Letters to Liam: Away in BKK

Hmm.. August 2012 flew by so fast.   I will have to sit down one day to post all past events last August.  Pero for now, I will posts some letters I wrote to Liam during my 4 days BKK escapde.


September 5, 2012 (17:00)

Dear Liam,

Hi anak, mommy is in an airplane right now and mommy is thinking of you.  Mommy is going to Thailand with Ninang Joni and will be back in 4 days.  I’m not sure if you know what’s happening na.  Pero I have talked to you already this past 2 days that i’ll be gone for a few days and you seem not to mind.  Guess, you know na better pag wala si mommy kasi wala maingay? hehe..   One thing am sure though, that you’ll be ok while mommy is gone, kasi daddy is with you.  Wowo and wawa also flew in today to be with you (siguro they are in there na with you while am writing this).

It’s true pala what your AE Jess told  me when I told her that am worried that you will look for me while am gone and baka you will cry when you miss me.  She told me that you will be fine and that mommy will be the one who will restless kasi now palang am missing you na.

This is not the first time naman that we’ll not be together, mommy went to Dumaguete last month, pero that was one night lang.  But boy!  Mommy was so proud of you that time, they said you looked for me, but didn’t cry when you were told that I was not home and that ate Donna and ate Lilia lang will sleep with you. 

Hay anak, I can’t wait for you to grow older and bigger.  With your curious mind and your love for outdoors, for sure you would enjoy traveling as much as your daddy and I do.  Mommy have a list of places i want to bring you na. 

Oh, my plane is taking off na,  I can’t write any further, or else I’ll get dizzy.  I will call you later before we really leave for Bangkok.  Miss you already.
Love, mommy 


September 6, 2012 (22:00)

Hi my darling Liam,

I am so happy to see you in skype earlier.  You gave mommy a warm hug and 2 kisses. 🙂  Thanks for that, nakaktanggal ka talaga ng pagod! 

Anyway, mommy just want to tell you that I have many surprises for you.  I bought many toys for you from IKEA.  Lagot ako kay daddy mo for sure. hehehe..

Good night baby, sleep well anak.  Mommy will be hugging you tonight.

hugs and kisses,  mommy


September 7, 2012 (21:30)

Hi baby,

Just finished chatting with daddy and am sad, kasi I missed talking to you thru skype.  You’re already preparing to go sleep na.  😦 

I am missing you tonight baby. 

Anyway, just want to say that you always make mommy so proud.  Daddy emailed me your project today in school.  Wowo and wowa were so proud of you.  They say you were the last to submit your project since your making your kenkoy antics again and putting the robot’s eyes on yours instead. hehehehe.. Kulit kulit mo talaga.  You always know how to make people around you happy!

missing you,  mommy


September 8, 2012  (09:00)

Hi Liam, 

I was able to talked to Lola a while ago, again, di kita naabutan.  She told me that you  were looking for me last night and this am.  1 more night and i’ll be home na. 🙂

Anyway, Mommy and Ninang are waiting for our tour guide and we are in our room right now.  Just want to give you a quick kiss before we go.




September 8, 2012  (20:30)

good evening anak! one more sleep and we’ll see each other na, di sa skype lang. 🙂 miss you so much.  Am so happy to see you sa skype.  You’re always all smile talaga when you saw me kanina.  Again you gave me hugs and kisses.  i love you so.. good night sleep well baby.  I’ll see you tomorrow.  

hugging you tonight, mommy


September 9, 2012 (15:200

Liam, mommy si sooo happy.  I’ll be able to see you earlier today.  my flight is not due until 7:45.  But mommy was early in the airport and I was able to join the 3:30 flight!  YEY!! see you in a bit.

excited mommy


Okey that’s it!! I survived the four days I was out and yes! I enjoyed it.  I enjoyed the travel, the company of my close friend, the kwentuhan, the navigation, most of all super love namen ang IKEA!   Pero, all this can wait again for a while… nothing can beat the happiness and joy to be with my baby and siyempre to be with Dino.  Can’t wait to travel as a family.

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