Not being Contended.. Is it a bad thing or is it good?

We just concluded our DC Dirt Game Showdown last  night.  All is well naman, except for a small glitch, small but very big impact. But Generally event was a success.  Oh well, this is not the story I want to share. hehehe

I am not tasked any particular job yesterday. I was just there to support the event, make sure all is smooth and help in any way I can. After the registration, all our colleagues went to stage, some backstage to take care of their assigned task during the game proper. So I decided to stay on the registration table to look after our stuff and answer any query there may be.

Aside from the gaming, we also gave out DC Stickers and DC 500 Vouchers. Since they were all busy na with the event proper, I also tasked myself to give out stickers and voucher.  Many really went to the table to ask for the stickers. Imagine, DC stickers made their days.  These stickers put smiles on their faces.  This is when this thought hit me.  Am I contented?

By the way, don’t get me wrong, I am happy and thankful for what I have now. I thank God for a wonderful husband who loves me unconditionally. (with all my pikon modes lately. hehehe..) I thank Him for blessing us with Liam, our bundle of joy, our stress reliever. I also thank Him for the loving and very supporting family we have, our work and our current status here in Cebu now. A lot to be thankful for.

Pero, am I contented. No, am not. I want more. I want to have more.  Our life now is wonderful, but why not make MORE wonderful? diba?

Being contended would mean not striving harder na. Not thinking of our future and letting things be as it is.  Para bang inabangan ko na lang ang susunod na kabanata.  I also believe that we make our own destiny.  Yes, the Lord may have plans for us, good plans mind you, pero he also gave us free will. So it is up to us which path to choose diba?

Some would say: “ano ba yan di ka na nakuntento?” Some naman: “Ano ba yan kuntento ka na na ganyan ang life mo?” Kalowka diba!?

So, is it wrong not to be contended? Is it wrong to want to achieve more? What do you say?

Before I really end my post, here’s a picture of Liam when he turned 1. That’s his Lolo carrying him.  Now, am I contented having him, no. Am very thankful and blessed to have him. But I want to have 1 more baby (boy or girl, pero girl sana) so Liam would have a someone to share his childhood stories with, someone who he knows na pagkakatiwalaan nya. I want him to have kasangga in life later on.

Liam turned 1. So cute in his Tiong Sam outfit.. That’s his proud Wowo (lolo) 🙂

PS.. These are just my thoughts.  Others may think otherwise.

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