Mornings are the Best

Liam woke up this morning with his usual happy self.  He stood up after few seconds of opening his eyes, looked at the mattress above our head (our tempo headboard, since we are sleeping horizontally now). This is where we put our mobiles at night.  I thought he was looking for his iTouch but when I gave it to him, he said: “Dad?”  Ang gusto pala iPhone ng tatay nya. hehehehehe

After giving him his dad’s iPhone, sumalampak sa dibdib ng tatay nya. Mind you, Dino was still sleeping when he did this. So nagising at gulantang ang tatay.. hehehehe..

Short story before I show you their pic.  This clip watching started the other night, when I was already sleepy and batt empty ang tablet.  So my mag-ama settled to watch video clips in his iPhone instead.  Kahit antok na antok, I can hear them talking and laughing. haay.. kakainggit. Pero my eyes was shut tight.

Love the part where Liam is watching a clip where I am waving my hands and doing a flying kiss. He will also wave his hand and send me (in the video) a flying kiss. Ang cute no?

Okey eto na, this is how they looked like this morning:

Antok antok pa sila dyan.. ~_~
Look! Bago na kutchon ni Liam!! hehehe
I think there was something funny in the clip they’re watching here..

Aren’t morning the sweetest! Pag ganito naman ang bubungad sa umaga mo, solb na buong araw mo! Love love! 🙂

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