Liam’s Many Firsts – August 2012

Past 2 months have been crazy for me.  There are still few a lot of stuff from August and September I want to document. Oh well, one at a time..

Last August marks a lot of Firsts for Liam.  This makes me really proud but at the same time…  hmmm.. how to put it in words? Sad? Worried?  that he is growing up so fast. I want to cherish all these moments. sniff sniff.. Anyway, here’s a summary of what Liam learned last Augugst.


Liam learned to drink using his cup (on his own).  He can now control not to spill water from his cup.

Concentrating not to spill his water


Liam learns to sing (parang MLTR lang ang peg ng nanay).  One time, while watching American Idol, I saw Liam holding his Nasal Aspirator (unused), bulb up and pretending to sing.  Last August, while am in Dumaguete, I called them up and heard Liam shouting, Donna told me that he was singing! Ang galing! Oh well, not the singing talaga na may tono, but still he is belting it out, bobbing his head with all the facial expression of a true balladeer .  He uses everything, as in lahat na mahahawakan nya as mic.  You want proof, check out Liam’s singing video in Dino’s FB.

Using his Dad’s Tripod as mic



Liam knows how to blow his candles and bubbles too.  He can now blow out the candle.  Unlike before where he acts to blow pero puro laway lang. haha..

Liam blowing bubbles


Liam learned to say multiple syllable words. His first multi-syllable word is of course Mommy and Daddy! 🙂 He is already in the stage now where he imitates everything we say.  And as I’ve mentioned last post, his vocabulary is really expanding na! He’s so talkative na now. 🙂

Liam: Wow! Pey dooooh (Play Doh).. 🙂


Ahhh.. my son is growing up so fast. He learns new stuff  everyday, pati kalokohan! Nakowpow! Just last night, he learned to pose for the camera.  His dad took his pic while he’s riding his toy car, after seeing his image in the cam, he went back to his toy car and fake his laugh for his daddy.  Last night lang din, natuto na sya mag-yaya to go to “em-em” (SM)! Lakwatsero na anak ko! KOW!

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