Happy 2nd Birthday Liam!

Happy Birthday my Darling baby boy!

This is your first official pictorial with Daddy. Official kasi, you posed on your own na. peeking at the cam’s LCD to check how it looks.. 🙂

Today, in just about an hour, you’ll officially be 2 years old!  What do they call it? Terrible Twos?  Hmmm.. before I even fret about that, there are some things I want to tell you first.

Have we told you how happy and proud we are of you?  One year ago, you don’t even know how to walk and your only word is mymy.  Now, you’re everywhere.. Running here and there.  Dancing! Singing! Talking endlessly.  You can even recount to us your morning routine with daddy.  You also know how to explain things to us when we can’t understand your words.  Ahh.. you’re our smart little boy.

You’ve come a long way din this year.  I can’t forget the first time we brought you to school for your assessment, you had a crying pit that time. Pero now, you always look forward to going to school. Saying Marj! maju Marj every now and then.  You now agree to wear your collared uniform and socks too.  We can see that you’re enjoying and that you’re learning a lot.  And that’s all we need to know.

Liam, now that you’re 2, for sure we will have a lot of fighting days.  There will be times when mommy or daddy will get mad and raise our voice at you.  Yes, you should be scared but it doesn’t mean that we love you less, if not the same but more.  This just mean that we’re getting to know each other more and that we just want you to grow up to be the best person you can be.

Lastly, anak, I want you to know that I always thank God for having you.  You are our greatest joy and blessing.  I also pray to God for your good health, that we may always have enough to provide for all your needs.  I pray that He give us enough wisdom so we can guide you through the harsh reality of this world we live in.  That whenever you’re hurt or can’t understand why things are happening, that we may be wise enough to help you get pass all that.

Anak, always remember that mommy and daddy will always be here for you and that how old you may be, you’ll always be our darling baby boy.

Love you,


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