Linggo ng Wika 2012

Late post for August..

As Dino put it in FB, we expected Liam to stand out during his Linggo ng Wika performance.  They danced (or make should have danced) itik itik.  During class practices and up to their final rehearsal, Liam was one of the only 2 kids who listened and followed their teacher dance. He is not a good dancer but he tries his best to follow the steps. (Sayang, yaya wasn’t able to take video of their practice, since she is afraid that Liam might run off the stage, so tutok sya kay Liam).  Wowo and Wawa flew in pa that morning to watch him dance. haha

Here’s why I say “Should have”…

“Tyan ng Wika”

He even covered his ears.. kasi during practice, they only used the stereos.  During the program proper, they used full sound system. Kaya nabingi ata ang anak ko. Isa pa, he can’t hear T’ Marj’s instructions na. (Palusot na nanay)

Liam: Ang iiiingay!

Even di sya sumayaw, we still treated him to his favorite McDo Sundae for doing a good job! 🙂

Thanks Wowo and Wowa…

Sino ba naman ang di matutuwa dyan diba?








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