Bobe’s 33rd

Dino de Leon.

Outdoor Enthusiast.  Photographer.  Bossing.  Masungit. Artistic. Hard working. Passionate. Bading magnet.

These are what most people would describe him.

For me, he’s more than all of the above.

First, he is a thoughtful son. He might not talk about his parents that much, but the love and respect he has for them is immeasurable.

Second, he is a proud brother to his sister. They may not be that close as to talk and chika everyday but Dino have high regards for his sister. Always proud of her achievements and always ready to pound whoever will hurt or bully his sister.

Third, he is a very dedicated husband, putting all my and Liam’s needs on top of his priorities. A one-woman-mam who works hard to provide us a good and comfortable life.

Fourth, a loving and caring daddy to Liam. Making sure to spend quality time with his son. Taking Liam out every morning for a walk. Giving Liam bath. Washing Liam after his ‘deed’. Hehe..

Lastly, he is mine. Hehe.. Haba lang ng hair ko..

To my bobe, happy birthday. Liam and I loves you so much.

PS. Photos to follow… Want to post this before the day ends.. 🙂

One thought on “Bobe’s 33rd

  1. Naiyak naman ako dito. Didn’t know na even though I act like his ‘kid sister’ for most of the time, “ate” pa rin pala ang tingin nya sa akin hehe!

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