Liam’s Project – Week 3

Hope I can document all his project this school year. 🙂

This week, I was able to ask Donna to bring my extra mobile with her, so she can take some in-action photos of Liam in school.

Here goes..

Liam busy coloring the parrot.. 🙂
Liam, sa paper lang.. wag sa table..

Below, they were tasked to stick parts of the body into the boy’s face.

Funny story muna, when it came to the ears, he was sticking the ears to his own ears and made funny faces, all the adults inside the room (teacher and other yayas) were all laughing. Naughty Boy! 🙂

Liam knows parts of the face.. 🙂

Here, the teacher will sing: “Where is Liam? Where is Liam?”  then kids should get their name tag and put over their heads like this…

Here I am! Here I am!

And this is Tambourine time, they all take turns sitting on Teacher Marj’s lap and playing the tambourine.

Tambourine Time..

And last, this is take home project. The heart on a stick. Teacher told them to bring it home and give it to mommy. When Liam got home, he was stretching his arm toward me to give it to me. Heartwarming…

Heart on a Stick

By the way, Donna mentioned that this have more red sequence earlier. Liam removed it one by one on the way home.. buti na lang at may natira pa..

One more proud moment, (ok ng yaya din nya), before sticking the crepe papers, Liam would crumple it first. He imitated this on some Art Attack episodes we watched.

Anak, we’re so happy that you are enjoying everyday and every moment of your class.  We’re so proud of you little big boy. Love you..


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