Contentment Part 2

Been meaning to write this follow up post for a while now. Well, some thoughts pop up in my mind that need clarifications. Kung di lang nasira laptop ko.. hehehehe

Well, first question I realized with my previous post was – What if we’ll have our second baby na? Will that mean I won’t be contented having 2? and ask for 3rd pa? (batok abot ko kay Dino nyan… hehe) Oh well, I’ll be contented on having 2. BUT!! (yes, there’s a but) will we just stop at being contented on having 2 kids? NO! we will strive harder to be the best parents we can be. Maybe not the best for others, but good enough to guide our kids to grow up the best they can be. Enough for them to respect and look back at their childhood with warmth in their hearts.

Another question that pops to mind, at dahil nga late ang post ko, Dino raised this too – Does it mean I’m not contended with Dino.  As I said in my previous post, am very thankful and blessed to have him as my husband. Pero, should we stop at having each other? NO! We will always work hard and do our best to grow and make our relationship stronger mentally, spiritually, financially, sexually and all the other -ly’s there is pa.

Ang point ko lang, I will always endeavor to do the best I can for the betterment of all. Lalo na pag pamilya ko na ang involve.


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