One of my 2012 resolution is to read at least ONE book a month. Yes! you read it right, at least one lang. That’s how bad a reader I am. hehehe..

Pero since I want to instill reading kay Liam, I want and need to read myself.  Well, di naman talaga Zero reading. Di lang hard core reader.  I read newspapers, Reader’s Digest, Self Help Books and novels, basta my Sister recommends it, basa ako. Pero I stopped reading newspaper when I was pregnant with Liam.  Kakalungkot lang ang mga news dito sa Pinas. hehe

Anyway, I’m writing this post to share what am reading right now.  I joined Bo Sanchez’s Truly Rich Club a couple of years ago and I got some free E-books from him. Forgot about it na nga, until I checked my tablet and nalipat ko pala dun mga books nya. 🙂

I like Bo Sanchez’s way of writing. Easy read yet you’ll learn a lot. He has his funny ways of writing too, kaya di boring. 🙂

First of his book I read was “8 Secrets of the Truly Rich”. This is when I started to learn how to save properly. Though, di ko sinasabing perfect na ang savings ways ko. hehe.. Pero this helped me a lot to realize what to prioritize and how to do it.

Currently, am reading his “How to Conquer your Goliaths”.  Here he shares that there are “7 Keys to a Champion’s Life”.  Will share it next post, as I stopped at Chapter 3.  Tell you why later.

He started this book with a short story. He retold Bible’s famous story: David and Goliath. But he did it in a way na he was able to emphasize how David focused on his Dream to get the reward that was promised and how he trusted God in defeating Goliath.

Second part of the book, this is where he elaborates the 7 keys he  mentioned.  I stopped after the third chapter, where he said that we need to repeat our dreams to ourselves every single day. He mentioned that years back, he wrote down all his dreams and everyday after that, he read it during his prayer time. He prays for it everyday.

I stopped reading the book cause I want to create my own dream book first before I carry on reading. I know naman what my dreams are – having our own house and lot, to be able to travel around world with my family and a lot more.. But I want to elaborate and be specific. Like how Bo explained it in the book. here are some of my notes…

  • Dreams bigger than one’s self – dreams that you are willing you’re passionate about the you are willing to die for it
  • Specific dreams – to be more specific about what you are dreaming about. what kind of house, what will the house be for. etc. etc.
  • Ok to be self-oriented as long as it’s not purely self oriented
  • Focus on the dream and not the Giant – don’t let one problem stop you from reaching your dream (in the book, he compared this with David focusing on the reward and not on Goliath)
  • Repeat the dream to yourself again and again – I will also include this in my daily prayer and maybe edit it along the way.

Oh well, will end this here and start with my dream book. By the way, he also suggested that if you’re not good with words, you may also make a picture out of your dreams (pwede ring collage diba!?) As creative as you can be. Effort kung effort, after all this is your future you’re preparing for. 🙂


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