the umbrella)

WAPAK!!  Talo ang tatay!

Hehehe.. ok ok.. si Dino na nga kamukha.. 🙂

Dialogue 3:  Liam loves Donna

While having snack in school

T’ Marj:  Liam, T’ Marj will eat your left over na

Liam: No eat Marj, Donna yan..

taken when Liam was only 2week old. Ang pilyo na no?

Dialogue 4: Necklace and US

Same day at school, Liam showed off necklace he is wearing

Liam:  Yam wer nekleys yaik wowo.. (Liam wears necklace like wowo)

after a while, Liam talked to T’ Raine…

Liam:  Waya Daddy

T’ Raine: Where is daddy?

Liam:  US

Actually daddy is in Indonesia this time, but he remembered that the week before his daddy is in the US)

Last Christmas at Tagaytay 🙂

Dialogue 5:  Bastos.. So far our favorite

Mommy:  Liam, brush teeth na

Liam: No na brush teeth

Mommy:  Yes brush na, masisira teeth mo

Liam: Sira titi mo..


Oh well, what can I say we have our little gaya gaya now. We need to be double careful with our words na…

C O O L !

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