Because of You… (Letter to Liam)

Dear Liam,

Because of you..

  • Daddy became the best cowboy in the whole wild west – he learned to draw his iPhone as quick as he can to show off your photos and videos
  • Mommy wants to be a good cook – I, on the other hand, want to learn how to cook.  Good enough for you to look back and remember how home smells like.  For us to have a family recipe na pag laki mo you will come home and ask me to cook it for you, cause no one cooks it like mommy does. hehehe.. Pero seriously, I see us having dinner every night and have fun and talk around our dining table. Like we used to do (and still does) with your Wowo, Wowa, Ninang Tita and Tito AJ.
  • Mommy became an early riser – I know am still the last one to get out of bed, pero maaga na yan anak. You and Daddy always wake up early, basta may araw na.. you’re both up. Though I don’t get out of bed agad, I love seeing you wake up in the morning. All smiles calling Daddy then Mommy. Always excited to start your day.
  • We can act like kids again – you allowed us to be childish again. playing with you inside Toy Kingdom (that’s your favorite place right now), run with you at the park, enjoy all the zoo animals and act crazily to hear your infectious laughter (this always give us, you included, a good laugh)
  • We argue a lot – not in a bad way anak, we usually argue about kanino ka nag mana. We like taking credits from your looks to your bibo ways.  Pati na kapilyuhan mo, inaako na namen.
  • We became bloggers – Well, mommy decided to start up this blog to document all your developments, milestones and antics.  So we will have something to look at later when you’re older. As you may have notice na, Mommy is not a good writer. Pero sige lang.. for you, I’ll keep on blogging.
  • We are now home bodies – before we had you, we like travelling. With you around, we’d rather stay home or go to ’em em’ (SM) with you.  We don’t regret not being able to travel anymore but look forward to the day we will travel with you.
  • We became more responsible – working harder, thinking twice before spending, making sure that we’ll be able to give you a good future. Always putting your needs on top of everything.
  • Most important of all, we became parents, your parents. 

Anak, many things have changed from them moment we learnt that am pregnant.  Pero everything is for the better.  You made us strive to be the best that we can be and I thank you for that. I thank you for coming into our lives.

We love you very much anak.



This is our 2nd Family picture. Ung first kasi naten, you were so small sa pic.. that’s why am using this.. and anak, ang manas ko pa dun.. hehehe.. 🙂

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