Liam’s Projects

Hay naku!! Dino is scratching his head last Saturday.  We went to National Bookstore kasi to buy Liam’s required supplies in school. Grabe! Ang dami! to think that he is barely 2. Ang laki ng difference from our time. Some friends even commented in FB na during their kid’s time, baunan lang ang bitbit. haha

Though, naisip ko din, better din ganitong set up ng school, they ask for all the supplies the student will need for the whole year to safe parents the trouble visiting bookstores every now and then. Isang bilihan nalang lahat.

Pero still, kalowka!!

Liam’s supplies. 1 ream of Long bond paper not yet shown there.. hehehe. Dino took this photo while am processing my Laking National Card. Sayang ang Points!

O, diba!? Am not joking when I said madami!? hehe..

Pero, eto ka naman… You’ll agree with me when I say that all these is sulit na… After you see these..

Liam’s Fruit and Veggie Crown.

The Fruit and Veggie Crown is his first take home project. They did this in school last two Fridays ago.  Donna told me that he was so excited to wear the crown in school. Na kahit basa pa ang glue, he worn it na.  When he got home he was wearing it all the time.  Teacher Marj also told me that Liam is attentive especially during their activity / art class time.

Liam’s Paper Pillow.

This one naman, they made last Friday.  Paper Pillows.  He was holding and showing it to us when he got home.  Pero un lng, that night, we need to throw the paper pillow na, kasi nagkapunit punit na sya.

Buti na lang, Dino is masunurin, when I asked him to take photo of this. kundi, la na remembrance. hehe..

Mental Note: ALWAYS ask Dino to take picture. Bahala nang makulitan sya saken. 🙂

O diba!? So sulit na our National Bookstore trip and all the supplies. 🙂 Can’t wait for his future projects. 🙂

More Project Posts to come.. 🙂

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